How To Clean Linoleum Floors With Ground In Dirt

inoleum floors first arrived in the market almost a century ago. Though there are extensive varieties of flooring available currently, the linoleum floor is still a popular choice. The long-lasting, environmental-friendly, and eco-friendly flooring can be found in many households and businesses to date. With proper care and maintenance, the linoleum floor can withstand decades of use.

Although the linoleum floors are pretty durable, they can easily attract dirt and decline the appearance quickly. You must clean the floor properly regularly to keep an impressive appearance. Below, we will let explain to you how to clean linoleum floors with ground in dirt. We will also give you some maintenance tips to keep the surface in good shape.

How to Clean Linoleum Floors with Ground in Dirt

As we said earlier, there are different procedures for cleaning the linoleum floors. However, you shouldn’t follow a random process without verifying as they can damage the surface. Below, we will discuss two safe and effective ways of cleaning linoleum floors with ground in dirt.

Deep Cleaning Linoleum Floors to Remove Stubborn Dirt

In this part, we will address how to clean the linoleum floors using dish soap to end up with a beautiful and shiny clean surface. Inspect out the step by step instructions from below.

Things You Will Need:

  • Dish Soap
  • Vacuum Cleaner / Broom
  • Towels or cloth
  • Microfiber Mop
  • Scrub Brush
  • Bucket
  • Water


Start with removing the loose particles and debris from the floor. You can precisely do it with a vacuum cleaner equipped with proper components. Make sure to put the machine on the hard floor before cleaning. You can also utilize a broom to remove the dirt and debris if you don’t have access to the vacuum cleaner.


This step is optional by doing it will ensure you a better clean for sure. You can make use of a microfiber cloth to get rid of the remaining small dust and grit particles from the floor. These particles can scratch the floor during the next steps if not removed prior.


Now fill the basket with a gallon of freshwater (preferably hot). Now add 6 to 8 drops of usual and over the counter dish soap in the water. Make sure that the solution is acidic, which can damage your floor. Typically, the liquid soaps you use for cleaning the dish are not acidic. You can check the specification or the label of the product for farther confirmation.


Mix the soap with water properly and then dip the mop in the basket. Then take out the mop from water and wring it properly. As excessive liquids can damage the linoleum floor, you should try to use as less water as possible. Cover the entire floor following the precaution.


Now remove the cleaning solution from the bucket and clean both the bucket and mop with fresh water. After that, fill the bucket again with hot and fresh water. Now mop the entire floor again by stringing the mop properly. This step will help you to eliminate any soap residue that can be left on the floor.


After washing the floor, you should eliminate any excess moisture as the wetness can damage your floor. You can make use of an old rag or towel to dry the floor quickly. More so, you can turn on the fan and open the windows for quick drying.


If there are stains on the floor, they may not be removed with the above steps. You can use a scrub brush targeting the stained areas to eradicate them quickly. Some stubborn stains may not be removed even after scrubbing. You will need to go for a stricter approach for these.

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Clean Linoleum Floors Effectively with Steam Mop

Cleaning the Linoleum floors become extremely easy if you can manage a steam mop. The steam mop can help you to quickly and comfortably clean the floor. More so, as the tool employs steam power, you can be assured of a fresh and sanitized surface after the cleans. Below, we will let you perceive how to use a steam cleaner to clean the linoleum floors:

Things You Will Need:

  • Steam Mop
  • Microfiber Mop Pads
  • Water



At first, remove the loose dust particles for smoother cleaning experience. This step will also help you to resist scratch on the floors while utilizing the steam mop. You can utilize a vacuum cleaner or a broom for this purpose. Also, remove the spare items on the floor like books, small furniture, toys, etc.


Now prepare the steam mop for cleaning. Equips microfiber mop pads on the machine and fill the water reservoir. Depending on the model, you will need to use either the usual tap water or distilled water. Then connect the device with electricity.


Put the machine in the appropriate mode for the linoleum floors. Usually, the relevant mode should be the low or medium temperature for the linoleum floor. Then allow the device to heat the water. It will require around 5 to 15 minutes, depending on the size of the reservoir tank.


Now you can start cleaning the floor. Begin from one end of the surface and go backward while cleaning. Be careful not to put your feet on the cleaned area as you may get burn. On the other hand, don’t hold the mop in the same location idle as it can damage the floor.

Stop the machine when you are done cleaning. Open the windows and turn on the fan to dry the surface quickly. If you have followed the given steps precisely, you should end up with a shiny, clean, and sanitized surface.

Maintenance Tips for the Linoleum Floors

As we said earlier, the linoleum floor can survive for centuries if maintained properly. So, which maintenance steps should you take? Check out some of the essential maintenance measures from below:

Cleaning the floors

Linoleum floors are like wooden floors. Although the flooring is pretty durable, they can get damaged or dull if you don’t clean the floors regularly. It is ideal for cleaning mop the surface to get rid of the usual dust, dirt, and grimes. You can offer a deep clean once in a week or bi-week to remove the stubborn particles.

As we warned earlier, you should not soak the floor while cleaning. Instead, you should make it as less wet as possible. Always remember that moisture is the biggest enemy of the linoleum and wooden floors.

Dealing with Stains

If there are any spots or spills, try to get rid of them before they become stains. You may use a wet towel or cloth to remove it. If there are any stains, you will need to deal with carefully. You may use a nylon brush to buff it out. Make sure to wash and polish the location after removing the stains to bring back the shininess. You may use baking soda paste to remove the scuff.

Polishing the Floor

The manufacturer of the linoleum floors always suggests polishing the floors for better protection and shininess. You should polish the surface that has become dull due to consistent traffic and wear. Make sure to vacuum, wash, and dry the surface before polishing. You can implement one or two coats of the linoleum floor coating as per the manufacturer’s instructions. Always remember to dry the floor properly before applying the second coating.

Dos and Don’ts for the Linoleum Floors


  • Dirt is the biggest enemy of the linoleum floors as they can cause scratches, accumulate grime, and dull the finish. Make sure to put a doormat outside the house and a rug in the entrance.
  • Use suitable pads under the furniture legs to resist any scratch or stains.
  • Linoleum floors require light to prevent yellowing. So, try to hold the windows open and move the rugs whenever possible.


  • Never use any acidic cleaning solution on the floor. It can drastically damage the flooring.
  • Do not let the water stand on the floor for a long time. Remove it as soon as possible to protect the floor.
  • Never strips your linoleum floors more than once in a year.
  • Avoid using the linoleum based cleaner on the linoleum floors as they can strip and damage the polish.

Keeping the linoleum floors clean is the only way to make it survive centuries. We hope that the above-given information will help you keep the linoleum floors in good shape for many years.

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