How To Clean Blender Quickly?


Blender has become an integral tool of our lives in the kitchen. Whether you want to make a paste of something or get a cup of soup, you always need this appliance for better results. The cleaning process of Blender is essential for the efficient working of this appliance due to higher usage of it.

Are you bored by searching for the exact method of cleaning the Blender? If yes, then you must read this study because it is especially for you. In the following sections, we will briefly guide the efficient process to clean Blender from any dust and food particles.

We will also guide you about two main kinds of blenders for understanding the cleaning process appropriately. So, you should have to stick with us till the last line of this study to avoid any unexpected issues.

Before following the process of cleaning the Blender, you must get an idea about the types of them. It will enable you to use the specific process for cleaning the Blender properly without any issue. Let’s read them and the appropriate method of washing them without wasting much time.

What are the main kinds of Blenders?

No doubt, there are multiple types of blenders depending on the size and usage features. But when you are discussing the process of cleaning blenders, you only have to discuss two of them. You will have to follow the specific method of cleaning and rinsing the blenders of both types.

Some blenders have built-in cleaning programming features. It is not such common, but the Vitamix Blender user can identify it quickly. The designer has programmed the appliance so that you can easily clean it without making much effort.

You only have to follow a specific process and then start the machine. The rest process of cleaning the Blender will be done automatically. It is done to make the device user-friendly and providing comfortable feelings to the user.

On the other hand, the second kind of blenders has no programming features for cleaning the machine. In this case, you should have to follow the procedure that demands the user to complete it. You should have to do all the steps by your hands without believing in any machine or factor.

It is good to say that the complete process will depend on the user’s understanding of this type’s Blender. So, the process may be extended and attention-demanding due to this reason. That is the reason the people are now moving towards automatic machines for their kitchen.

Now let’s move towards the specific process of both these blenders cleaning.

Essential ingredients to clean the blenders

Like every other process, you need to get some ingredients and products for cleaning the Blender thoroughly. Without these products, you would not be able to clean the machine. In this way, you will find dirt particles in your appliance that are unhealthy for every user.

  • Hot Water
  • Dish Washing Soap

These are the essential products for cleaning the blenders. You must go and buy them without any delay to make the process efficient. Furthermore, you may have to do deep cleaning of your machine to get useful features from it.

In such a case, you should have to get aid from some other products. Furthermore, you should have to invest more time in deep cleaning of blenders. The products that you should get in this case are,

  • Cool Water
  • White Vinegar

For deep cleaning, you need all these four products. You will not be able to get the expected results if you skip any of these products.

How to clean Blenders quickly?

Before reading the cleaning process, make it clear that the complete process will take 40-50 seconds. You will be able to complete this process within this time.

If you are working with the Blender with a programming feature of cleaning, you can complete the process within 30 seconds. You only have to rinse the machine with warm water thoroughly without leaving any portion. Keep in mind that the water must be warm but not hot because it may be harmful to the machine’s efficient working.

Now, pour one to two drops of soap in the container of Blender and fill it with warm water till its half capacity. In the last, you must have to close the opening section of Blender with the lid and select the cleaning option from the menu. You may go for any other task after doing this because the machine will do all other steps automatically.

When the machine comes to a rest, you should only have to go back and open it to pour all contents out from it. Now, place your machine upside down and let the air dry it for the next functioning in the kitchen. With this simple process, you can complete the task within 30 seconds almost.

But if you are working with a blender having no programming feature for cleaning, you may have to follow the following process. The first steps will be the same till the pouring of soap drops and filling the container till half point. After this step, the process will become different for both categories.

You would not be able to select any cleaning settings, but you have to complete the cleaning blender’s process with your hands. You have to start the machine with variable speed. You have to start it at a very low rate and end the process when the speed is high for better results. But you have to boost the speed step by step, not directly with a single click. After running the machine for 30-50 seconds, you have to stop it and place it upward down for getting dry with air.

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By following the above process, you can clean any Blender with perfection. But if you are looking for deep cleaning of Blender, you have to do something extra. You should have to pour 4 cups of cool water with 4 cups of white vinegar into the container.

After doing this, you have to leave the container in such a condition for almost four hours. It is because you will be able to clean the box from every side of it. After doing this, you should rinse the content from it and follow the above process as per requirements.


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