How To Use Washing Machine Cleaner: Get Rid Of Bacteria And Stinky Smell

A washing machine cleaner removes the dirt, lime and deposits. As a result, a washing machine cleaner freshens up your stinky washing machine. But do you know how to use a washing machine cleaner for effective results?

If not, it’s not difficult to learn. This article will help you know how to use different cleaners such as liquid, powder or tablets. Before digging into our main topic, we’ll also learn why it’s necessary to clean your washing machine.

Why should you clean your washing machine?

Clean your washing machine, a chore that might be unnecessary for you. It is because people believe that the washing machine can make the clothes clean. But they can’t even imagine that dirt, mold or bacteria are also there that can leave your clothes stinky.

So, can you afford an unhygienic machine with a stinky smell? Probably, you don’t want it. So, it becomes necessary to clean your washing machine regularly.


But now the question is how to clean your washing machine. Well, many people think bleach can take the responsibility to clean their machine. But they are wrong. Bleach can’t remove the dirt hidden in the hard to reach areas of the washing machine.

That’s why a washing machine cleaner is essential to clean a washing machine. A washing machine cleaner comes in various forms such as tablets, liquid and powder. We will discuss the method to use all these forms one by one.

How to use washing machine cleaner powder?

The powder can remove the scales build in the washing machine easily. You can use powders with all types of washing machines no matter it’s from what brand. So, if you find a descaling powder specific to a particular machine brand, you can also use it to clean washing machines of other brands.

Follow these simple steps to clean your washing machine with descale powder:

  • Firstly, fill the washing machine tub with water.
  • Then take one sachet of washing machine cleaner powder and pour it into the tub.
  • Allow the machine to spin for 5-10 minutes.
  • After spinning, leave this powder containing water for at least 90-120 minutes in the tub.
  • Spin the washing machine again and drain all the water out of the machine.

How to use washing machine cleaner tablets?

Washing machine cleaner tablets are best to use because they can dissolve easily throughout the cleaning cycle. It can remove the tough to remove residues with its slow-acting formula.

Most importantly, tablets are easy to store. You can use one pouch of tablets for months. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about spills with tablets.

Here’re steps that you need to follow while cleaning your washing machine with tablets:

  • Empty your washing machine
  • Place one cleaning tablet in the tub. Make sure you have not placed it into the dispenser.
  • Set the “rinse+spin” cycle or “clean washer” or a regular cycle with hot water settings.
  • Let the machine operate according to the function you have set.
  • After the cycle ends, simple wipe all the residues that are left behind.

Isn’t it easy to use cleaning tablets? The fantastic thing is that you don’t need to disassemble your washing machine.

How to use a washing machine cleaner liquid?

A liquid washing machine cleaner is super easy to use. You can use it washer tub or detergent drawer.

It goes into each corner of the machine to give you a clean and bacteria-free washer. Moreover, it doesn’t leave any remnants. So, you can go for your next laundry without being worried about powder residues.

Follow the steps below to wash your washing machine effectively with the cleaning liquid.


·        Clean dispenser:

Firstly, you should clean the dispenser of the washing machine. Here’s what you have to do to clean it.

  • Take 50ml of liquid washing machine cleaner and dilute it. For dilution, add 4 litres of warm water into the pure liquid solution.
  • Remove the dispenser and soak it into the solution for half an hour.
  • Wipe out all the residues left.
  • Insert the clean dispenser back into the washing machine.

•     Clean the rubber seal:

Secondly, you need to clean the rubber seal. For this purpose:

  • Take a clean cloth and pour the liquid cleaner onto it.
  • Rub this cloth against the rubber seal and windowpane.
  • Leave it for some time.
  • After that, use a damp cloth and wipe off the liquid cleaner.

•        Clean the washing tub:

Lastly, you have to clean the washing tub. You can do it by using the following steps:

  • Pour the liquid cleaner into the washing tub.
  • Set the machine to wash cycle and temperature to 60 °C.
  • Run the machine without laundry and detergent.

Final thoughts…!!

Finally, you know how important it is to clean your washing machine. To help you clean the washing machines effectively, we have answered how to use a washing machine cleaner.

We have described the method to use each type of cleaner, whether it’s a tablet, liquid or powder. So, whatever type of cleaner you’re using, just go through the above-describes step and get a fresh and clean washing machine!

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