Learn The Benefits Of Bi-Fold Doors

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To start with, let’s go over the advantages of Living Space bi-fold doors.




When you have the right set of good bi-fold doors installed, they give you a really tight seal separating interior and exterior spaces when they are closed. Compared to same-sized sliding or French doors, they limit how much heat flows through. Sliding doors don’t have compressible seals along the top and bottom, since they have to slide over each other. That means they’re more likely to let cold air circulate.




Folding doors are available in many different setups, so you can find something that matches your preferences. In any particular space, you might choose a handful of larger panels or even a half-dozen narrower ones. There are a few various arrangements you can pick from. A classic bi-fold has a concertina of panels that open from one of the sides towards the other. Alternatively, you can also get what are known as ‘French-fold’ makes; these have two concertinas of equal size that meet together in the middle.


Light In Weight


Folding doors, especially the aluminum ones, are very light in weight, making them simple to operate, so long as they have been installed and aligned properly. Their slim profile is very unobtrusive, meaning you can move them back and forth with ease. This is even more true with smaller folding doors that are only several meters wide.


A Pragmatic Choice


Folding doors have one essential benefit over their sliding cousins, given how they can get folded into something very compact. That means you can have a more comprehensive breakdown of the barrier between your property interior and exterior. Sliding doors can’t get collapsed into anything smaller than their smallest panels, whereas folding doors sit to the side, neatly stacked. House-guests can simply move between the garden, kitchen, and living room.


The level of collapsibility you get depends on how many panels are part of your door and how they are specifically arranged. When you reverse the door direction, you can get even more space to either the interior or exterior side of the door.


Minimal Upkeep


You might assume that the tracks, wheels, and complicated mechanisms of folding doors make them more susceptible to breaking down after enough time. You can’t avoid maintenance completely with these doors, but that doesn’t mean much is necessary. Only a little WD40 and some side-to-side rocking usually protect the mechanisms from friction and the accumulation of dirt.


Maintenance needs are further minimized if you get something made from aluminum or uPVC. If you get timber, then you might need routine cleaning, sanding, and oil in order to make them last longer.




At last, we get to the one thing that convinces most people to splurge on bi-fold doors, and that’s how great they look. Many a patio has these as an attention-grabbing centerpiece. They also tend to boost home values where they are installed, making them a wise spending choice.


In Conclusion


As you can see, there are many advantages and benefits to bi-fold doors, ranging from purely aesthetic values to practicality. Consider each of these upsides as you choose what kind of door to install in your own home.

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