How to clean your mattress?

Cleanliness of your sleeping area is important for keeping it fresh and healthy for you.

Your mattress cleanliness routine on regular bases can help you in keeping the following mattress problems away from you.

  • Allergens
  • Dust
  • Bacteria
  • And many other serious mattress problems

Are you successfully managing the routine cleaning of your mattress? Then you will also have to address the larger problems of your mattress cleaning.  

The major mattress cleaning problems are given in the below:

  • Spots
  • Stains
  • Odors
  • Infestations

A number of things you will have to do for cleaning your mattress to address the mattress’s larger problems. For instance, you will have to wash the cover sheets of your mattress and also pillows.

You can do the mattress cleaning in the following ways:

  • You can wash your bedding regularly
  • You can vacuum your bedding products after every 6 months
  • A mattress protector, you can also add that can help you in keeping your mattress clean

    If you want odor and spot remover, you can get it in the form of a spray. By spraying the whole bedding area, you can remove odors that can minimize the chances of bed bugs. When you will spray your mattress, you can also use a brush for scrubbing on the top layer of mattress and bed frame.

Have you read about the top 10 most comfortable mattresses? If yes, now you should turn towards knowing about the techniques to keep your mattress ever best for you.  

    In this article, you will get complete guidance about how to maintain your regular cleaning ways. This guide will let you know how you can take care of your mattress about dust mites and bed bugs.

What are the signs that your mattress needs to be cleaned

These following signs can realize you that it is the time to clean your mattress with intensive care

You feel allergic while sleeping on your mattress

You have not cleaned your mattress for months and now there is too much dust in inner layers. Your skin will feel itching during your sleep. You will also have to face rashes on your skin because of being allergic to mattress’s dust mites.

  So, it is a sign that your mattress needs an intensive cleanliness session.

Strange bites are the witness of bed bugs

You can notice unusual bites on your skin with redness. These bites will happen to you because of bed bugs. You can also find bed bugs’ waste on your mattress. In this case, you can use bugs removal spray with scrubbing technique.

Your mattress will release an irritating odor

You can check your mattress by smelling it either it should be intensively cleaned or not. When you will smell it you will feel an irritating odor. For odor solution, first of all, you can wash cover sheets.

You can also have a confrontation with obvious stains

Mattress stains are commonly appeared on the mattress protector and on the mattress topper. These stains will alert you for giving your mattress an intensive cleanliness session.

Ways to keep your mattress fresh as newly bought

You can follow the below-mentioned ways for keeping your mattress fresh as you have bought it recently


You can change your sheets twice a week

Changing the cover sheets of your mattress is the foremost task in cleaning mattress. You can change the cover sheets on a daily bases. If you cannot do it on a daily bases you will have to do it twice a week.

Once a month, you can vacuum your mattress

For cleaning up dust and dirt from your mattress, you need to vacuum it. You can do the vacuuming of your mattress once a month. If not possible, you can perform this mattress cleanliness duty every two months.

Quickly spray down stains when you notice

Whenever you notice stains on mattress cover or protector, quickly spray down it. Because, if you will leave those stains without treating them, there will be bed bugs and odor to face soon.

So, keep your mattress stain-free by spraying it or scrubbing it.

You can sprinkle a light layer of baking soda on the mattress

You can add a little amount of baking soda in water then give it a fine mix. After preparing this baking soda mixture, you can pour down it into a shower bottle and just sprinkle a light layer on the mattress. It will also keep the mattress odor away from you.

You can keep your mattress in the sunshine for giving it heat and sun rays

You can keep your mattress under sunshine for keeping it heat up. Just within 30 minutes, sun rays will keep away the dust allergens from mattress.


These all above-explained points will help you greatly for keeping yourself protected from serious mattress problems.

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