How To Make Your Golf Shoes Last Longer ?

Footwear is very important when playing golf. In addition to helping you travel the many kilometers that you can cover during a game, it will be essential to ensure your comfort. Therefore, it is essential not to neglect its maintenance since, following a few simple tips, your golf shoes can last much longer.

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What are golf shoes like?

The footwear for this sport is, as a general rule, very comfortable and easy to wear. Among the characteristics of this product are its ease of use, its comfort when it comes to carrying it and its water-repellent effect, ideal for use on slightly damp terrain.

These shoes, which can be made of leather, nubuck or synthetic material, are made up of two pieces, the upper or the instep and the sole. The second has fixed studs to avoid possible slipping when playing golf. In addition, as a general rule, these footwear will serve you both on the golf course and in the city, thanks to its versatile sole.

Golf shoe maintenance

First of all, a very gentle cleaning is recommended to keep the footwear clean. If your shoes are made of leather or synthetic material, using a sponge and a little soapy water will be enough.

After each tour it is necessary to wipe them with a clean cloth to help prevent deterioration of the footwear. If you want to hydrate your shoes well, do not hesitate to apply a moisturizer to make them shine like the first day.

If, on the other hand, you have nubuck shoes, clean the shoe with a soft brush. Since it is a material that cannot be wet, it is recommended to waterproof the shoes from time to time so that they do not spoil.


In addition, taking care of the soles is important. For a perfect swing you can use lotions that improve the flexibility of the shoes and their resistance to humidity. In this sense, to clean the blocks, with a blower or a minicom pressor will be enough.

Finally, it is also important to keep your shoes dry to prevent them from cracking and deteriorating. Opt for a natural drying, at room temperature. Away from sunlight or any source of heat, your shoes will last much longer. For extracting moisture, the newspaper technique is infallible. Putting pages of this material in your shoe will limit the appearance of any trace of water.

Therefore, taking care of a golf shoe is synonymous with taking care of a metaphorical hobby partner who will accompany you wherever you go. A good treatment of these accessories will help you to endure for many more years and, in addition, you can save when practicing your favorite sport.

Playing golf involves about five hours of practice in which you walk about eight kilometers, therefore, to make good swings and enjoy the game, you must feel comfortable with your shoes.

Golf shoes must be comfortable, waterproof, with good grip and adherence to adapt to all playing conditions.

Types of golf shoes

According to your design:

Classic golf shoe:

Traditional and elegant style. Following the inspiration of the first golf shoes.

Sport golf shoe:

Sporty air golf shoe. Golf shoe brands usually have models of different styles, some of them sporty.

Urban golf shoe:

Casual and careful design, ideal to wear both on and off the field.

Years ago, golf shoes had metal or ceramic studs soles. But these soles were very hard and heavy, as well as spoiling the field. Currently on many golf courses they are prohibited and the big brands no longer market them. Now the most common studs are made of rubber or rubber.

In the case of Footjoy, a well-known golf shoe brand, for 15 years they have only manufactured golf shoes with studs of soft rubber or rubber material, therefore the new models of golf shoes are much lighter, in addition to not damaging. field. I would suggest you see these in the golf gear hub.

The tips to take care of your golf shoes, because it will surely be very useful for you.

* After use, clean them with a damp cloth, let them dry and then moisturize with cream.

* If golf shoes have gotten wet, fill them with newspaper and always let them dry away from heat sources.

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