How To Control Dog Hair In The House

If you have a dog in your home, you must face the problem of dog hair being in your house almost everywhere you look. Now you should know pets will always lose their hair and it is also a good sign if those hair are damaged. Although if you feel your pet is shedding hair more than usual then you must take some precautions towards it. You must learn how to control dog hair. We have come up with a few proven tips that will help you to keep your home free from pet hair. Some tips will have an instant effect and some will have a gradual effect.

How To Get Rid of Dog Hair Everywhere? 

We believe if you keep yourself prepared then dog hair won’t be a problem at your home anymore. We will simply highlight a few points that when followed will help you to understand how to control dog hair in the house. There are direct and indirect reasons why pets shed their hair. We will look into it and learn from it. So let us get started.

1. Keep Your Pet On A Healthy Diet

You should know that the diet of your pet affects your pet shedding hair. They shed hair because they do not have complete nutrition in their food. It is a proven method of gradually decreasing the shedding of pet hair by feeding your pet a healthy diet that will give them proper vitamins and nutrition. It indirectly helps your pet to have healthy hair. You should always refer to a vet before giving your pet any kind of supplements.

2. Increase Water Intake

Lack of drinking water can affect your pet’s skin which will make your pet shed more hair. It is not easy to keep an eye on the water intake of your dog but you should have an estimate of it. It is said that your pet should drink an ounce of water for every pound of his or her weight. So for example an 8-pound dog will have to drink 8 ounces of water a day. Anything less can create problems long term. Water helps to keep your pet hydrated and it is proven that dehydrated skin can cause hair loss problems.

3. Bathe Your Pet Properly

One of the most important tips. You should regularly bathe your dog. This will help you to remove the dead hair off his skin so this will decrease the amount of hair around your house. Bathing does not always mean just with water. There are many products like shampoo which specifically helps your pet to shed less hair. These shampoos help to moisturize and hydrate your pet’s skin and help to create healthier fur.

4. Get Yourself A Shedding Tool

Many dog owners ask how to get rid of dog hair from the hardwood floor? How to get rid of dog hair from couches? We have your answer! Use a shedding tool like rubber gloves or a pet hair remover roller or a vacuum for pet hair. These tools can help you with light or high amounts of pet hair shedding. You can find yourself a manual tool or semi-auto tool or even a fully automatic tool.

5. Proper Grooming of Your Pet

It is very important to groom your pet properly and on a regular basis. If you do not groom your pet, their hair will not remain healthy and that might create a serious problem in the future. Grooming your pet properly will maintain their hair and keep the shedding to a minimum. You should select suitable tools helpful for proper grooming.

6. Visit The Vet

If the shedding is more than usual and all the above tips are not helping you in any way. Then, it might be some medical condition. We would then recommend you to visit a vet and get your pet checked. There are a few medical conditions that result in pets shedding hair. Like, some kind of skin allergies or some inflammation on your pets skin. A vet can give you an idea of the situation and help you further.

How To Get Rid of Dog Hair From Clothes?

When you have a dog with you at your home, you tend to have pet hair on your clothes. Now, we understand that it might be difficult to remove pet hair from clothes but we have a few tricks for you to use.

1. Put Your Clothes In The Dryer

Gather the clothes which might have pet hair and put them on the dryer, do not wet them and start the dryer for 10 minutes, it will help you to remove pet hair.

2. Use The Lint Roller

A lint roller is very effective as it can help you get rid of dog hair or cat hair within minutes. You just need to keep your cloth on a flat surface and then roll the lint roller on it and it will catch the hair off your clothes.

How To Get Rid of Dog Hair From Furniture?

It seems easy but dog hair is rather difficult to get rid of. If your dog has small hair then it will get more difficult and thus you should use a proven method to remove dog hair. It will save you time and will also prove to be effective even if there is a lot of dog hair on your furniture.

1. Use A Rubber Glove

A rubber glove is very effective. You generally use it to wash dishes but dog hair is really soft and the rough surface of a rubber glove will help to stick the dog hair on the gloves and you will be able to lift the dog hair from your furniture.

2. Use A Vacuum Cleaner

There are various types of vacuum for pet hair. If your dog sheds less hair or sheds a lot of hair whether your dog’s hair is small or long. For every situation you will be able to find yourself a vacuum that will make your task much easier.

Choosing Your Pet Breed

This is a section for those who are thinking of getting themself a dog or any pet. Now, of course, when you want a particular type of pet you won’t always see its shedding rate as one of the top factors but we think you should keep that in mind as well. There is no harm to keep yourself ahead and try to make smart decisions in order to avoid different problems like your pet shedding hair. There are different dogs that shed at different times and at different rates. So we would recommend you to look at a pet that sheds less hair in general so this would help you in an immense amount in the future.


This brings us to the end of our article. We intended to guide you with a few pointers on how to keep your pet shedding hair to a minimum. There is no way that your pet will not shed any hair. The real question is how much does your pet shed? And we hope our article answered your questions and helped you to understand how to get rid of dog hair. These tips can also become your questions when you are about to get yourself a pet. You will then know what all things you need to take care of when you get a pet and whether or not you are ready to get one.

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