How To Get Squirrels Out Of Your House: 10 Effective Ways

Squirrels can be a real nuisance when they start to invade your home. They can cause damage to the property, and they can also be a cause of health problems. In Denver, squirrels are a big problem for people.

If you live in Denver, either you can use squirrel removal in Denver, or you can try by yourself using our methods. There are a few ways to remove squirrels, but not all are effective. Here are 10 effective ways to remove squirrels from your home:


10 Effective Ways to Remove Squirrels from Home

Here are the following ways to remove the naughty squirrels from your home by yourself.

  • Use a Squirrel Trap

One of the most common ways to remove squirrels is using a trap. The trap is a device that traps the animal inside so that you can release it elsewhere. Make sure you select the right size trap for the squirrel and bait it correctly.

  • Use a Squirrel Repeller

If you don’t want to trap the squirrel, you can use a repeller. The repeller is a device that emits an electronic noise that scares the squirrel away. It can take a few times to get used to the sound for the squirrel, but eventually, it will leave.

  • Use Squirrel Repellent

An alternative to the above method is to use a repellent. Squirrel repellents are sprays or liquids. You can spray around your home to keep these pests away. The downside of using this method is that it doesn’t always work, but it’s worth trying before you take more drastic steps.

  • Squirrel Noise

Do you find squirrel noises to be annoying? You can use this against them by broadcasting squirrel sounds. Squirrels are territorial, and they will eventually leave when they recognize another squirrel’s cry. Squirrel noise can also scare them away because it’s unnatural for these rodents to hear their kind making noise.


  • Squirrel Lights

If you’re having trouble with squirrels getting into your attic, you can try using squirrel lights. These are flashing lights that scare the squirrels away and make it difficult to find their way around. The downside of this method is that it may not work if the squirrels have already made a home in your attic.

  • Squirrel Deterrent Spray

Squirrel repellent sprays are similar to the spray used to keep pigeons away from buildings. Squirrel deterrent sprays can be purchased online or at various retail stores. You have to spray the squirrels where they are getting in. Squirrels are afraid of this type of spray, so it works well in keeping them away from the property.

  • Squirrel Mange Removal

A much more effective way to remove squirrels is to use mange removal products specifically designed for these rodents. Squirrel mite infestation can cause a lot of damage to the animal’s skin, causing them to seek out places to hide. Squirrel mites are also known to cause mange in humans, so be careful handling these animals.

  • Squirrel Removal with a Havahart Trap

If you have a squirrel constantly coming into your home or yard, it may be worthwhile to purchase a Havahart trap. These traps are designed to catch the animal without hurting it, and you can then release it elsewhere.

  • Squirrel Removal by Shooting

This method is not recommended because it can be very dangerous, but some people choose to shoot squirrels to remove them from their homes or property. Squirrels can also be trapped and shot, but this does not always solve the problem since other squirrels will move in.

  • Squirrel Removal by Poisoning

Another method that is not recommended is poisoning the animals. Squirrel poison can harm any animal that ingests it, including humans or pets. If you must use poison, it’s best to put it in a place where the squirrels cannot get to it.

Final Words

Squirrels are known to be a nuisance in many households. They can damage property, steal food, and make noise. In some cases, they can even be dangerous if they carry diseases. The best way to remove squirrels from your home or property is by using one of the methods listed above.

If you’re unsure which method to use, try a few and see which one works best for you. Squirrel removal can be a daunting task, but you can get the job done with the right tools and knowledge.

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