How To Prevent And Combat Insect Pests At Home


Some insects can transmit diseases to us, since they are carriers of germs, viruses and bacteria, so we must do everything possible to prevent pests from appearing at home.

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If so, you already know the consequences of suffering from a plague at home and it is something very unpleasant. Well, some insects, in addition to being very annoying, can also put our health at risk, since they are carriers of germs, viruses and bacteria like

Summer is one of the most prone times for the appearance of these pests, since insects, to avoid heat and dryness, seek more humid places, such as those found in our homes, which they access through pipes and small cracks. Therefore, it is important that we do everything in our power to prevent them from entering the house.

The first thing you should do is extreme cleanliness at home, especially in those areas where there are more possibilities for these pests to appear, such as the bathroom and the kitchen. Try not to leave food scraps on the floor or on the tables, as this can be a delicious delicacy for insects.

Also, keep food in airtight containers and don’t throw food scraps down the toilet or sink, as they can be excellent bait for some “critters” that can enter the house through pipes.

Close the garbage bags very well and if you have a bucket, always put the lid on it, this way you will prevent insects from reaching it, and clean it frequently.

You should not have the windows and doors of the house open for a long time. But as we know that this is complicated, especially in summer, we recommend that you put mosquito nets on them, thus making it difficult for pests to enter the home.

Repair any water leaks you have at home, since moisture attracts some of these insects, such as termites or cockroaches. We also recommend that you seal all the cracks or holes that you have in the floor or in the walls so that pests do not sneak in there.

Some insects are especially attracted to dirty clothes, so wash them before you put them away and if you’re going to put them in the laundry basket, close it if possible so they don’t get there.



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