Seeking for the magic so that you could see your home clean just within a blink of an eye! Hehehe, well, it is a real world, get out of your fantasy and think about something that exists in real! I mean, not within a blink of an eye but at least you can make your home clean without even lifting your finger! It’s also a magic, don’t you think! IRobot roomba 665 is one of the ultimate vacuum cleaning solutions on the market. Artificially Intelligent robots are becoming the new norm of our society. As technology steps into every other market around us, it also takes its toll within the vacuum cleaning industry likewise. A wide variety of robot cleaning devices have emerged, a name which stands among all is Roomba.


Introduced back in the 1990’s, iRobot was a concept pioneered to support the ideology of turning robots into reality. The organization is motivated and compelled towards innovating better designs in order to provide a more comfortable lifestyle for individuals. iRobot has earned its place as one of the leading and award-winning companies in the Vacuum industry. The main objective of designing such robots by iRobot is to make life as easy as it can get for individuals all around the world.

Wow, this robotic technology is going to replace your maids. Unlucky maids! They’re no more going to get any money from your pocket for home cleaning.

Let’s explore iRobot Roomba 665 review 

So why do we actually believe you are going to simply fall in love with this product?

Well, if you ask me! You can say goodbye to those everlasting long hours of continuous scrubbing on rugs, carpets, furniture, and floors. With the all-new iRobot Roomba 665, things are going to simply escalate to a whole different level for you. Roomba robots are programmable machines which can be set to auto-run 24/7.

With iRobot Roomba 665, you can now choose your specific time of cleaning and just turn the machine on. Watch how it makes a clean sweep around the floor of your house, while you can find a cozy spot on the couch and read your favorite magazine.

roomba 665 reviews


The iRobot Roomba 665 is such a handy design that it can easily slide into the dark and dank corners of your furniture. In fact, it can even crawl under kickboards, ceiling tops, couches and other places where normal vacuum cleaners may fail to explore.

In fact, telling these features is so exciting then imagine! how amazing it will be to enjoy these features in real!The iRobot Roomba 665 leaves a spotless floor around your house so your pets and kids can feel safe. It is really useful to provide a meticulous and spotless cleaning for all floor types. All you ever have to do is push the start button on the machine, and that’s it. In our iRobot Roomba 665 review, here is the list of features we believe can come in handy to understand it more clearly.


  • Useful for easy navigation using sensors
  • 3 Stage Cleaning System (Include Brushes and Suctions for different floors)
  • Effective to clean 7 days a week, starts with a push button
  • Dual – Mode Virtual Walk Barrier ensures Robot manage where to clean
  • comes with a Lithium-Ion battery (gives long battery lifetime)
  • The device automatically recharges by docking itself
  • The device is good to avoid pitfalls and stairs
  • Cleaning configuration automatically adjusts depending on the floor type
  • The device is a low profile design and can easily clean furniture, couches, kickboards and more.


This vacuum cleaner is a circular disk shape device with a push button located right at the center of the device. To power up the device, you will have to press the button. The design of the vacuum cleaner is a 3.6-inch low profile design which makes it an easy navigation device. The vacuum cleaning unit stays in contact with the level of the floor effectively and may easily slide underneath areas that are not easily reachable using a normal vacuum cleaner.  It can easily pick up dust, fur, and larger debris.

Look how Roomba 665 can clean in a tight space.


As far as the basic information was concerned we have covered it; however, in this next section of the iRobot Roomba 665 review, we are going to discuss in brief detail what makes iRobot Roomba 665 a standalone champ among competitors. So without further Ado, let’s delve in:roomba 665


iRobot Roomba is one of the most highly recognized technology cleaning brands on the market. This model of iRobot Roomba is one of the few which includes a two brush cleaning system. Both brushes work simultaneously where one is designed to release dirt and while the other to collect it. As the brush function incoherence, they result in giving a spotlessly clean floor and add a layer of extra shine to it.

I can see my face in the floor. What about yours!


How often do you find yourself with dirt becoming a real cause of allergies and asthmas within your respective house? Well, not anymore. The iRobot Roomba 665 includes unique dirt detection sensors which identify areas where dirt is present. As a result, they may hang around the area for a longer time span and will not leave until all the dirt is clean up from the area.


The iRobot Roomba 665 uses a 3 Stage cleaning system using multi-surfaced brushes. It effectively runs a clean sweep of your floor using a high suction power. This enables the vacuum suction to take on the most stubborn dirt clogs in the darkest corners of your room. From small particles to just about any debris, the device is great to perform a 3 stage cleaning process powered by Lithium-ion battery.


In order to keep the brushes intact, the machine includes an auto-adjustable head. The head keeps on moving because it has to keep the contact of multi-surface brushes constantly with a variety of different floor surfaces. The next time you think about cleaning carpets, lamented floors or wood works all at the same time, just turn this machine on and watch how the automatic head keeps adjusting to perfectly clean up.


With iRobot Roomba 665, you can now schedule your cleaning as per your requirement. To perform a manual clean, you can press the ON button or if you are too busy to even go the traditional way, simply preset the time on the machine as per your choice and leave it be. The machine will automatically jump start on the desired schedule to clean the floors as long as up to 7 days a week.


iRobot Roomba 665 is useful to find its way back to the home location and ultimately result in recharging the device on its own. Now, you don’t have to worry how this programmed device is going to find its way back. It will not only find its home base but will also attach itself and recharge so it is always available when your floor needs the next cleaning. With this device, recharging becomes an automated process where you may not have to divert your focus every now and then.


This cleaning device is capable to remove all debris types from different parts of the floor. Surface cleaning is one thing, it will follow the borderline of your walls until every single debris hiding in the very depths of the wall are completely removed. Irrespective of the type of debris, the device is programmed to remove all debris type which any other vacuum cleaner on the market is designed to remove. With iRobot Roomba 665, get a cleaner and sophisticated environment within your personal home settings.


When I said this device is intelligent, it was because the device is programmed in such a manner that it is capable to make 60 decisions per second. The beauty of AI is what makes this device a lot more different than other products. Once fitted within your home, it will easily adapt to your home’s cleaner settings. It will recognize which areas are unsafe and which areas are quarantined. Neither will it fall down a stair nor will it bump into places. All thanks to the Intelligent Navigation system on this device.


Discussing the Roomba 665 review further, here is the complete package of what the iRobot Roomba 665 includes:

  • One iRobot Roomba 665 Vacuum Cleaning Robot
  • 1 Dual Mode Wall Barrier
  • 1 Home Base Charging
  • 2 Cleaning Tools
  • 1 Extra Filter

What else do you expect in a vacuum cleaning package!




  • Highly Durable.
  • Easy to Access.
  • Soft Touch Bumper.
  • Simply Operable.
  • Edge Sweeping Functionality.
  • Long-lasting Battery.
  • Self-Adjustment Controls.
  • Multi Brush System.



  • Lacks a few key features in comparison to the latest models of Roomba.
  • Brushes may require cleaning if hair is involved.

 Beware of warranty claims

Cleaning robots from iROBOT include 1-year limited warranty. Their customer care is great and you can call them for any issue on (877) 855-8593.

The points we’re going to mention below are the reasons that the warranty is no longer applicable. Keep these in your mind while using and keep it safe from your children.

  • Any type of wear or tear
  • Any damage was done from an accident, misuse, neglect, inappropriate handling, fire, water, lightning or other acts of nature.
  • Any sign of battery tampering
  • Using spare or replacement parts not recommended by the manufacturer
  • Not buying the product from an authorized dealer
  • Inconsistent or weak wireless signal strength

The iROBOT team repairs a damaged product as soon as possible. If it requires changing the product or any parts, they change or give you a brand new cleaner under eligible warranty claims.


Virtual Wall Barrier: Optional yet very useful accessory

This amazing accessory increases the boundary of the things a ROOMBA can do. This barrier has two modes.

  1. Virtual Wall Mode: By turning the switch on this device to up, you can make a barrier of 3 meters (10 feet) on an open space. The barrier is invisible to us but ROOMBA can detect it without any problem.
  2. Halo Mode: Turning the switch down enables halo mode. This means the accessory creates a protective zone that prevents ROOMBA from entering. It can set a perimeter of approximately 24-inches from the device.

Be sure to keep this device off when you’re not using by keeping the switch in the middle.


How to clean and troubleshoot your ROOMBA

Most of our troubleshooting lessons are given in the FAQ section. There are two videos given which you’ll find very helping.

For common issues, the manual which comes with the package can help you greatly. Read patiently and you’ll see that your problems are gone without going to a mechanic.

Some cleaning and maintaining tips are given in Pro Tips section. So, instead of reading some boring steps, let’s watch a video on regular cleaning and maintaining of ROOMBA 665.

 Pro tips to make it last longer

Here are some tips by professionals from iROBOT team given so that the unit you bought lasts longer than you expect.

  • You should clean the brushes after each use.
  • You should empty the bin and clean the filter after each use.
  • You should use a virtual wall to stop your device from going to unusual spaces where cleaning errors may occur.
  • You should always keep it on the charging dock when not using.
  • You shouldn’t wait several days before you charge the empty battery.
  • You should remove and store the battery in a cool and dry place if you’re planning a long trip.
  • You should keep your children away from using it as a toy or use outside.
  • You should only use dry cloth for cleaning and shouldn’t pour liquid or spray of any kind.
  • You should make sure that nothing is left on the path of ROOMBA 665. Clothes or power cords may cause problems.


If you are looking for a modern-day vacuum cleaning system with good ratings and customer satisfaction then the iRobot Roomba 665 is an above satisfactory solution. Although, the iRobot Roomba 665 utilizes a preceding iAdapt technology for functioning, yet it is an exceptionally amazing automated clean sweeper for including the latest technology. I hope you enjoyed our Roomba 665 review as this device will clean almost in every specific location of your room. Yet, it may take some time compared to recent models, but thoroughly to get the job done.

When you get this iRobot Roomba 665, please, share your experience too. I will be waiting to know how it worked for your floors and tiles!


We face many difficulties using our smart devices every day. Using iROBOT ROOMBA 665 can also cause dysfunction sometimes. So, here’s some frequently occurred problems faced by customers with solutions.

Q: The app says it can’t talk to my iROBOT, what to do?

Ans: The cause is your cleaner can’t connect to the server. If your WiFi router is off or the network is changed somehow, this may happen your device. Turn on your wifi or modify network settings if needed. Also, make sure that your WiFi signal reaches every corner of your home.

Q: It says error 6, what should I do?

Ans: To solve this issue, all you have to do is move the device to another location and press the clean button to restart the process. If the issue is still there, you should clean the cliff sensors. Here’s a video on how to do it. The same goes for error code 1.

Q: What does error 2 mean?

Ans: Error code 2 means the extractors or brushes can’t turn. To solve this matter, you’ve to clean the brushes. If the issue isn’t solved after cleaning, you should call for warranty or order new parts. Here’s a video of cleaning steps. The same goes for error code 5.

Q: What does error 14 mean?

Ans: It happens due to the problems related to the bin. If the bin isn’t cleared and installed properly, error 14 will occur. You may see that you’re still hearing the msg after cleaning. This indicates that the bin is faulty and needs to be replaced.

Q: What does error 9 mean?

Ans: If your iROBOT’s bumper gets stuck or can’t move freely, error code 9 will keep buzzing until you ensure smooth moving.


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