How To Play Airsoft?

Airsoft is a sport similar to Paintball, very complete and for all types of public, as long as they are over 16 years old. Airsoft is a sports practice, presenting itself as a tactical team game. It is a sport originating in Japan that simulates police or military situations using replicas of real weapons with non-lethal projectile ammunition, the famous BBs. You can get detailed info at

Being a military simulation game, Airsoft rewards realism, so the competitors use, in addition to weapons, military equipment, and costumes, many of them made exclusively for sport.Games can be played in large open spaces

Such as forests, fields, urban areas, or in close combat battlefields where buildings, hangars, tunnels, and bunkers are part of the playing area.


This type of game usually takes place in towns or abandoned factory buildings. Or in places specifically built for Airsoft.

As they are specific airsoft fields to play with, they have everything you need to create an environment that is as realistic as possible.

This game is not dangerous, but you must always protect yourself with your accessories for this type of activity.

The only risk of serious injury from Airsoft projectiles are eye injuries, to prevent them we use safety masks approved according to EN-166 (EPI-89/686 / CEE) that protect the entire face, respect the safety distances that the monitor will tell you and everything will be much more fun.

The impacts of Airsoft balls are much less powerful and much more precise than those of Paintball, the impact is just enough to know that you have been eliminated, it seems as if an insect collided with your body, for that reason, one of The bases of the game is the trust and honesty of the player, as there is no way to check if someone has received a hit since the balls do not leave a mark. 

There are 3 main types of guns in airsoft: Mulle, electric, and GBB (gas blowback)

To choose which type of replica you are going to use, the first thing you must do is identify the type of game you are going to participate in.

The player who receives it has to shout an agreed word (for example: “ eliminated ”, “ dead ”, etc.) letting the others know that he has been eliminated, then withdrawing from the field of play by raising his hand and going to the Zona de Muertos duly signposted. The worst viewed players in this community are the “immortals” or “ball swallowers”, who, no matter how many balls they hit, are never considered eliminated.

1: It is mandatory to protect the eyes throughout the game (sports glasses, all types of approved masks …)

2: An impact on any part of the body or clothing, ELIMINATED

3: Hit the weapon, REMOVED.

4: The player who has been hit by one or more balls will go to the “Dead Zone” indicated by the organization and wait for a new game to restart.

5: Do not just show the replica to shoot the opposing team, you always have to see where you are shooting…

6:At distances less than 5 meters the elimination by “PHOTO” is established, the opponent will be told “PHOTO” and he will not shoot. If a player is surprised at less than 1 meter, he can be eliminated in a “stealth” way, this is valid so as not to give away your position and to be able to surprise more opponents. In the case of meeting 2 players facing each other, the one who faces his replica first survives.

7: While the games are in progress, eliminated players will not be allowed to shoot in the “DEAD” zone or talk to players who are active in the games.

8: The environment will always be respected, without causing any type of deterioration, for the good of the following games and of nature itself.

9:It is forbidden to move furniture, open windows or doors, wood or sacks, both in the houses and on the land, obstacles are strategically placed by the organization, respecting safety distances.

10: Smoking is prohibited in the pine forest, there are areas enabled for it.

11: It is forbidden to shoot the replica in the hotel facilities, it can only be shot within the game area.

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