How To Clean Gamecube Lens

Lenses and the like are important and integral components of many electronic devices. The most often heard complaint is that they’re always dirty, and it’s hard to keep them clean. Lenses can be a problem for those using a GameCube as well. So let’s see How To Clean Gamecube Lens.

How To Clean Gamecube Lens

Since the lens is the part of the device that allows you to see the image on the screen, it’s important that it be clear and unobstructed. Unfortunately, GameCube controllers have sharp plastic tips which are easily bent or broken if mishandled. 

This makes it difficult to hold the controller while inserting the tip into the lens, and difficult to remove the controller when you are done playing. GameCube controllers also have a tendency to pick up lint and other dust from the environment. This causes a yellow tinge to appear in the image and eventually results in diminished picture quality.

Obviously, this is something that should be avoided. Fortunately, there is an easy solution to all of these problems: Simply replace the stock GameCube controller lenses with aftermarket, high quality, scratch-resistant alternatives. 

These will work just as well (and often better) than the original parts. They are considerably cheaper than the originals, and they come in a variety of styles and colors to suit your individual taste. Best of all, there is no need to send your GameCube back to the factory. 

You can simply purchase a set of replacement lenses, install them yourself, and continue using the GameCube as usual. Below are a few reputable sources from which you can purchase a set of replacement lenses for your GameCube:

Note: The above-listed companies do not necessarily ship to every country. If you try to order from one of these companies and you end up outside their shipping area, you may have to pay extra to have your order shipped to you via an international courier. 

If that happens to you, let us know and we’ll see what we can do to help you out. Now, let’s talk about how you are going to go about installing these lenses. First, you are going to need a small flat-head screwdriver, and preferably one with a slightly pointed end. You’re also going to need a small, very sharp pair of scissors or a knife. 

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The next thing you need to do is remove the rubber feet from the bottom of the GameCube. These feet are located at the four corners of the cube, and hold the unit in place on your entertainment center or other flat surfaces.

In addition, you’re going to need to remove the two Phillips head screws which attach the top cover to the bottom plate. Once all of this is done, you will have exposed the top of the lens assembly. Next, using your screwdriver, carefully pry up the top edge of the lens assembly so that it comes away from the rest of the cube. 

Be careful here not to damage the retaining edges or the metal tabs which secure the lens in place. When you have pried up the top edge of the lens, set the top portion of the lens assembly aside.

 At this point, using your sharpened pointed object, carefully bend or cut off the four plastic corners of the controller lens. Make sure you do this outside of the protected area of the cube. If you mess up at any time, simply push the plastic corner back into position and try again. It should only take you a few tries to get the corners where they need to be.

In conclusion, games are more enjoyable when they are clear, so it is important to keep the lens clear. Nintendo announced that they would be releasing a new type of game console called the “Nintendo Switch” this year, but it is unclear whether they have plans to release an updated GameCube.

It is very important to keep your GameCube’s lens clean if you want to enjoy your games.

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