How to Clean Vinyl Records

Vinyl records look like they don’t need any sort of cleaning or maintenance, don’t they? But the truth is they require proper maintenance aslike as the record player do. Vinyl records attract dust and other debris due to their building properties. When you put a dirty record on the player, you will experience differences in the sound quality. Moreover, the dust also lowers the life of a vinyl record.

Whether you use the best vintage turntable or an average modern record player, it is always important to keep the record cleans. We have discussed how to clean the vinyl records easily in below. If you have an Ultrasonic Vinyl Record Cleaner, record cleaning will be an effortless task for you.

Clean the dust

Dust is a famous rival for both record player and the records. It can significantly lower the lifespan of the records. So it’s vital to keep away any types of dust and debris from your record. There are multiple ways to clean the dust from your vinyl record.

You can use a microfiber cloth. The advantage of the fabric is it can remove the dust nicely, but it will never scratch your records. You can find at any general shop or super shop. Put the record on a cleaning mat and then gently rub the cloth on the record on a circular motion.

To get a much accurate result, you can use a carbon fiber brush cleaner. These brushes are specially designed to clean the record. You will find these in the audio component shops. The admirable thing about the brush is it will ensure you a 100% clean. Here is how you will use the brush – put the brush on record when it is on the turntable platter (make sure that the turntable is off). Then spin the record gently, and the brush will clean every single dust from the record. If you need any kind of information regarding turntable or record player you can find those in this Turntable Blog.

Rem the static electricity

The static electricity is a kind of electricity which is generated by friction. It is produced in the vinyl records by the friction of the stylus on it. Static electricity attracts dust, debris, hairs, etc. and makes the record dirty. There is a simple way to remove the static electricity from the records. You will require a static gun for it. Follow the procedure of the manual that comes with your static gun to remove the static electricity from the vinyl records.

Use a cleaning solution for a deeper clean

There are a lot of cleaning solutions available in the shops which are specially made for cleaning the vinyl records. Generally, dry washing the record with a cloth can remove all the dust. In such situations, the vinyl record cleaner solution can be very effective. They are available in audio and music component stores. Here is how you will do it:

Put the record on a record cleaning mat. You will find such mats on the audio stores. They are made with soft materials, and there is a spindle to keep the record steady. Now spit some drops of the cleaning solution on the exterior of the record. Or you can moisture a clean towel using the solvent and then sweep it on the record gently. Make sure that you are using a small amount of the solution.

After that, wait for a while and then use a clean and dry microfiber cloth to remove the cleaning solution form the record. Rub the towel gently in a circular motion and put sufficient pressure to dry the record player.


Tips to keep the record player decent for a long time

Here are some tips for taking proper care of the record player to enjoy a long-term performance from it:

  1. Clean your record after every use. Simply rub it with a microfiber towel or use the record cleaner brush.
  2. Always try to keep the record dry. Never putthe record on the player while it’s wet.
  3. Always try not to touch the groove of the record. Try to handle it by holding from its label.
  4. Put your record vertically with the other records when you are storing it. Always keep the record on its cover while storing.
  5. Try to avoid the homemade cleaning solution for the vinyl record. They may not be good for the records construction.

Vinyl records cost you a decent amount of money. You must not want them to sounding erratic after a while.  So clean your vinyl records on a regular basis and store them properly.

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