Is it a good time to buy a house in Valdosta GA?

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Nestled in the blooming Azalea bushes is a small city Valdosta. This city belongs to the county Lowndes in Georgia. Valdosta has humid summers with wet winters. It is a historical city dotted with Universities, Museums, Water themed parks and the main attractions are the wetlands at the Grand Bay area.

Styles of Homes in Valdosta:
The style of homes in Valdosta, are a balanced mix between ranch and cottage style homes. On an average the size of the homes ranges from 1400 to 2000 square feet. Generally the small homes are built on large lots, ranging from 6000 square feet to half an acre. Each home consists of three to four bedrooms and two bathrooms. Although the homes on the outside appear to be laid back, the layout and the design inside is clean and modern. Since the weather of Valdosta is quite pleasant and is usually warm and sunny,the homes are built accordingly, as they consist of many windows allowing bright and natural lighting. Each area inside the house like the kitchen, family room etc is very spacious as they follow the open-concept. These homes have a minimum of two garages with open driveways. Most importantly they are very suitable for a family of four to six including a pet. The large front and back yards are enriched with healthy green grass and various trees which is perfect for family recreation.

Buying home during Corona

Buying a Home during pandemic:
We are writing this during the ongoing pandemic in the whole world which has affected everyone including the economy. Many of the capital markets have slowed down. One of them is the real estate market.  The transaction of many commercial and private properties has taken a huge hit. Till such time that the recovery measures are being taken by the government of Georgia, nothing much can be done. The banks are also trying to introduce a grace period to pay of the loans. You can contact Mercer Hughes Real Estate Valdosta Ga for any help re buying property in Valdosta, Ga.

Buying a home at this time will come with many restrictions. Even if you get a real estate agent to contact the seller, but due to the guidelines by the government like the social distancing norms you might not be able to tour peoples’ homes as people will be apprehensive to let you in due to the contagious virus. It is not feasible to see the property from outside also, as interiors might not be of your liking or the layout of the rooms will not be suiting your family. The appliances in kitchen may or may not be in working condition. Hence it becomes difficult to finalize the deal without actually getting the feel and vibe of the property. Lots of realtors are offering 3D virtual tours of the sites as everyone is working from home and if you are able to pitch your price the problem will be finalizing the deal as most of the offices that play an important part in the completion of the buying process might be closed. Also, the problem would be the getting the appraisers, contractors etc. to visit the site due to frequent lockdowns. You should be mentally prepared for slowdown in procuring all the documents.

Due to these problems it is better to wait and watch the market trend. To understand the impact on the real estate market in your area, it is best to speak with a local agent who knows the current conditions and restrictions that may be in place. If you are lucky then maybe some distressed properties might open up for sale. Since the uncertainty will prevail for sometime it would be better to move into a rental home. Rental homes are easily available in Valdosta.

Hope the above points will help you in deciding if it is a good time to buy your home in Valdosta GA.

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