How to Use a Garment Steamer to Deep Clean Your Fabrics?

With the outbreak of coronavirus, we all are more cautious with cleanliness and hygiene. You probably don’t want any corner lurking around with germs. So you make sure you wash hands multiple times a day, swab the floor with a disinfectant, and possibly do everything to ensure that your house is germ-free.

That’s good. But ever thought of your clothes for a moment? How about degerming your linens, clothing, and other garments? If you have a washer and a dryer, sanitizing your linens and clothes is pretty simple.


But what if you’re someone who ventures outside to clean your stuff? There’s no doubt that with the best supplies handy, you can take care of your garments to be 100% germ-ridden—even including your bedding.


If you aren’t able to afford a dryer and a washer, you can still sanitize your clothes, pillow cases, sheets, and blankets—all you need is “steam.”

How to Sanitize your Clothes using a Garment Steamer

Besides keeping your clothes wrinkle-free, a good garment steamer also helps you get rid of bacteria lurking on your clothes. To make the most of this tool, here are a few tips and tricks you need to follow.


Turn on the steamer and let it run for at least 30-40 seconds


Once you have turned on your garment steamer, you will notice steam coming from its nozzle. Now, let this run for at least 30-40 seconds to ensure that the machine is fully ready to sanitize.

Doing this will also allow for extra water from previous usages to clear from the system and prevent any build-up which may have gathered.


Make sure that the steamer touches your garments 


In order to remove wrinkles and yet make sure that the clothes are free from germs, hold the garment steamer’s plate against the cloth correctly. If you’re worried this will result in burnt clothes and or wet spots, it’s good for you to know that the steam plates on Philips steamers are safe for clothing.  You can press them directly against any clothing item that needs steaming.


CDC says that you need at least 167 degrees of heat or more to kill the respiratory viruses such as flu. Happily, most garment steamers as well as irons, for that matter, can reach a temperature of 200 degrees or even more. The heat that a clothes steamer generates helps deodorise no matter what it steams. You can use this option to de-germ even your car seats, carpets, cushions, curtains etc.


However, there is one caveat: if you are using an iron box for sanitizing, make sure to turn on the steam setting—because it’s not the high heat that is killing the germs. Instead, it’s the steam penetrating through the fabric.


On the other hand, steam also helps kill any odour-causing bacteria as well as dust-mites. However, with a fabric steamer, things are more effective than ironing alone.


With steamers, you can even freshen up your sofa or mattress if you are worried of germs lurking on these surfaces. The best thing about using steamers is that you don’t have the risk of burning your fabrics.


  1. Angle the steamer’s head rather than laying it flush 


Unless, it’s not specified in the instructions, you can angle the steamer’s head instead of laying it flush. This will not only prevent it from getting those water droplets on it but will also ensure that the steam spreads evenly and better.


On the other hand, when the steamer’s head is flush to the clothing, it gets trapped, creating dampness in turn.


  1. Go with slow and short strokes 


While sanitizing your clothes with a garment steamer, one the most effective ways to do it is to go slow with strokes. This not only helps remove the creases but also ensures that fabric gets enough steam to kill all the germs lurking inside. Whether you start from top to bottom or bottom to top, it doesn’t matter. As long as every inch of the garment is getting that steam, it’s great!


Garment steamers are a great way of cleaning as well as sanitizing a wide range of surfaces, not just clothes. They give you an inexpensive and healthy way to disinfect, deodorize, and break down grime, dirt, and grease.


From keeping your clothes sanitized to car interiors clean and helping you with dreaded kitchen tasks, garment steamers is an essential tool for anyone who’s serious about their housekeeping arsenal.

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