Infrared Heater Maintenance Guide

Winter these days are getting cooler. But thanks to the infrared heaters, we are always warm no matter what the temperature is. Infrared heater’s operating system ensures a natural and safe warmth for you with greater comfort than normal home heaters. However, infrared heater maintenance guide is essential to avoid ‘no-heat’ at home during winter.
Ultimate Guide – Infrared Heater Maintenance

The following maintenance guideline will ensure a smooth run of your infrared heater amidst the shivering winter-

1.Placement of the heater:

When you place your infrared heater, make sure the place is away from flammable objects, liquids, and vapors to avoid an accident.

2.Turning off the switch:

Always make sure to turn off the switch and disconnect the electrical cord after each time you use the heater.


3.Keep it free:

Never place anything on the heater or hang something from it. The reflector, the tubes, and the decorative grills should always be kept free to avoid any unexpected faulty operation of the heater.

4.Dusting the infrared heater:

The exterior surface accumulates dust and debris quite often. You should remove the dust and debris regularly. Use a solution of mild detergent and water to wipe out the dust using a damp cloth.

Caution: Never use a dripping wet cloth and ensure that the surface is 100% dry before you start using the heater again. Click here to learn more about infrared heater related info and so on.


The fan motor comes with lifetime lubrication system so you won’t need further lubrication of it.


  1. Maintaining the Reflector:

Regularly inspect if there is distortion, sagging, cracks or dirt in and on the heater especially on the reflector.  If you feel the necessity, clean it with a damp cloth. You should be careful that the tubes don’t touch the reflector and support it with strap and hanger.


7.Outside air inlet and vent pipes:

In some occasions, the gap in the sealed area of the pipe gets cracked due to corrosion and unwanted obstruction. Thus, it is essential that you regularly check the gaps to observe if there is any crack or dust on the pipes and outside air inlet. Depending on the severity of corrosion or crack and dust clean or replace them with a newer one.

  1. Removing carbon:

The outside air inlet often consumes carbon. Remove the accumulated carbon using a wire brush at least once in a month.


  1. Cleaning the heat exchanging tubes:

The heat exchanger tubes help your infrared heater to maintain the perfect room temperature.  They must be suspended and connected with great safety if there is a requirement to clean or replace them for consuming dirt, sagging, and distortion.

10.Checking the gas line and thermostat:

Regularly check the gas line to avoid any probable gas leakage. The thermostat works as the controlling device of the heater. It should not be kept with damaged and exposed wirings. Replace them if necessary, as instructed in the Operational Guide.


11.Maintaining the couplings:

The couplings are connected with the heat exchanger tubes. You should regularly check that the connection is within the tolerance limit as prescribed in the service and installation manual.

12.Turbulator maintenance:

Although turbulator doesn’t come with all of the models, it needs to be installed within the installation parameters if it requires to apply.

Two more maintenance guideline for the infrared heater:

These are the very basics of maintaining an infrared heater. These maintenance instructions will ensure a smooth run of your infrared heater. However, there are two other important things which you should never forget –

Safety Signs and Labels:

You should keep the product safety signs and labels intact until they are legible. After the legitimate time is over, contact your service provider to remove them.

Cleaning filter:

An infrared heater usually comes with an electrostatic filter. It is located at the rear of the heater. You should clean it once in a month or according to the requirement to get satisfactory performance from the device. The cleaning process includes-

  1.       Turn off the heater by pressing the Power button on the left side.
  2.       Carefully unplug the power cord from the electric source.
  3.       Push the filter from downwards to upwards to release it.
  4.       Then pull the filter out of the device.
  5.       Use a vacuum cleaner to clean dust and debris from it.
  6.       Replace the cleaned filter by gently pushing it in a reverse way of step 3 and 4.

Additional maintenance guideline for infrared heater:

An infrared heater guarantees comfort and warmth at the same time. So, never be careless to maintain it. However, if it seems tough for you to properly maintain the heater, call a professional or your service provider for the overall maintenance of your infrared heater for better and long-lasting performance.

Final Words:

Cold and windy days of winter becomes enjoyable for you sitting in the room comfy due to an infrared heater. Its natural heating system keeps you warm and relaxed. Nevertheless, it requires some maintenance over time and again. Thus, this easy to follow maintenance guide will inevitably come handy.

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