How To Clean An Air Hockey Table

Over time, the air hockey table grows dusty, and the air holes clog. So regular weekly cleaning is vital. Fortunately, it isn’t a difficult task. 

The post highlights the steps on cleaning the air hockey table without causing damage. 

Reasons to Clean the Table 

There are various reasons to clean the hockey table. Tidying up the equipment keeps the air holes unclogged. 

Also, it’s an easy way of removing the dust that accumulates on the equipment. Unclogging the air holes and wiping the dust lets the air flow freely. 

Also, the puck then slides without any hindrance towards the opponent. Further, a clean table minimizes the erroneous sliding of the puck. 

And the accumulation of grime and dirt may promote the chipping of and nicking of the table. 

Steps to Cleaning

Turn on the Fan (Blower)

Turning on the blower is the initial crucial step. And after switching it on, let it run throughout the cleaning process. Its purpose is to prevent dust, liquid, and other foreign particles from dropping into the holes.

Vacuum the Entire Tabletop

One sure way of removing the loose dirt and cobwebs is by vacuuming. But you should perform the act with caution. 

That is hold the nozzle a few inches from the tabletop. Otherwise, you may cause scratches on it. Then move the vacuum on the top surface with a light touch. But give more emphasis on the holes.

Clogged Holes

Next, move to the clogged holes. Most likely, the vacuuming won’t remove all the stuck dirt. You quire a drill bit, toothpick, or cotton swab.

Use the toothpick or bit to poke and carefully lift the dirt. During that time, you must keep the fan running. 

Remove the blockage from one by one till you finish all of them. It may be time-consuming, but there is no way around it. 

Scrub with a Soft Cloth

The process requires either a soft cotton cloth or a microfiber towel. Still maintain the blower running. Use a dry microfiber to wipe away the loose dirt. 

Then wet the cloth with either water or an alcohol-based cleaner, for example, isopropyl alcohol. And don’t soak it- add just a little bit of the cleaner.

Take care not to pour the liquid directly on the table. Otherwise, it may leave its traces behind and block the air holes. 

After that, scrub the tabletop to dislodge stuck grime. You need to strike the right balance of pressure that removes the stuck dirt and doesn’t damage the table. 

Using excessive force and an abrasive cleaner damages the air hockey table. After that, use lukewarm water and soap detergent to wipe the sides and legs of the table. 

During the clean-up exercise, take care not to let the soapy water get into the inside of the rails. If you do, it may cause detrimental effects during play. 

Polish the Table

After the cleaning, it’s time to polish the tabletop and give it a glossy finish. This process is helpful, although it isn’t a must. But it helps extend the lifespan of the equipment. 

So spray a hockey table spray on the piece of cloth and use it to wipe the table. Do not overspray the rag, as you only require a light coat of polish. 

Don’t Forget About the Pack, Mallet, and Fan

Everyday use of the puck and mallet causes wear and tear. So with time, the duo becomes sluggish. A quick solution is to sand the bottom of the mallet and the pack using extra fine sandpaper. 

Nevertheless, if your mallet has a felt bottom, don’t sand it. Instead, when its quality degrades, replace the felt pad. 

Also, occasionally check on the fan. Sometimes dust accumulates on it and thus slowing it down. A blower may help to clean dust from the fan. 

Cover the Air Hockey Table

When you don’t use the air hockey table, it’s wise to cover it and keep away the dust from accumulating on it. Cleaning such a piece of equipment won’t involve much work. 


Without regular cleaning, grime blocks the air holes and slows down the performance of the table. However, when you clean it regularly, it will glow, last long, and support a smooth play. So make it a habit to clean your air hockey table weekly.

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