How To Keep Your Office Clean

There is nothing that employees hate more than an untidy and dirty office. That’s why, whether or not you are a CEO or an office manager, that you should be trying to do everything in your power to keep the office as neat and clean as possible. Studies have shown that a clean office can actually result in increased productivity, as clutter can have the psychological effect of cluttering the minds of your workers. 

The hard part can be knowing which steps you can actually take in place to keep the office properly clean, especially as people currently have mixed feelings about returning to the office. There is no need to worry however, as you have definitely found yourself in the right place. Read on now for a few top tips on keeping the office clean. 

Teach Your Employees Correctly

As the coronavirus pandemic has shown, cleanliness and good health starts with the people that you have in your employment. If they are dedicated to keeping the office as clean as possible, then you will find that they will want to do whatever it takes to keep the office tidy. Conversely, if you are running an office with low morale, this can lead to your employees not caring about the upkeep of the office. That’s why it is important to lead from the top, creating an atmosphere where employees want to keep everything clean as a means to please the boss and to do their job to the best of their ability. 

It might be worth having a dedicated training day with a cleaning expert where you can teach employees about the importance of cleanliness. Additionally, you should work with your HR manager to make sure that when you are onboarding new employees, that cleanliness is one of the key topics that they learn within this process. 

Hire a Regular Cleaning Process 

There is only so much that your employees can do when it comes to keeping the office clean. After all, they will be preoccupied with their actual work tasks. In these cases, it helps to bring in a dedicated cleaning team to keep your office spotless. If you are running a large company, then it definitely makes sense to have a cleaning service that will come in every day. If you are running a smaller business, then they will only need to come in once or twice a week. Either way, you should take a look around in order to find an affordable cleaning service that will be able to help you to achieve your aims without breaking the bank in the process. 

Get the Right Materials 

Whether it’s your wallpaper, floor coverings or banners, it helps to have the right materials that can do a lot of the heavy lifting for you. If you buy the wrong materials, you might find them getting dirty a lot quicker than you anticipate, making looking for the right items more important than ever. For a great company that can help to provide you with materials that are easy to wash and recycle, look no further than the offers that are available over at Soyang

Invest in the Right Signage

When it comes to office cleanliness, signs are definitely one of your most useful friends. Whether it’s telling people to clean up after themselves, dispose of coffee grounds properly, use the right bin for rubbish or even just wash their hands after themselves, having dedicated signs can often make the difference between a clean office and a dirty one. While the signs might seem a little obvious, you would be surprised by the ways in which the average office worker can forget key aspects, especially if they are preoccupied with work and are feeling rather stressed

Invest in an Open-Plan Office 

One of the ways that certain areas of the office can get dirty is by giving employees their own space to do what they wish. This is especially true when it comes to offices with separate rooms that people may not go inside as much. Conversely, with an open-plan office, employees will be able to see exactly what their employees are getting up to, minimizing the chances of there being a lot of mess in the office. After all, you are less likely to litter or have an untidy desk if other people are watching you. 

Set Up a Cleaning Rota 

In addition to hiring professional cleaners, your office should be doing everything in its power to let the individual employees to pull their weight. One way that you can ensure this is by drawing up a dedicated cleaning rota. This means that employees can take it in turns every few days to do the cleaning themselves. Some employees may grumble about having to do these tasks, especially if it’s not within the job description, but this will definitely lift the overall mood of the office. Additionally, you can delegate any emergency cleaning jobs to the interns, who are often hired to take on many roles within an office environment. 

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