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Over the past three decades, the world population has increased by more than 25%. This rise, coupled with the industrial and technological progress during this time, has caused lifestyles in the country to change significantly. Most of us in the Grand Island area grew up in a single-breadwinner household, with our fathers working one full-time job and still managing to be a homeowner. However, even a double-income family finds it difficult to meet rent and essential utilities today. And this has led to people settling for smaller accommodation arrangements.

With smaller spaces, it is evident that the house gets overcrowded and looks much like a miniature museum. The fault, of course, also lies with us. You can’t expect to fit a two-story townhouse worth of stuff in a one-bedroom apartment, but heaven knows we try. This guide is for you if you’re also struggling with space in your home! We’ve put together tips and tricks to teach you how to make a small room cozy yet spacious without stretching your wallet! Read on to find out how to make your house more spacious on a budget!

Get rid of the old stuff

We tend to form strong attachments to our possessions, which makes it extremely hard to part with them. Maybe the vintage armoire in your bedroom was a family heirloom passed down by your grandmother, or perhaps that bulky leather sofa was the first piece you bought. Whatever the reason may be, these attachments are hard to break. Well, a good option for you is storage units.

You can find many options in Nebraska by looking up self storage Grand Island to choose from. Many of these facilities offer climate-controlled units, 24-hour surveillance, and flexible rental terms. These units come in all sizes, from small lockers to large storage containers, so you can find the perfect size for storing your belongings.


We often keep things after their utility has been exhausted in case the need might arise again. More likely than not, you’re also guilty of keeping those jeans that are 2 sizes too small for you in hopes that you’ll reach your goal weight and wear them again. You might also be holding on to a broken appliance on the pretext that you’ll get it fixed in case you need it. This, unfortunately, comes under the umbrella of hoarding. Keeping things that are unusable or unnecessary fills up prime space in your home. It makes it challenging to make space for things that you actually need. At some point, you’ve got to let go of what might be necessary for the future and instead focus on what you need right now, i.e., space. Throw away those old items and donate the clothes you no longer fit into. You never know, someone else might be able to get some use out of them, and your house will have a lot of space freed up for new things!

Buy Smart

Modern times require modern solutions. No doubt, there is a certain charm to old-school, solid-wood furniture. However, practically, they just don’t work anymore. Investing in smart furniture is a great, not to mention a cheap option. Instead of putting in a full bed and dresser in your guest bedroom, consider putting in a futon bed and utilizing the remaining space to house your study/office. This way, you can have a designated space for your work instead of making temporary set-ups in the dining room or bedroom.

Similarly, instead of putting in a traditional 6-seater dining table, why not get a 4-seater round table for the room? The smaller seating and compact shape make your room look significantly more spacious.

Mirror Image

A cheap and easy tip is to put in statement mirrors around the house. This is great for aesthetics and makes your room appear more spacious. By reflecting the room’s image, a well-placed mirror can give off the illusion of the room being twice its size! You might be thinking that mirrors aren’t usually considered an affordable item. Don’t worry! Just head to your local thrift store, and you’ll find plenty of beautiful pre-loved mirrors on sale at a fraction of the original cost. With quick and easy upcycling tips, you can make your mirror look like a million bucks by spending less than $20!

Placement is Key

A room’s structure is pivotal in deciding how and where to place the furniture. However, we often pay little to no attention to furniture placement and just focus on how to fit everything we want into a room. Bad placement can make a space seem smaller and suffocating. For instance, having your bed facing the door will give you an in-your-face feeling as soon as you enter the room. Similarly, placing a large piece of furniture in front of the window will block the natural light and make the room feel stuffy and depressing. Thoughtfully place your furniture, making sure you don’t block off any windows or doors to allow the air and light to flow through freely. With a little effort toward placement, your room will immediately look twice as spacious!

A Few Splashes of Paint

The easiest and arguably one of the most effective ways you can make a small space look roomier is by investing in a little paint. Light colors have a natural tendency to make spaces appear larger than they are. Just swapping out patterned wallpapers and dark paints for a nice neutral off-white or green on your walls can do wonders for making the room appear more spacious than they are. With easy DIY options for wall paint, you can do the task yourself. Not only is this more cost-effective, but it can also be a fun activity for you and the family!

Final Words

With changing times and circumstances, we must change our way of living to adapt. Small living spaces are the new normal, and we must adjust accordingly. Making small conscious choices can make your home more spacious without putting a dent in your wallet. We hope the above tips will help you reclaim space in your home and make it your ideal space!

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