How to clean shoes at home

The nature of the shoes

Sometimes it is not easy to clean you shoes since you don’t know if the cleaning agents are going to react with them. When you are using steel toe shoes it is imperative that you perform some kind of cleaning after your work to give them their lost shine and add on to their longevity.

Most of your shoes are made of plastic and textile fibers which are eventually easy to use and clean up. The more these fibers are getting rinsed and cleaned the better their quality should remain over the years.

There is no point in giving your shoes out to your cleaning experts since they are not doing anything better than the procedure you could always follow at home. So make sure that you are always cleaning your shoes after intensive use and all the debris and dust is going to abandon them soon.

What can I use to clean my shoes?

Shoes are usually sensitive parts of your garments. This means that you don’t need to use heavy detergents that react with their plastic or metal components. Chlorine and other bleaches can harm the colors of your textiles and this can be annoying especially if you are wearing shoes for bunions.

The classic recipe is to prepare a mildly hot tub with soap and water. This tub you can put your shoes in and will give you the best results ever. The moisture will soften all the dust, mud and other debris and you could easily remove them using a wet cloth.

On the other hand, people support that you could easily put your shoes especially the athletic ones into the washing machine. However, it is no sure that the insoles are going to like the extra moisture as well as the outer layers that may be harmed from the rough surface of the washing machine.

How often should I clean my shoes?

This is a question that really has to do with your mentality when using shoes. Most of the people like to change their type of shoes every other week but some people love to keep their shoes for multiple seasons or even years.

If you belong to the latter category, then you need to thoroughly clean up your shoes every week so that you keep them ready for use and always perfectly shaped. The weekly cleaning plan is ready to follow especially when you are putting it in your weekly schedule. If you are loyal to that you will see that it will only take you a couple of minutes.

This is because the shoes are not accumulating much of dust and debris from the road since there is not such a long period interval between the cleaning sessions.

The cleaning detergents that are banned

Most of the people are using soap and water to clean up their shoes. But since the detergent market has evolved, let’s check what are these substances that you should avoid using when cleaning up your valuable shoes.

First, the chlorine in any portion and potency is not adequate for shoes cleaning. This is not because it cannot thoroughly clean all the stains on the upper layers of the shoes but because of its corrosive action. Chlorine and bleach can easily make your shoes shine but after several uses you will observe cracks on the side of the outsole and the other plastic components.

Additionally, you should not use dishwashing detergent or washing machine liquid detergent to clean up your shoes. This is not only because you will harm your hands if you use the without gloves but because they have chemical which react with the synthetic leather of your shoes.

In the end you will see that using soap and water is the only viable solution to keep your shoes thoroughly clean and the colors of your shoes not faded away.

Laces can be washed alone

It is sure that you can remove the textile laces and wash them separately. If they are simply white you can wash them in your normal washing machine in the cold programs, below 40 degrees Celsius. In case you increase the temperature make sure that you are not washing them alongside with other colored clothes since there is a chance that your laces lose their own natural color.


Cleaning up your shoes may be a tough job. Especially when you are leaving them with dust and stains on them for a long period of time.

When you decide to put the cleaning session in your weekly routine, you will find yourself a lot more refreshed and ready to take on your daily chores. Having a clean pair of shoes will give you confidence when working outside of home.

Shoes are part of your personality so make sure you always keep clean.

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