How to Clean Sandpaper

Today, we will be discussing how to clean sandpaper. But before that, we should talk something about sandpaper. It will help you to understand what we will tell you to clean sandpaper. That is why let’s discuss sandpaper first.


Sandpaper is actually a kind of abrasive. Few people also call it glasspaper. But the most amazing part is there is no sand or glass in this thing. But many years ago, manufacturers used glass or sand as abrasive materials. But now, they are using other replacements. Because of this, the sandpaper has become safe and cheap. Aluminum oxide or Silicon carbide is being used by the manufacturers nowadays to make sandpaper. Any of these materials are glued to one face of the paper.

The Uses of Sandpaper

The sandpaper is mainly used to remove any material from a surface. For example, you can make a wooden surface smoother. The sandpaper is used in furniture factories in a large number.

You can even need the sandpaper to remove layers too. For example, if you want to remove the old paint layer of an object, you should rub the object using sandpaper. Using sandpaper to remove a layer from a surface can save your time too. Using other techniques can even ruin the surface.

A sandpapers job is not only to make the surface smoother. It can also make a surface rough too. Many people use the sandpaper to make any surface or strong object rough.

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How to Clean Sandpaper

Sanding can help us in many ways. But we should also know that sandpaper will not last forever. It will surely fail to perform sooner or later. There are few ways to clean the sandpaper. It can increase the lime time of sandpaper. Today we are going to discuss one trick that can help to clean your sandpaper.

When sandpaper becomes clogged with sawdust, it loses the real effectiveness. It works less. It wastes time too. So cleaning your sandpaper is a kind of a must.

The trick we are going to show needs an old sneaker or a sports shoe and your power sander.

First of all, wear your safety glasses and gloves. Because any small particle can go inside your eye. It can make you blind too.

Then start your power sander. But before that, make sure you have put the sander in a fair distance from you.

Then, take your old sneaker on your hand. Try to press the rubber sole of the sneaker slowly on the sandpaper. You have to increase the pressure on the sandpaper through the sneaker very slowly. If you don’t do so, you might end up doing a blunder.

When you will see the part is getting cleaner where you have placed the sneaker, you change the place and move sole slowly. Maintain the pressure.

A few seconds later you can clearly see the result. You can even smell the result too! When the hot rubber will be smelled, you can stop the sander. You will find your sandpaper as good as new.


If this trick doesn’t seem fine to you, then there is another trick.

Find a plastic container. Fill it with unnecessary plastic wraps.

Pull out few plastics out of the container. Use that to wrap the edge of the container.

The next and final step is like the first trick I have told. Run the sander. Then slowly put the edge of the container on the sandpaper.

Slowly increase the pressure on the sandpaper through the container. Then turn off the sander half minutes later. You will be able to notice the change. The sandpaper will become as good as new.

Importance of Cleaning Sandpaper

Cleaning sandpaper is important for a few reasons. When you clean sandpaper, it can give you many facilities. The impacts you will get by cleaning sandpaper are:

  • Increases the life of sandpaper.
  • Keeps the abrasive life like a new one.
  • Will make the sandpaper to perform tasks precisely.
  • The sandpaper will be able to finish sanding within a short period of time.
  • You will not need to buy any new sandpaper. You older one will be able to perform like a new one.

So, these were two tricks that can be used to clean sandpaper. Hope the tricks will be useful. Best of luck for cleaning your sandpaper.

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