How To Use A Meat Grinder?

Most people know what a meat grinder is. Most people know how to operate meat grinders. But in most cases, it is seen that the meat grinder is used quite inappropriately. Learning how to grind beef by a meat grinder or grinding any other form of meat is required to get a job in Kebab stores.

Here you will find the steps of how to grind beef by a meat grinder. The steps are arranged accordingly. This way, you can follow the procedure step by step to get your meat’s perfect grind. The steps are:

  1. Cut of meat.
  2. Plate selection.
  3. The temperature of the meat.
  4. Speed of grinder.
  5. Purpose of Grind.

If you follow the above steps, you can get your perfect grind of meat for your required cooking.


Cut of meat:

If you are about to grind beef by the meat grinder, you need to keep the meat cut in a manageable size. The cut size cannot be too big, nor can it be too small. Whatever kind of meat you are using, you need to cut the heart to the dropping chamber’s size.

In most domestic meat grinders, the dropping chamber has a 1inch diameter. If you are using a domestic setup, it is safe to say that you need to cut your meat to 1 cubic inch or less. It would help if you also were careful so that your cut not too small. In those cases, the grinders have difficulty grinding your meat correctly.

Plate selection:

Now that you have your meat prepped, you need to select the size of your grind. If you are grinding the heart to make a burger, it is suggested to have a more significant grind. A bigger grind gives you a juicier burger. However, if you are making sausage, you need to make a finer grind. But in cases of finer grinds, the fat breaks up and makes the sausage very dry. Best solution? Rinse with olive/cooking oil.


It is best to have your meat cold before putting them through hell. When you put the meat in the grinder, the overall setup tends to heat the meat up. This heat also tends to break down the fat, ending in a dry burger or sausage. It is best to use cold beef. However, do not use frozen meat in your grinder. Frozen meat will damage your grinder blade and roller permanently.

If you are making a chicken burger or sausage, it is better to rinse the meat with cooking/olive oil before putting it in the grinder. After the grinding is done, seasoning the heart gives a second rinse of olive oil.

Speed of Grinder:  

The speed of the grinder will also determine the fineness of your grind. If you grind beef by the meat grinder, then you should use a low rate. The low speed will prevent the meat’s fat from breaking down due to vibrations and retain the meat’s taste. However, if you are grinding chicken meat, you can use a higher speed to grind it because you will rinse the meat with oil anyway.

Purpose of Grind: 

Ground meats are required for multitudes of dishes. Two common uses are burgers and sausages. In both cases, how you grind the meat and how many times you grind the meat will differ. The procedure may seem similar, but grinding sausage meat is much more tiring than grinding burger meat.

If you are making a beef burger, use the least fine grinding plate. For a burger to be appropriately juicy, it needs to retain the natural fat as much as possible. You should also not regrind the meat. Regrinding also makes the fat percentage of the burger significantly low. Even if you feel that you need a finer burger, use a finer plate, but try to refrain from grinding it twice. If you have to grind the meat twice, then it is best to rinse the meat with some cooking/olive oil while seasoning. However, if you are making a chicken burger, then you can use any setting, but don’t forget to rinse with oil while seasoning.

If you are making sausage, then the procedure is almost the same. However, after the first grind of your meat, you should grind beef by meat grinder a second time. The double grind will bring more texture to the sausage. However, you still have to maintain the rinsing with oil. As multiple grinds make the meat dry, the oil brings back some life in the meat.

These were our takes on how to grind beef by meat grinder. The steps of how to operate a meat  grinder to get the best burger and sausage.

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