How To Know If Your Mobile Is Compatible With Wireless Charging

Wireless charging is a system by which electricity is transmitted by electromagnetic induction. This can work with a distance of up to 40 millimeters.

It is more convenient to charge a device wirelessly than conventionally, since it is not necessary to use any cable to connect it to our phone.

To charge a mobile device wirelessly, you must have a Qi-enabled phone and a base connected to a power source. It’s that easy!

Knowing if your mobile has wireless charging is very simple. First of all, it is recommended to read the instructions to find out if the terminal has this charging option.

Secondly, it can be verified if the phone has a glass surface on the back, since it is the best conductor of electricity to the smartphone’s battery. Although it should not be taken for granted that if the mobile phone has glass on the back it will be fully compatible with wireless charging.

To be absolutely sure that a mobile device can be charged with such a type of charge, it is recommended to use an application called \”Wireless charging Checker\”. It is a completely free app.

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