How To Clean A Motorcycle Engine Step By Step

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There are a wide variety of motorcycles that have the engine exposed to the surface. For this reason, it is normal for it to get dirty and external agents such as dust or oil to adhere to. And it is that, in addition to aesthetic reasons, cleaning the engine of our motorcycle is synonymous with extending its life, avoiding obstructions in the air intakes or damage to the hoses. But how to clean a motorcycle engine? We give you some tricks to make your motorcycle look like new.

It is of little use to take care of the aesthetics of the handlebars and the sides of our motorcycle if we allow, over time, residues to intervene in the normal operation of the engine. Because its cleaning is not a simple matter of whether it looks better or worse cared for, but an excess of dirt can impair its performance.

Hence, we propose a quick tutorial on the things that you should not ignore when cleaning the motorcycle. Also Read this content motorcycle overpants for commuting

Clean the engine of the motorbike step by step :

With these tricks, you will learn to clean the engine of a motorcycle in a simple way for optimal operation and without the need for anything that is not within your reach.

  • Our first recommendation is that, before getting down to work, you carefully cover all the electrical components of the motorcycle to prevent them from getting wet with water.
  • If you have used the motorcycle recently, before you start cleaning, you should let the engine cool down. Once this step is done, it is a good time to cover the leak with a plastic bag and fix it with an elastic band or adhesive tape so that no water enters it during washing.
  • Now is the time to spray the engine with a degreaser. Leave it on for about five minutes and rub the dirtiest areas with a small brush.
  • Once you have removed all the debris, use the hose to rinse. If you notice that the engine is not completely clean, you can help yourself with pressurized water.
  • The last step, drying, is very important that you respect them before using the motorcycle again. You can help yourself with a cloth to remove excess moisture.

Another trick to make your motorcycle look like new is to clean the engine with diesel and then with a kitchen degreaser and scrub with a nylon bristle brush since the brush does not exert enough pressure to remove the residue from the engine.

These are some tips to clean a motorcycle engine safely. Remember that if you are really concerned about the condition of your motorcycle and you want to drive with the best protection on your two wheels, your best option is to have a MAPFRE Motorcycle Insurance with the most complete and flexible guarantees, adapted to the coverage you need in every moment.

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