Everybody wants its home to look clean and tidy but the essence is to do it fast and instantly. People nowadays have less time to clean their homes due to their busy schedule and daily routine. They have to spend more time in their offices and workplaces. Traditionally, women used to stay at homes and take the charge of the responsibility cleaning the houses. Now, even women are contributing to a great level in all the fields of the business and are vital in the workforce of every type of business. The lifestyles have changed, so as the cleaning processes too. As necessity is the mother of invention, this issue has a lead human to invent machinery in the shape of vacuum cleaners to make the life easy. People often use to stay alone in hostels and private apartments and flats, as the need to earn money makes several people relocate themselves to distant places. The men working alone have to clean their homes themselves. The main problem is to clean the home as early as possible so that the other tasks to be performed are not compromised. This article will help people to know ways how to clean your house fast, easily and with little effort.

Think you get a call from a close friend or a relative on a holiday, who tells you that he is about to visit your home in 2 hours along with the family. Your house is all messed up and you haven’t thought of cleaning it in the next couple of hours. Now, what to do? A shabby house will definitely put a negative impact on the visitors’ mind. How to clean your home instantly definitely looks a difficult task at this moment. But the good news is it is possible.  The task may apparently look challenging, but adopting the following steps will definitely help to clean the home fast and in as little time as possible.

How to Clean Your Bedroom in 20 Minutes? (This is a Simple Idea to Clean Any Room)

The nice and easy way to clean a bedroom or any other room is to start it from the top. If you adopt this technique, the dust from the top will fall to the bottom. This is a very simple idea as if you start from the bottom and end at the top, you have to clean the bottom surface again as dust will fall from top to bottom. So to avoid this mess, always start cleaning from the top of walls, roof, fans, wall clocks, wall hangings and air conditioners. Leave the floor as it is. It will be told later in the article how to clean the floor fast using a simple technique. Thus, enough time will be saved to clean other areas of the house. After this is set up, start putting your spread clothes (if any) in the wardrobe cabinets and the unwanted things which you feel shouldn’t be displayed in the drawers in an orderly manner so to find them easily again. Place your shoes nicely on a shoe stand or a bottom cabinet should be reserved to keep them. crde of the mattress and other to pull the sheet under the mattress. When this is done for one side, use this technique to set the bedsheet at the opposite side of the bed. You may choose the right and left side of the bed to do so or the head and feet side of the bed. This whole process shall take only 20 minutes maximum to clean a room. Thus, a 3 room apartment will take only 1 hour so to clean all its rooms.

To set the bed sheet, use one hand to lift one side of the mattress and other to pull the sheet under the mattress. When this is done for one side, use this technique to set the bedsheet at the opposite side of the bed. To keep the bed clean and free of bacteria, try to avoid eating in the bedroom, or if this is unavoidable, use an overbed table to collect any crumbs.

Wanna clean a kitchen in 15 minutes?

Place all of your dishes in the sink and the removable burners of your stove too. Fill your sink with hot soapy water and keep dishes there for few minutes. In the meanwhile, adopt the top to bottom cleaning strategy for dusting the walls and roof of the kitchen. Wipe your appliances and stove with a clean cloth. Don’t let your fingerprints to be placed on stainless steel as they are noticeably visible. After you are done with this, open the tap of the sink to wash your dishes one by one using a dishwashing sponge. After all the dishes are washed, wipe them with a dry and clean cloth. Place them one by one in the kitchen cabinet. Fix the burners on the stove after wiping them with dry cloth. Leave the floor to be cleaned later on as whole the floor of the home shall be cleaned simultaneously. It will take only 15 minutes to clean the kitchen.


Wanna Clean Dining Room in 15 Minutes?

Again adapt the top to bottom cleaning strategy to dust the walls and roof of the dining room. If there are blinds, clean them first and then think of dusting the furniture of the dining room. The dusting of the furniture should be done using a clean cloth. Use this cloth to clean the dining table, the chairs and other furniture of the dining room. Use this cloth to clean the refrigerator placed in the corner of the dining room. Don’t use a wet cloth to clean refrigerator so as to avoid electric shock. You may use a wet cloth to clean the refrigerator stand as it is wooden and dry cloth doesn’t remove dust completely from the uneven surface of the stand. Start dusting refrigerator from top to bottom and use this dry cloth to remove dust from the front side, right and left side of the refrigerator. Then use a wet cloth to clean all the four sides of the refrigerator. Start from one side and move to the others. Once you are done with that, leave the floor and carpet to be cleaned at the last stage afterward using a vacuum cleaner along with the whole floor of the house. This technique shall allow cleaning the dining room in as little time as 15 minutes.


Wanna Clean your Bathrooms in 15 Minutes?

Don’t forget to adopt the top to bottom cleaning strategy. Afterwards, simultaneously spray all your counters, toilets, tubs and wash basins with cleaner. Keep it there for some time and put surf in a bucket half filled with water. Spread this solution on the floor surface of all the bathrooms for cleaning.  Use tap water afterward to clean the solution and keep on pouring water till there is no foam on the floor surface. Use wiper to clean the floors of the bathrooms. Use a cleaner spray to clean the mirrors in the bathroom and leave it there for some time. When you are done, wipe the counters and then wash the tubs and wash basins. After that, use a clean and dry cloth to clean all the mirrors. It will take only 15 minutes to clean your bathrooms using this simple technique. Now you are all set up to the final stage of cleaning the floor of all the rooms.


Wanna Clean Whole Floor of House in 15 Minutes?

With the advent of a vacuum cleaner, cleaning the floors has not only become easier but faster also. Pick up your vacuum cleaner, and start cleaning from one side of the house to the other doing all the rooms including the dining room. Start cleaning a room from one side to the other. Use vacuum cleaner to suck the duct from the corners of the rooms. Don’t forget to use it for cleaning the carpet placed in the dining room and also to clean the floor mats placed at doorsteps and outside the bathrooms. It shall take only 7 to 8 minutes. After you are done with this, use the steam mops to clean the hard surfaces of the floor simultaneously from one corner of the home to the other. It will take additional 7 minutes.

Thus, you will be able to clean your whole house in 2 hours. Cleaning a house is faster if you adopt this simple technique. The summary of the process is to adopt the top to bottom dusting technique so as to avoid re-dusting of the floor, clean all your bathrooms simultaneously and leave the floor of all the rooms to be done at the final stage using the vacuum cleaner and steam mops. The core idea to achieve efficiency is to start from one side of the house and move to the other side after cleaning one room and then the other.

In the long run, to achieve cleanliness, use the vacuum cleaner to suck dust from the corners of the room as it is not easy to clean the dust from the corners using mops or grooms. Thus vacuum cleaner should be used once a month to achieve this.

This article shall definitely help you cleaning your homes in 2 hours and you will not be worried after receiving calls from your friend(s) who are about to visit your home in a couple of hours.

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