Looking For Eco Friendly Options To Keep Your Carpets Clean? Here Are Resources And Tips To Try!

Taking care of the planet is a big task, and every little bit helps. Implementing environmentally-conscious cleaning strategies around your home is a simple way you can contribute to an overall greener world. For example, when cleaning your carpet, stick to chemicals and processes that cause the least amount of harm to the environment. Here are a few tips to achieve eco-friendly carpet cleaning with the help of non-toxic substances.


DIY Cleaning Solutions

Plenty of common household items offer a way to clean your carpet while sticking to your eco-friendly goals. The following are a few useful products you’ll likely find in your cupboards. They allow you to take a do-it-yourself path to a cleaner carpet.

White Vinegar. Vinegar is useful for cleaning everything from the kitchen sink to your coffee maker. So, perhaps unsurprisingly, it can work wonders for your carpet as well. Mix a cup of vinegar with two cups of water. Apply this mixture to a sponge, and then blot any stains on your carpet. Expect the area to smell of vinegar until your carpet is dry. Due to the smell, you might want to reserve this cleaning solution for small jobs, rather than larger cleanups.

Baking Soda. Simply sprinkle the baking soda on your carpet and let it sit for a few hours. Baking soda works as a deodorizer, so the longer it remains on the carpet, the more it’ll absorb those unwanted scents. Run your vacuum cleaner over the carpet, and the result will be a fresher carpet. This tip also works for freshening up upholstery. Like vinegar, baking soda is a cheap household tool, so you can use it liberally.

If you’re trying to remove an actual stain from your carpet and not just a smell, follow the same steps as mentioned above. However, mist the baking soda with water before allowing it to sit for a few hours. When you vacuum up the mixture, the stain should lift as well. This tends to work best on non-greasy stains.

Castile Soap. This vegetable-oil-based soap is a versatile tool to have around the house. Using a blender, combine ΒΌ cup of castile soap with a cup of water. The resulting mix can be used to freshen up your carpet.

Cornmeal. So what should you do if you’re dealing with a grease stain on the carpet? Put away the baking soda, and pull the cornmeal out of your pantry. This coarse flour actually provides an eco-friendly solution to your problem. You can use it in a similar manner as you used the baking soda. Just sprinkle it on the area, let it sit for about a half hour, and then vacuum the carpet.

Salt. Most homeowners keep a little salt available in the kitchen for seasoning purposes. It’s also a great carpet cleaner when you’re dealing with red wine spills and greasy stains. Sprinkle it on the wine stain, and let it sit for a half hour before vacuuming it up. Or mix it with rubbing alcohol to rub away grease.

Other Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning Options

Once you move away from do-it-yourself solutions, you’ll need to put a little more research into your available options. Thorough research will ensure you choose an eco-friendly cleaner.

Hot Water Extraction

Steam carpet cleaners use hot water and a cleaning agent to ensure your carpet is free of dirt. Unfortunately, not every hot water extraction process is green. Look for cleaners that are plant-based. This will help you steer clear of ones that may have toxic aftereffects. Because this process involves high-pressure water, your carpet will need to sit for six to 12 hours before it’s completely dry.


There’s no shortage of carpet shampoos on the market. These are useful if you don’t want to make a cleaning solution on your own. However, you’ll need to carefully read each label to find an eco-friendly version. Look for plant-based options, as well as shampoo that doesn’t leave behind too much residue. Follow the product’s instructions, and expect to wait a while for the surface to dry.

Dry Carpet Cleaners

You can find dry cleaners that work similar to the aforementioned DIY baking soda technique. These are low moisture options, so you won’t have to wait too long to use the carpet again. However, they’re often less effective than hot water extraction. Look for organic cleaners to ensure you’re sticking to your eco-friendly intentions.

CLEANPRO Carpet Cleaning System

All-Star Cleanpro relies on an ion exchange principle. The result is a cleaning system that removes stains and odors without affecting the quality of your home’s air. It’s also a low moisture process that doesn’t leave behind any unpleasant residue. The citrus-based formula is organic and biodegradable, so it’s ideal for anyone looking for an eco-friendly cleanup.

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