How to Clean Golf Clubs

In addition to our ability to concentrate, our trained skill hole after hole and our natural talent on the green, golf clubs are our primary tool. On our La Manga golf course, rain is not very common, and mud is not the main problem when cleaning golf mat , golf clubs etc. But there are still many other agents such as grass or sand that can make our golf equipment dirty. It is convenient to maintain it and give it a review every so often, not only so that the material will last us more years, but because its cleaning can also affect the results of our game.

How to Clean Golf Clubs

So that dirt does not destabilize the dynamics of our club, and we do not lose control over the ball, there are several options on the market for special golf club cleaning kits with everything necessary to guarantee a professional cleaning of the golf clubs. There are golf courses that even have ultrasound machines to perform this operation. But with little budget and some time, we can clean golf clubs at home in a straightforward way. We tell you below everything you need and how to clean step by step. Before starting visit putterball for golf and different type of backyard games equipment.

We will need:

  • Bucket or container.
  • Softsoap.
  • A rag or ball.
  • A soft bristle brush.

1st – Fill the container or bucket with warm water. It mustn’t be scorching so as not to damage the materials.

2nd – Next, we mix it well with the soap to introduce the golf clubs in it and let them rest for between 15 and 20 minutes. Thus, not only will it be easier to remove the dirt, but we will also prevent traces of dried mud from scratching it.

The container should be large enough for the golf clubs to be submerged. It is best to separate the heads of the clubs to be able to do it as comfortably as possible because the rods should not be dipped.


3rd – Once the dirt has softened, we will use the brush (it can be a simple toothbrush). We will use it to remove dirt that has become more embedded, or that is more difficult to access, such as grooves or grooves.

4th – Rinse with clean water. If it has not been spotless, we can go over the stick with a damp cloth or cloth.

5th – It is essential to dry the golf club very well before storing it because if there are traces of water in any area, it could get moisture and deteriorate. In this, there is a golden rule: never leave the wet clubs inside the bag, the rod will rust. Nor should they dry out under the direct action of the sun and another source of heat.

6th – Do not forget to also clean the handle or grip of the stick by rubbing it with a damp cloth and soap, rinsing it well later. A dirty grip becomes somewhat elusive in the hands and is very uncomfortable when hitting the ball.

How often should golf clubs be cleaned

It is advisable to do a deep cleaning at least every five or six games. If you have “hung your clubs” for a long season, before returning to the green, you must dust them well, clean them and dry them properly.

If, on the other hand, you are regular players of our Murcia golf courses or any other golf course, it is best to clean the clubs after each game. It is worth adding a towel to our bag, previously moistened in one part, to be able to remove the mud and dirt that has accumulated hole after hole. And we insist once again on the importance of drying them very well, inserting the sticks with humidity inside the bag can lead to rust.

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