How To Protect Your Rugs

Rugs are precious to anyone who has spent a lot of time to find the exact rug that would fit in their home space and reflect their taste, decor and interior. Rugs are usually placed in places were foot-traffic is more and you can expect some spills and stains too. Protecting your rugs from dust, dirt and other forms of debris is not an easy task but is always possible. Take a few simple steps to protect your rugs and arrange for a rug cleaning immediately after your house had more foot traffic like birthday parties or any other occasions.

Protect your rugs from the Sun. 

Just like our skin, the natural fibres and dyes in the rugs get damaged when exposed to UV rays from the sunlight for a long time. Intense sunlight can oxidize the wool fibres and dry out, causing early damage to the carpet. Solar control window can be a good option as it protects the carpet from getting exposed to direct sunlight.

Reposition your furniture regularly. 

Always make sure to use a high-quality rug pad under the carpet to help prevent sliding, stretching and possible punctures when walking on it or moving furniture. It is important to place furniture cups under the legs of heavy furniture that can crush the carpet. To avoid the wearing of the rug at one spot, frequent shifting of furniture is necessary. Avoid dragging furniture and instead lift it to shift.

Keep your rugs away from moths. 

Regular cleaning of your rugs will prevent moth damage. Moths like dark areas and so it is essential to take extra care to clean under the furniture. Mothballs can be used, and it has to be changed every six months. Avoid using pesticides as it is toxic and harmful for both the occupants of the house and the rugs.

Stains should be taken care of immediately. 

Whenever you spill something or notice a fresh stain in your rugs, makes sure to take care of it as soon as possible. Use a clean, moist cloth and shampoo if needed to clean it immediately. Every rug material has a different type of cleaning.

Vacuum rugs frequently. 

Just like the carpets, rugs also need frequent cleaning to keep them in the best condition possible. It is essential to make sure that the vacuum’s suction does not snag the rug’s material. Another factor to consider while vacuuming the rugs is to make sure to clean in the direction that the pile is facing. Vacuuming regularly will help the rug against wear and tear.

Hacks to keep your rugs brand new. 

  1. i) Use ice cubes to remove furniture indentations. Place a single ice cube in the indentations left by the furniture and allow it to melt. Once it has melted, use fingers only to brush the rug fibres and then vacuum the area.
  2. ii) Turn the rugs to prevent traffic patterns. It is human tendency to walk along with the same pattern in our homes. We always take the shortest path from point A to B, which means a specific area of the rug is always exposed to footfall and can wear soon. To prevent this, spin the rugs in 180 degrees biannually.

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