How To Clean Your Hunting Rifle

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Before cleaning one needs to understand what happens inside your rifle when you pull the trigger. by-products of cartridge powder detonation get deposited. there are multiple types of fouling occurs but the copper fouling is the worst.

It is caused by the jacketing material of the projectile adhering of the barrel interior through the bore. you can easily see jacket fouling in the light as orange or copper-colored strips at the muzzle end of your rifle.

fouling in front of the throat area of your rifle can’t be easily diagnosed. in this area, fouling gets much heavier. all jacket fouling is not easily removed as we can’t see them always. incomplete cleaning leads to affect rifles stability and accuracy. it also shortens the barrel life by 70 percent. Check this site to buy best hunting rifle and also you can read this article for hunting guns Ultrasonic Cleaner for Guns.

Here are a few tips and equipment to clean your rifle.

  • always keep your rifle’s barrel clean from debris. to get consistent accuracy we have to keep the barrel free from dirt powder or debris. it also keeps the rifle functioning properly. always use proper cleaning rod supporting your rifle.
  • proper tools must be used: always use tools made for firearms, clean every screw wisely. A hollow-ground screwdriver fits screws perfectly without tearing them. prescribed tools don’t damage or scratch the finish.
  • a plain old air gun is the best possible thing for your rifle cleaning. an compressed air via a bottle or compressor is the best tool for maintaining your rifle throughout the season. air pressure removes moisture as well as dirt and powders and debris.
  • accessing the action and the bolt: looking down the barrel using a flashlight. gives an idea of how the condition before cleaning and after cleaning. same goes with the action and bolt too. these accessible components have very fewer chances to get damaged.
  • using lubricants and solvents. the action, bolt and the firing pin should be kept coated with a dry lubricant. any wet kind of lube will attract dirt, which will degrade the performance. It was found many times that excessive powder residue or dirt on the bolt or action. for working your rifle under the adverse condition you need to clean all the debris. a light bristle brush and a solvent will do the work. a light gun oil should always be there at the exterior to prevent residue build-up.


Generally, it is advised to clean your rifle’s barrel every time you fire. cleaning your hunting rifle regularly will help you to maintain them easily without any hard labor. at least you should clean your rifle once a week, irrespective you used for shooting or not. always check the time of firearm, the age and the type of ammo. I hope this blog covers most of the essential tips to maintain your rifle new for ages.

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