How To Remove Scuff Marks From Painted Walls

Do you have kids in your home? If the answer is yes, then scuff marks are pretty normal in your walls. Don’t get too serious. Actually, scuff marks are normal for everyone’s home who has kids or not.

When something rubs in the wall, the scuff marks are formed. For example, dirty shoe marks.

Someone said every problem has a solution to this universe. This is what we believe too. You can simply remove scuff marks from your painted walls. But before you start washing your walls, make sure there isn’t anything acidic. Anything made from acid can damage your wall (painting).

So, today, we are going to show you how to remove scuff marks from painted walls.

How often should you remove the scuff marks

You should take it into your account as soon as you see them appear on the wall. At the initial stage, it is easy to remove. So, don’t procrastinate, and don’t be scared as soon as you see them appear.

How to remove scuff marks from painted walls  

Some people tend to avoid removing the scuff marks because they think; it can damage the whole scuff area. This happens particularly when the painting is new. They just get a matte finish and don’t want to take any kind of ‘risk’ regarding this issue. The discoloration is obvious when you try to recolor the scuff area. Most of the time, you can’t match perfectly.

But there have several ways to get off the scuff marks without damaging the wall. You may need some elements (probably not at a time).


Things you need

    • All-purpose household cleaner
    • Baking soda
    • Bowl
    • Cloths
    • Fine-grit sandpaper
    • Liquid dish detergent
    • Melamine cleaning sponge
    • Paint reducer
    • Paint trays
    • DIY  paint sprayer
    • Paintbrush
    • Paper towels
    • Touch-up paint

Method no one: try gently with cloth and water

It is always great if you can simply remove the scuff marks with a piece of white cloth and water. You can consider a bit of warm water. It is safe and straightforward.

Gently scrub the scuff mark area with the wet white cloth and put on pressure on it. If the scuff marks start disappearing, continue this process for some time. Finally, buff the area with a new dry cloth.

 People often tend to think about their expensive paint and glossy walls. Actually, this is pretty normal, but by maintaining this simple process, you can have scuff marks free walls.


Method no two: using dishwashing liquid

If simply water and cloth therapy isn’t sufficient for the scuff marks, then take it to the next level. You have to use some chemicals instead of warm water.

You can take any kind of liquid dishwashing soap. Try to maintain the level of intensity. We suggest you take a teaspoon liquid soap with a mug of water. If the scuff marks are too severe, then raise the soap ratio. Then it’s nothing special; the same process you’ve followed in the previous method. Just rub the scuff marks with a piece of cloth or sponge.


Method no three: scrub with a melamine sponge 

Melamine sponge is called the Mr. clean magic eraser. This is the last method you can go for. Just simply dampen it with water and scrub the scuff marks. Don’t put too much pressure otherwise; you can lose some paint. Finish by swabbing the area with a dry white cloth.

Some additional tips

Sometimes nothing works in the way we want to do. Warm water and the white cloth doesn’t work. Dishwashing soap to melamine sponge, nothing can get off the scuff marks.

Here you can do a simple but effective thing. If you have some leftover paint, mix it with water and paint the scuff mark area. It is only applicable for leftover paint. Don’t try to buy and paint. You can sand the scuff area with 120-grit sandpaper. You can use commercial paint reducer too.  

In the case of wallpaper, we don’t recommend using water or melamine sponge at all. You can use an art gum eraser. It will provide a more effective result without any damage.


We suggest you start trying from method one. Because method one is safer and easier. You can use method two and three as well if method one doesn’t work.

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