Who doesn’t want an automated cleaning service within the comforts of their home? Technology has significantly changed the world around us. With the introduction of artificial intelligence in the field of robotics, you can now imagine a world where you don’t require lifting even a finger.

Your smartphones are equipped with applications to control devices with a single tap allowing them to perform their everyday tasks efficiently.Today, we are going to cover the iRobot Roomba 761 review. This model is known as the Zeus among Robovacs. Why is that? Let’s find out in this review… So keep on reading 🙂


iRobot Roomba is an organization which focuses on developing more technology friendly solution for individuals around the world. Back in 1990, iRobot stepped into the market with its first ever robot vacuum cleaning device. Since then, it has successfully created a wide range of products and introduced them to the market as individual series. Every robot of Roomba manufactured up till now is faster, better and unique in its own way. Roomba is one of the most trusted brand when it comes to the robotic vacuum cleaners, they have launched so many robotic vacuums. Roomba 650 and Roomba 880 also one of the best vacuum by Roomba. You can check comparison of Roomba 650 vs 880 here.

iRobot Roomba 761 review:

The iRobot Roomba 761 is one of the pioneers among the 3 infamous floor cleaning products of the 700 series of Roomba Robovacs. Normally, this device is delivered to the user in a carton box fully packed. The box contains the following products included with the cleaning machine:

  • An AC adapter
  • A charging station with remote control
  • 2 extra HEPA filters
  • 2 cleaning tools
  • 2 virtual walls

Sounds like a pretty handy device, like Multi-Process Welder, doesn’t it? Let’s leave the additional parts for your future exploration and study the machine a bit more in depth.

Physical Appearance & Advanced Functionality

On the first look, the device looks like a circular disc with a diameter span of as big as up to 13.9 inches. The whole weight of the product is, more or less, around 8.6 lb. which is approximately around 4 kg. If you are wondering where the device is manufactured? It is manufactured in the United States of America so don’t worry about the products quality; I assure you that it has been designed with complete care.

No problem with a device as big as this roaming around within your home environment? Then trust me, this is the perfect Robovacs solution for your home.

The device contains proximity sensors which keep scanning the room consistently. Imagine a room being scanned at a periodic level of 60 times a second while performing the cleaning operation! That’s what you get when you use a Roomba 761 to clean your floors. Afraid the device might end up bumping into a wall? Not to worry as the device automatically slows down before it comes in contact with one. Chances are high; it might crash and bump into an obstacle.

In case, if it fails to slow down enough in due time, it ultimately results in a soft bump; the machine is completely out of the harm’s way. How come? Because the iRobot Roomba 761 comes with a rubber protective front bumper (a.k.a the ultimate shock absorber)!

Before move on the configuration & feature section we will show you a video about Roomba 761. Let’s watch it. 🙂

Button Configuration on Roomba 761

In this Roomba 761 review, we will also indicate how one can manually operate this floor cleaning Robovacs. You can manually operate it using four more buttons included right beneath the “CLEAN” button.

  • DOCK – This button forces the machine to stop all its cleaning processes and automatically dock onto its homing beacon location.
  • CLOCK – This button allows the user to set the time of the cleaning process as a priority. The machine automatically starts cleaning at the specified time with this option enabled.
  • SCHEDULE – This button allows the user to pre-configure a schedule so the Roomba 761 starts cleaning around your house
  • SPOT – This button allows the user to forcefully direct the machine so it can continue cleaning a specific area repeatedly until it is spotless.

Complete Features

We have also covered the complete feature list in this Roomba 761 review so you can learn what benefits you get once you purchase this device.

  • It comes with a dirt detection technology which operates using sensors.
  • It cleans the floor using a 3-stage cleaning process (pick up dust and debris, use brushes to remove stubborn hairs, and perform a powerful suction to suck up debris)
  • The machine automatically returns to its home base, once the battery runs out of charge.
  • It includes HEPA filters which clear the floors from dust particles as small as 10 microns.
  • You can schedule the cleaning of floors up to 7 times a week.
  • This device is powered by Lithium-ion Battery.
  • The device further includes a remote control for performing functions easily.
  • The package includes two virtual walls which ensure that the Roomba 761 does not wander into unwanted places.



Here you will get the list of its prominent pros:

  • It is a very lightweight technology and you will be amazed to know that its weight is just a few lbs.
  • This vacuum cleaning device can easily move on tiles and wood floors and it does not get stuck on the surface.
  • It is good to remove all the dust and even the hair from the surface. Therefore, if you have any pet at your hair that spread hair everywhere then you don’t need to worry anymore because iRobot Roomba 761 is really perfect to deal with them.
  • The price of this cleaner is very reasonable as compared to many other products and even the results are quite impressive.
  • It is unique in its appearance and it is very easy to handle.

Hence iRobot Roomba 761 is a product that must be there in your hand because cleaning is a basic job that you need to perform daily.



It is a light-weight technology with a lot of functions and an ordinary person thinks that the manufacturer has simply made this product perfect. Anyways, still there are some drawbacks in iRobot Roomba 761 that are the following:

  • Some of its users have found that the paint job of this product gets scratched easily. In order to prevent it, you can coat the top of the bumper with any tape.
  • It may take longer than the vacuum cleaning but it is very easy to clean the areas using this product. Therefore, it doesn’t matter how much does it take. Quality matters a lot and when it comes to the results of its cleaning, those are simply perfect.

Anyways, I Would personally suggest you get this product because it is good to go anywhere and clean all the surfaces like under the bed and other furniture items as well where you cannot even clean manually.

The Automatic Recharge

Moving down to the layout of the machine, first things first! The machine includes a “CLEAN” button located on top of the circular disc structure. It contains a color code. If it turns green, this means that the machine is fully charged. If it turns orange, this means that the machine requires charging. Looking at the bright side of things, you need not worry about the battery going low on the device.

Moreover, why’s that? Because the machine is programmed to relocate its homing beacon, dock itself and recharge before its next run.

Personal Verdict

Living with Roomba 761 is an amazing feeling as it will allow you to put your legs up and enjoy your favorite show during your free time. The mechanism is not only smooth in functionality but it also contains four boundary sensors which ensure that the device does not topple off from high points such as stairs and other pitfalls within the floor.

According to reviews, it has been analyzed as the device which fits best for most pet lovers. If you have pets in your home and you are worried that they shed a lot of fur and hair around, The Roomba 761 makes sure that it pulls out every strand of hair from your rugs and carpets. This makes the device a highly prized possession among keepers and also you can read more details here at Consumer Reports“.


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