Kitchen Remodeling Ideas For Best Kitchen Renovation


When we are in the process of selecting the perfect house for ourselves, apart from the other aspects, the Kitchen is the deciding factor. Sometimes everything seems appropriate except for the kitchen. Do not fret. It is easy to remodel our kitchen with the help of few pointers.

* Family requirement
* Kitchen Layout
* Furniture (cabinets, drawers etc.)
* Tiles, Wall color & Lighting
* Kitchen appliances

Let us elaborate the above topics so as to enable us understand the re-modeling techniques when you are planning your kitchen remodel design.

Family requirement – The kitchen being the center of the house, everyone congregates there atleast for one meal, hence everyone’s opinion should be taken into consideration. Like for example, if someone likes to bake a lot, so we need a good oven and corner for KitchenAid.

Kitchen Layout – First point to consider while deciding on the layout is the space allocated for the kitchen. We have to see the flexibility for the person working in the kitchen.

*Parallel shape: This is the most common type of Kitchen layout and enables us to use both counter tops effectively, like one side can be the sink and the other side the hob.

*L-shape: This kitchen design is all about an easy and modern living style and gives a contemporary look.

G –shape and U –shape: These types of kitchens are new and they maximize using most of the space. We can go for this type of kitchen if we have to use every square inch of the allocated space. But it does get a little crammed up.

Island shape – This can be combined with all of the above shapes depending on the space in the kitchen. The island doubles up as a dining area too. Some high chairs around for seating would go with it.

Furniture: Go for ergonomic kind of layout. Select the material of the cabinets/drawers which are rough and tough , as kitchen is considered as high traffic area hence use that kind of material which can be easily maintained by just wiping with a wet cloth . Decide on the laminates accordingly. Pull-outs should have the best quality channels and should be able to take the load of pots, pans, containers etc. Suggest measuring the height of all containers, mixers and pots and then making the drawers and cabinets. This will enable wastage of space. The counter top material should also be chosen according to quality like it should be heat resistant, chemical free, stain resistant, non slippery etc. The most popular is the granite. While choosing the sink if we have enough space then we can have two sinks, one for washing and the other for draining. Make sure the plumbing is in good condition and the pipes are leak proof.  All the cabinets and drawers should have soft closing hinges. We can also go for a mix of open sideboards and cabinets. Just a tip if we go for L- shaped, then we can make pull out shelves in the blind corners.

Tiles, Wall color& Lighting – Suggest tiling most of the kitchen wall, especially behind the cabinets as this enables keeping the pests like cockroaches, ants etc away . We can use a highlight tile right behind the hob to enhance the beauty of the kitchen design. A task light adds charm to the kitchen, pick one of the low – voltage strips or pucks. The wall paint should be preferably oil paint so that it can be easily maintained.

Kitchen Appliances: Before buying the appliances check out the electrical lines in the kitchen and make a map to maximize the use of the plug points. Let us start with hob, instead of the traditional cook top, go for Induction which uses electromagnetic field to heat stainless steel or cast iron cookware. It is faster and more energy efficient. Install a good chimney over the hob(go for the one with filter so that we can avoid the exhaust pipe).Thedishwasher should be close to the sink. If we have less space on the counter for Mixer and blenders, then keep them in the cabinet closer to the plug points. The microwave and cooking range can be stacked atop each other to save space. The refrigerator should be positioned in such a place which is easily accessible from the living room and in the kitchen. Just a tip, keep a small fire extinguisher handy and let all the family members know of where it is kept. It is good for emergency situations.

Hope the above tips are help in remodeling of the Kitchen.

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