How to use septic safe toilet paper for rv

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RV toilet is a porcelain and plastic combination toilet, which has a long hose for connecting in the direct drainage system or holding drainage system. This toilet is attachable with a septic tank, sewer tank, and holding tank.

It is well-known and pretty consummate as an outdoor, carryable, and transport toilet system. Because this RV toilet is quite dissimilar from other normal and particular toilets, that’s why there have some questions about toilet paper usability.

Several people questioning which toilet paper safe for RV and how to use septic safe toilet paper for the RV. If you have an RV toilet and it is connected with a septic tank then this post is especially for you.

In this post, I will clarify which septic toiler is usable and suitable for septic RV toilets and some magnificent information about RV safeties and its toilet papers. Here’s everything you should know about septic safe toilet paper for RV.


How to use septic safe toilet paper for RV?


When it comes to using toilet paper for RV, numbers consideration you have to do. For example, without consideration, if you use any normal paper, then your RV could get clogged, jammed, and could face other specific issues.

Indeed, using septic safe toilet paper for RV has some individual method, and if you don’t have any idea about it. Then let me suggest to you some significant and crucial steps on RV toilet paper.

  • First of all, you have to choose an easy dissolving toilet paper; remember, low-quality toilet paper takes a longer time to be dissolved, that’s why try to avoid those toilet papers.
  • If you don’t want to spend time choosing RV supportive toilet paper, there have several types of RV toilet paper, you can choose those toilet paper for better effectiveness.
  • After choosing the toilet paper you can turn in the next process.
  • When you’re done with your toilet paper, put it in the toilet, after putting it you have to put the water on it by a mug (2-3 mugs)
  • Mug water will be shredded the papers appropriately and will make them tiny pieces. Up next, you can flush the toilet. One flush is enough for letting them in the drainage system.
  • The benefit you will get from this process is a clog-free toilet, straightforward drainage system, and more.


Can you use normal toilet paper for RV?


Literally, you can use normal toilet paper for RV toilet, but it will be better if you use RV supportive toilet paper instead of ordinary toilet paper. Costco and 2 ply toilet paper is pretty handy and usable in the RV toilet as the normal paper.

What toilet paper is safe for RV use?


Did you ever heard about an RV toilet paper name is Scott Rapid-Dissolving Toilet Paper? This is one of the superior branded and highly dissolving toilet paper which is used for bus, train, boats, and another toilet enables vehicle.

Interestingly, the manufactures of Scott dissolving toilet paper ensures 4 times faster dissolving than any other septic toilet paper. This certain toilet paper comes with Clog Clinic tested, septic-safe, and sewer safe.

Overall, I think you obtain which toilet is more consummate for the RV toilet.

Can you use Costco toilet paper in an RV toilet?


Actually, RV toilet paper is a bit expensive and costly to buy and use. I’m not saying you should avoid RV toilet paper. How it feels when you can use cheap toilet paper in RV and it dissolves as quickly as you want.

Of course, it will be money-saving and perfect for you. I’m talking about Costco toilet paper, Costco paper is one of the oldest paper brands and it works utterly. Therefore, yes you can use Costco toilet paper in an RV toilet.

Can you use 2 ply toilet paper in an RV?


2 ply toilet tissue papers are well-known for their softness and easy dissolving. Its two-ply sheets are pretty favorable for RV tanks and outstanding safe for septic systems, boats, and busses. That means, yes you can use 2 ply toilet paper in an RV.


Final verdict


We are turning down the last part of this how to use septic safe toilet paper for RV. I hope you like my preferation for this toilet tissue paper.

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