Maintaining Garage Doors In Winter

Maintaining garage doors is extremely important as the weather can get very extreme in Canada on the days that you are not able to use your garage. It may be cold, wet and stormy outside but as soon as the rains start there is a chance that your doors will get damaged. A lot of people tend to think that they can just repair their doors but in actual fact this is not always the best solution. If you take the time to look after your garage doors in the winter then you can avoid any potential damage that could occur. If you need best garage doors & services visit better built doors

Checking your Doors regularly

You need to check your garage doors on a regular basis and lubricate them on a regular basis. As well as cleaning them you also need to lubricate them so that they work as effectively as possible. There are a variety of different materials that garage doors are made from but the most common material is metal. If you are unsure what type of garage door you have then speak to the manufacturer. They are usually able to advise you on the material your Capital garage doors are made from.

Another important thing to consider when it comes to maintaining garage doors in winter is the hinges. Many doors will actually have two hinges, one at the top of the door and the other at the bottom. This is what allows the door to open and close as well as being closed. However when these hinges start to wear out; they can cause problems as you won’t be able to open and close your door properly.

Most garage doors are made out of wood, so if you are going to use the wooden door, make sure that you treat it properly. Apply an anti-rust agent or stain to prevent any future discolouration. Also keep the hinges clean. If you find that your doors have become very rustic then you may want to treat them with a clear coat of paint. This can help to mask any of the discolouration that has occurred.

You will find that all doors need to have regular maintenance. It is a good idea to get your garage door professionally maintained once a year. Even though it isn’t as frequently used as the doors in your home, it still has to stand up to the elements. By putting it through its paces during the year you will see how well it responds to being walked through, handled, and then packed away for the winter. You can also keep a door kit with you that contains everything you need to maintain it safely.

However, if you choose to take on the task of maintaining your own door, you should ensure that you follow some basic safety tips. Do not work around the door when it is in operation. If you need to work on it while it is open, try to work from either side rather than from the center. Always lock your door whenever you leave the area and always use a safe method of opening it. These are just a few tips to follow when maintaining your doors.

If you need to repair any part of the door, never remove any panels or tracks. You may damage the whole door beyond repair if you start removing parts without first lubricating the parts with an oil-based product. Use only silicone products on the tracks and door trim. Also, be careful when lifting any part of the door and when turning it, especially on the tracks.

When storing your door, it is best to leave it stationary against a wall. Use tarpaulins or other covers to keep snow and ice from forming. Make sure that you check your door at least twice a year to be certain that it is operating correctly. Periodically clean the tracks and hinges to keep them in top shape.

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