How to safely remove dried paint from Plexiglas?

The greatest problem with lifting the paint spilled over plexiglass is that the procedure can leave the surface scratched. The issue gets much more critical if the pigment has dried up. Nevertheless, a paint remover (also referred to as paint stripper) can help you prevent scratching. It is a chemical substance that disintegrates the colour, which can then be taken off quickly. 


Steps to remove dried paint from a plexiglass 


Even with a paint remover, the job is not that straightforward to perform, you need to be really cautious throughout the process. In order to remove the paint from plexi glass without damaging its surface, carefully pursue the 12 steps listed asunder.

Step 1: Buy a good quality paint remover and glass cleaner.

Buy a glass paint stripper of the highest quality. Refrain from buying the cheaper variants as the product might not work, and you may also end up damaging your glass surface. Purchase a good quality glass cleaner as well in case you already don’t own one.


Step 2: Selecting the right place to work

A paint remover usually emits strong toxins, which can adversely affect your health. Therefore, you must work in an outdoor or well-aerated location.

Step 3: Open all windows in case of indoor work 

When you need to treat an indoor fixture, then ensure you unlock all the windows and other openings across the workspace before beginning.

Step 4: Cover the workspace.

Put some newspapers all over your work area. If you are treating a glass door, ensure to slip a paper underneath before you begin. Paint stripper is a strong chemical formulation that can damage your floor finish. So, make absolutely sure to clean immediately with a cloth should you happen to drop it accidentally.

Step 5: Apply colour remover.

The remover is sprayed over the painted patch. Also, using a semi-liquid coating is useful if you are cleaning a door or something else that has plexi glass in a vertical position. Allow the remover to sit on the surface for at least 20 minutes. It will allow the solution ample time to work consistently on the paint, breaking it down, thus making it easier to take it off.

Step 6: Removing paint

Make use of a plasticky material scrapper to lift the disintegrated paint from the surface. Make sure you are gentle and do not inflict any bruises on the plexiglass.

Step 7: Avoiding scratches

In case, some amount of paint still seems to be holding on the surface, do not attempt to remove it forcefully. You’ll end up damaging the Plexi glass. It’s safer to get the remover reapplied and wait for an additional 20 minutes.

Step 8: Using glass cleaner

Spray some glass cleaner on a cleaned and dry paper towel. Now, to tidy up the scooped out paint, wipe the treated area with this towel. You might want to apply a little force while doing so, however, do not overdo.

Step 9: Repeat mode 


If you notice some paint still stuck in a few places, you may repeat the steps 5 – 8 in the given sequence.

Step 10: Finish


Lastly, clear up your work area. Throw the used newspapers and religiously wash your hand to remove any traces of paint stripper or glass cleaner. 

How to clean drops of paint from plexiglass just after it gets in touch?


The process of removing paint from the glass surface when it is still wet is a little easier than when it gets all dried up. Also, cleaning the surface when the paint is damp, arrests the possibility of developing scratches to a large extent. Here are a few steps you may follow to lift off paint from plexi glass in time.


Step 1: Make a solution.

Make a soapy water solution and dip a cleaning cloth in it. You can make use of good quality and glass-safe liquid detergent for the process. 

Step 2: Wet the glass with solution soaked cloth

Make use of the dampened cloth to saturate the entire paint affected surface. This will help strip away any wet acrylic paint, besides helping to loosen the dried bits.


Step 3: Dry out the surface.

Once you finished taking off the paint, use another piece of a soft and dry cloth and gently wipe off the surface to remove any residual matter. In case of dehydrated paint that couldn’t come off, follow the procedure explained in the earlier section to remove dried paint from plexi glass. 

How to keep Plexiglas clean for long durability?

Here are a few steps that you may use to keep your plexiglass clean and scratch-free for a long period. 


  • You can make use of a hairdryer to blow off the dust from the surface on a day-to-day basis. Ensure to keep the setting on the lowest and always keep the dryer at an angle of 45 degrees, several inches away from the glass surface. 


  • For sticky debris or dust, use a solution of water and dish soap to clean up. Place glass at 45 degrees and let the solution run down. Do a gentle cleaning before wiping the surface with a clean cloth.


Never use alcohol, ammonia, or any aromatic product on a plexi glass surface.

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