How To Clean Funnel After Oil Change

I have always cleaned my funnels as soon as I took the oil out.  I do not use any oil that comes from the store and keep a separate bottle of my own.  I have never had any issues with contamination or contamination of the bike or anything else. So lets see How To Clean Funnel After Oil Change?

You should probably go ahead and do this, because you may want to reuse the funnel anyway.  I have found that even if you put some of the old oil in the new funnel, it will not contaminate it and the new oil will be fine.  So just wash it out and then use it.

As has been noted, you are better off to just buy a new funnel.  However, you can save money by washing out an old funnel and using it for your next set of parts, if you know you will never reuse the funnel again.  If you do reuse it, you need to clean it before reusing.

Equally important, make sure to label the funnel clearly so you do not accidentally use it again.  Finally, don’t forget to wash out any oil that is still in the beak of the funnel as you wash it.

On this occasion, that could be very useful. Answers You can use this same argument as you would any other part: There is nothing wrong with reusing parts if they are cleaned properly.  In fact, it’s a good idea to keep a supply of spare parts around, in case something breaks.  You have no reason to think this funnel will be reused, and you can always buy a new one when it wears out, so you shouldn’t worry about it.

I would say that if you were concerned about getting dirty oil into your chain, you’d be better off changing your chain, or cleaning the entire drive train. The bottom line is that you can get your oil all over the place, even if you follow the instructions, and a bike that works fine before the oil spill probably will continue to work fine afterwards.


Because of the way the driveshaft is constructed, you don’t really have any other option besides re-lubricating. So, even if there was some contamination, it would be hard to prove without further investigation. 

This answer will probably be useful to you because you are trying to decide whether you should change your chain to avoid contamination.  It’s not a very good idea, though.  If you do change your chain, it will need to be changed again as soon as you finish using your current chain, even if you change it to another brand.

Besides, the contamination issue is not a big deal unless you’re in a real hurry to get your bike working. I would suggest keeping track of which funnel you use for which part of the drive train, and also make sure to wash the funnel thoroughly before and after using it. 

If you think there is still some motor oil residue inside the funnel and you put new oil in the drive train, then this can cause problems.  The oil could get into your chain, bearings, etc., contaminating them. I have always washed my funnels before using them with any new oil, and have never had any problems.

Too much oil can be bad.  But too little oil can be just as bad. The only thing you can do is keep track of which funnel you used for what, and be careful to use the funnel for that purpose only.  Otherwise, there is no harm in reusing it again.  

In fact, you might be surprised how often this happens.  If you have a good supply of funnels around, it’s not that big a deal. This question is really about whether or not it is a good idea to reuse a funnel after the oil washes off.  I think the answer is yes.  If you clean it thoroughly, there is no contamination problem.

And then you have a second use for the funnel. In addition, if you keep a stock of funnels and are going to use them for a while, you might as well use them all up before they wear out, so you’ll never be stuck with a useless funnel.  This answer is not an argument against cleaning the funnel.  

The real question is whether or not it is a good idea to reuse the funnel after it has been cleaned.  If you think it’s a good idea to reuse it, then this answer will probably help you. The contamination issue is a real one, and if you do end up having problems with contamination, you can try to fix the contamination problem by washing the funnel with soap and water, or a mild solvent such as nail polish remover.

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