Consumer electronics have widely accepted the use of lithium-ion batteries in their products. Likewise, this use has become popular in the vacuum cleaner industry over the last few years. The advancement in technology helped manufacturers to launch cordless Vacuum Cleaners in the market. Such vacuum cleaners have rechargeable batteries. However, it was launched as an innovative product, but soon it became irritating for the consumers as the battery gets discharged while cleaning.

Now, almost every Vacuum Cleaner manufacturer has launched cordless vacuums having rechargeable batteries. The most liked and purchased amongst those are the models which have long lasting battery time to make uninterrupted cleaning possible. These vacuum cleaners include the conventional vacuum cleaners to clean carper even the models which are considered as the best vacuum for laminate floors.

Introduction of Lithium Battery

A lithium-ion battery technology is simply a rechargeable battery which uses lithium ions, unlike the other batteries which come on the market. These ions move in one direction to recharge the battery and in the other to discharge it. This movement usually occurs in the electrodes.

These batteries have different size and shapes as per the requirement of the product in which they are to be used. It is available in almost all type of electronic products e.g.; toys, electrical devices used for engineering purposes, laptops, computers, mobiles, gadgets and home appliances including the Vacuum Cleaners.  However, the principle to charge and store the energy is same for all the shapes and sizes of battery.

The specifications are often specified by the manufacturers of these products to the vendors of the batteries. As mostly, the battery is an outsource manufacturing item.

Components of Lithium Battery

A lithium battery is composed of the following components:

  • Display to show the percentage of battery charge.
  • A light which indicates how much the battery timing is reliable. It is mostly green or yellow in the products. When the battery percentage falls below some specified level like 15% or 20%, the light turns red.
  • A temperature sensor which is there to sense the temperature changes. A battery is reliable up to a certain temperature level. It doesn’t perform at the desired level once it gets over or below that temperature range.
  • Voltage Tap
  • Volt converter to switch b/w 110v to 220v.

Benefits of Having a Clean Environment

How Lithium Battery Works

The interior of Lithium battery generates pressure for a chemical reaction. This also exposes the device to risk. In order to minimize the risk, mostly the outer surface of these batteries is made up of metal to avoid the damages. The outer casing has often a heat exhaust to normalize the internal pressure that is exerted as a result of the chemical reaction. This preventive strategy is aimed is reducing the risk of explosion.

The inside of the Lithium Ion battery contains a positive and negative electrode, and a thin sheet to separate these electrodes. The ions charge in one direction to charge the battery and move in the opposite direction while discharging.

The display of the Lithium battery has a small computer to access the charging. For this reason, Lithium batteries are expensive compared to the other batteries available in the market.  This computer is there to indicate the intensity of charging in order to avoid overheating of the device, such as Vacuum cleaner. It also helps in preventing the waste of energy.

Vacuum Cleaners having Long Battery Time

However, there are several models of vacuum cleaners having the reputation of long-lasting battery timing. Following is the list of a few based on the market research that is considered the best amongst them.

Eufy Robovac11+ Vacuum Cleaner-This is a robotic vacuum cleaner which runs nonstop for almost 100 minutes. It is considered to have the maximum battery timing than any other vacuum cleaner available in the market.

Bosch Athlet BCH625HTGB- It is one of the favorite cordless vacuum cleaners of the customers. It has a long-lasting battery timing up to 1 hour and its suction power is also excellent.

Dyson Absolute V6- This model has a distinctive feature of having great suction power. For long lasting, manufacturers use a Lithium-ion battery in it.

Morphy Richards 732004 – It is available at the affordable rate out there. This product uses an 18volt lithium battery for better suction.

Gtech AirRam – This is another model amongst the favorites of consumers that have a long-lasting run time.

Advantages of Cordless Vacuums

The battery technology has improved in the last few years. Since the introduction of the first cordless vacuum cleaner, people were reluctant to switch to the cordless vacuums. The reason was that the battery timing wasn’t reliable. Afterwards, technology advanced and manufacturers started using Lithium Ion batteries in their models. This really improved the battery timing of the vacuum cleaners.

The cordless vacuum cleaners which use the lithium-ion battery have the following advantages:

  • They have better suction power.
  • They can hold charge efficiently if compared with the other battery types. The use of on-board computer helps to discharge the battery only up to 5% per month. Whereas, the other battery types lose up to 20% discharge per month.
  • In other battery types, it is vital to completely discharge the battery before charging to prevent the decreasing run-time. This is not the case with the Lithium Ion Batteries.
  • The weight of Lithium Batteries is low as compared to the other batteries though they are smaller in size.
  • The battery life is more as compared to the other battery types. You can recharge and drain it more times comparatively.

Disadvantages of Cordless Vacuums

Following are the disadvantages of cordless vacuums:

  • The lithium battery life is only 2 to 3 years. The recharging factor reduces the battery life.
  • The Lithium Ion Batteries are expensive as compared to the other type of batteries.
  • The lithium-ion batteries possess more sensitivity to heat.
  • To improve the runtime, more weight adds to the battery. This results in increasing the weight of vacuum cleaner. Weighted vacuum cleaners are not preferred by the users. They prefer to use low weighted models as they are easier to carry.
  • They aren’t effective for use in janitorial industry.
  • The most important disadvantage of using cordless vacuums is the battery life. Even with the introduction of Lithium-Ion Batteries, Cordless Vacuum Cleaners aren’t considered reliable enough to replace the traditionally corded vacuums when talking about their battery life. Improving the battery timing has always remained a challenge for the manufacturers.


The Lithium Ion Battery technology has been effectively used in the vacuum cleaners to improve the runtime of cordless vacuum cleaners. The cordless vacuum cleaners were not considered as an ideal product by the consumers. Now, the use of Lithium Ion Battery has introduced vacuums with long lasting run time. The Lithium Battery has several advantages over the other type of batteries available in the market. They are low weight, rechargeable up to multiple times and result in better suction power. However, they are expensive and still not ranked as much reliable as the corded vacuums when talking about their runtime. They are not an ideal product to clean the large areas and to be used in the janitorial industry.


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