With the rise of technology and the introduction of smart systems, organizations such as the iRobot are investing their time in launching products which are artificially intelligent. Automated vacuum cleaners are one of these. iRobot’s Roomba series is one of its kind vacuum cleaning solutions out there on the market. Do you wonder which vacuum cleaner fits best to your individual need? Allow me to present a comparison between two of the leading machines manufactured by iRobot, Roomba 650 vs 880 reviews.

These completely unique devices are capable to clean your floors without expending any human effort. It means that you can watch your favorite shows at ease and allow the device to move around your house.It will collect all debris from your rugs/carpets and clean your floors with a spotless shine. Don’t worry about its movement and recharging, it is designed to perform all its function on its own. All you will do is push “CLEAN” button on top of these devices.

As much as these automated vacuum cleaners are widely accepted, choosing the best for your need can become a cumbersome task.

Comparison Table of iRobot Roomba 650 vs 880

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 Roomba Button Configuration: 880 vs. 650

Button configurations are necessary as they allow individuals to set the configuration for the all-new Roomba Robot versions. Compared to the 880, the 650 Roomba has more buttons. What are these buttons and what are their relative functionalities? Let’s check it out below:

Roomba 650 Buttons

The Roomba 650 has a total of 8 buttons. These buttons are as follows:

  • The Scheduling Buttons
  • Spot Cleaning Button
  • Default Cleaning Button
  • Docking Button
  • Clocking Buttons

With the right use of these buttons, one can easily configure the device to perform different activities within your home surroundings. In addition, it will be noteworthy to mention it here that the Roomba 650 comes with a pop out handle. This handle makes the Roomba a lot more portable and an easy carry to place anywhere within the room.

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Roomba 880 Buttons

Compared to the previous versions of the Roomba robots, the iRobot Roomba 880 has less buttons on the front panel. It has total 5 buttons, but unlike the Roomba 650, the 880 set includes a remote control. This makes the use of buttons rather inconsiderate.

In case, if you want to still know, the buttons are mostly used for scheduling.

Navigation Ability

Before the release of the 900 series, iRobot Roombas were equipped with the IR system which allowed the device to move around randomly until they come in contact with an obstacle or a wall.

Roomba 650

The most efficient example of the IR system equipped device is observable in the Roomba 650 as it would dramatically move with a constant speed irrespective of the fact what obstacle lies in front of it. It will only fully stop when it comes in contact with the obstacle.

Users may get an efficient and vigorous clean, but with a few scratch on the walls or furniture.

Roomba 880

How are 880 different? First of all it won’t bump into your walls and obstacles, but at the cost of collecting less dirt near the edges. However, the 880 holds an edge from 650 because it comes with two virtual lighthouses.

Don’t know what a virtual lighthouse is? Well, these devices allow the Roomba robots to identify if the room is completely cleaned or not. It uses a virtual wall to specify the robot that the room is now clean and it can move to another.

880 come with two virtual lighthouses whereas the 650 includes only a single virtual wall.

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Cleaning Ability

Compared to other brands on the market, the Roomba stands out among most competitors. It has left behind leading brand names such as Neato, Infinuvo and LG.

Roomba 650

As far as the cleaning capability of the Roomba 650 is concerned, the machine par excellently cleans rough carpeted surfaces as well from debris of all sizes. Its dual brush system makes sure that every particle is effectively removed and deposited within the bin. However, in my personal view, I find it a bit lacking in picking off furs and hairs which are stubborn to remove.

It’s one of the reasons why iRobot Roomba was compelled to shift their future manufacturing of devices with bristle components to Rubber components.

Roomba 880

Unlike the Roomba 650, the 880s are made up with rubber extractors which allow more sophisticated cleaning as compared to bristle cleaning robots. This technology makes the Roomba 880 a maintenance free solution and works best on carpets with clogged fur or hairs.

Unless, you don’t find a number of pets within your surroundings, the chances are low that you will have to overturn the device and remove hairs from it.

Dirt Detection Technology

In the following Roomba 650 vs 880 reviews, one thing on which both the Roomba cleaning robots can come to agreement is the dirt detection technology. Both the Roomba devices are equipped with acoustic sensors located at the bottom of the device. Both of these sensors help in sensing and collecting dirt up to as small as 10 microns in size.

However, there are rumors on the market tab that Neato offers a more effective floor cleaning capability as compared to the Roomba series and therefore, it is not considered a preferable choice among most buyers. Allow me to clarify this misconception as Roomba devices are programmed with one of the best algorithms to perform repetitive cleaning until the floor becomes spotless clean.

Filtration Technology

Good filtration ensures cleaner floors. Therefore, the Roomba 880 has HEPA filters. These filters are designed to keep out debris as small as 10 microns in size. These may include allergens, pollens and the most minute dirt specks.

On the other hand, a Roomba 650 only includes aerovac filters which means that these devices are not capable to filter out the most smallest of particles in dirt. If you are concerned about asthma or any other allergic conditions then Roomba 880 is a better fit for your home settings.

Advantages & Disadvantages

In this Roomba 650 vs. Roomba 880 review, we are going to cover the few advantages and disadvantages of both the devices. This will help users analyze what are the respective pros and cons of each device and how well it performs in cleaning the floors perfectly.

Pros & Cons of Roomba 650



  • It comes with smart virtual wall system.
  • It is easy to use and is able to self-recharge.
  • 3-stage cleaning system is installed in it.
  • It has an everlasting battery life.
  • It is the best automatic cleaner for all floor types.
  • It comes with smart cleaning technology.
  • It comes with auto-docking capability
  • It performs cleaning quietly as compared to other vacuum cleaners.



  • The AI is not as good in performance as newer devices.
  • The user experience of this device lacks integrity.


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We have added a video here to show a demo of roomba 650. Let’s watch it:

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Pros & Cons of Roomba 880



  • It is provided with super efficiency filters.
  • It equips Aero force 3 Stage strong cleaning system.
  • It equips multi-room navigation technology by iAdapt.
  • This device is capable to clean multiple rooms.
  • This device comes with smart scheduling attribute.
  • This device is a completely stress-free debris cleaner.
  • It introduces virtual wall technology in cleaning package.
  • It has 5x stronger cleaning power compared to previous units.



  • The sensors are weak which ultimately makes the navigation a bit weak as well.


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We have added a video here to show a demo of roomba 880. Let’s watch it:

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Irrespective of which device you purchase from the iRobot, there is one thing about the organization is its impeccable and amazing support. Yes, the iRobot offers one of the best technological solutions for cleaning your floors and what’s more, the amazing support team is more than co-operative. If you have concern regarding the device, you can easily reach them out through email, text message or live chat.

Personal Verdict

As both the cleaning devices are cool in their own ways, there is no doubt that the iRobot Roomba 880 is an advanced cleaner compared to the Roomba 650. It stands undefeated as it equips some of the best cleaning features and packs more power with everlasting batteries.

However, if you are tight on budget and you really need a Roomba Robot cleaning your rooms, then you should go for the Roomba 650. It comes with better cleaning abilities but inquires a bit of manual efforts. However, once you get the hang of it, your floors will be as good as new.

With that we conclude our article on Roomba 650 vs 880. Hope you enjoyed it.

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