How to Keep Your Home Clean and Fresh When You Have Pets

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Having a pet in the house is one of the purest forms of joy. But sadly, like all good things in life, this joy too doesn’t come for free. Happiness isn’t the only thing your furry little friend will spread around the house. 


A pet in the house also means cleaning a great deal of pet dander off the carpet, couch, mattress, furniture, and even the air you breathe. And while you’re at it, be emotionally prepared to deal with poop stained on your freshly cleaned carpet too. 


Failing to sanitize your home adequately will not only make your house smell gross but can also trigger severe allergic reactions. 


So unless you enjoy inhaling pet poop odor or wish for a quick trip to the emergency room, read this 6 easy hacks to keep your home squeaky clean and fresh-smelling when you have pets:


  1. Bathe, Groom, Repeat!


Never skipping the bath time is the number one rule of taking care of a pet. Regular bath with lukewarm or cold temperature water and a weekly deep washing with a gentle shampoo specially formulated for your friend is essential from a hygiene perspective. 


Make sure not to shampoo too often or it will strip the pet’s skin of its essential oils, causing more skin shedding than usual. Also, some animals aren’t a huge fan of bathing. 


So to breeze through the tub-time, make sure you put on some relaxing music and keep some treats handy to help your buddy relax and enjoy the whole process. Certain breeds of dogs and cats require periodic de-shedding and trimming to maintain shiny and healthy coat. 


  1. Pick the Fabrics Sensibly


When you have a pet with sharp teeth and claws in the house, it makes sense to invest in sturdy, durable materials for upholstery, carpet, and bedsheets. For example, when buying a couch, look for a model made with solid, tightly woven materials like leather, polyester, or microfiber. 


Such fabrics don’t easily develop stains and are easy to wipe down with a washcloth. Consider placing a low pile indoor/outdoor rug in high-traffic areas like the living room. 


These rugs are highly pet-proof and durable as shorter pile height reduces fabric matting and makes it a lot easier to get rid of pet hair, feces stains, and mud


  1. Vacuum Your Way Out of Mess


While lint-rollers are definitely handy little tools to get rid of pesky pet hair from cushions and sofa upholstery, it’s no match for a vacuum cleaner


Vacuum cleaners specially engineered to remove pet hair from floor, carpets, upholstery, and tight corners offer phenomenal suction strength and high-quality brush attachments. 


Daily vacuuming is absolutely necessary even if your sidekick is a non-shedding animal. It’s not just the dander and hair, but we are also talking dirt and debris that stick to your pet’s tiny little paws when they roll around in your yard. 


Therefore, an all-surface compatible vacuum cleaner with an easily removable filter is a must-have if you own a pet.


  1. Keep the Paws Dirt-free


Those cute little paws of your pet that you can’t stop admiring can hold enough mud and debris to ruin your carpets and bedsheets. 


Placing a sturdy doormat outside the house and cleaning off the paws with gentle wipes or plain water can help you minimize the amount of dirt and mud making their way into your home. 


You can also use a pet washer instead of water or wipes if you are ready to walk the extra mile for complete peace of mind. Pet washers feature soft-bristle brushes that gently wipe the gunk off those delicate paw pads. 


  1. Cover and Protect


Throw a cheap and heavy-duty cover on the spots frequented by your doggo, cat, iguana, python, or whatever pet you’ve brought into your den. 


Since these throw-offs are easy to clean and replace, they will help you contain the mess to a great extent and keep your furniture protected from stains and scratches.


  1. Keep a Cleaning Solution Handy


Always a spray bottle filled with simple dish soap-water mix or diluted vinegar handy when you have a pet in the house. These homemade solutions help you quickly eliminate the noxious odor and stains caused by pet urine, poop, and vomit. 


Alternatively, you can also use a pet-safe cleaner if your buddy is allergic to certain chemicals present in dish soap. These cleaners are usually fortified with enzymes that can instantly neutralize the uric acid present in urine. 


Closing Thoughts


Don’t let the fear of dirt and odor put you off adopting a pet. Yes, they are a lot of work but taking care of someone who truly needs you and will love you unconditionally can be supremely rewarding. Keeping the home dirt-free and smelling-fresh is really no big deal as long you are aware of the right tactics. 


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