Must-Pack Things For Tourist Trip

The world is slowly but surely re-opening for tourism. The Americas (North, Central, and South) and much of Europe are taking in travelers again, especially those that are vaccinated.


If you’re one of those travelers with an itch to once again sightsee and experience different cultures, we have some reminders on which lesser-known items to pack! After all, some of you may have forgotten how to travel given the events of the last year and a half!


These items-to-bring not only apply to international travel, but also domestic US-based travel (in case you’re unvaccinated or still weary of travel). Whether you’re heading to London for a double-decker ride or sticking to the nearby Las Vegas sportsbook and casino, we got you covered no matter the travel location or occasion!


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We’re not sure if you’ve heard, but temperatures are scorching-hot across the world as numerous regions are setting heat records. You can’t blame the sun for all the troubles (cough cough global warming cough), but you can take measures to at least protect your skin against harmful UV rays the sun produces.


Sunscreen has to be atop your packing list. And after a plus-year of mostly staying indoors, we’re sure most people want to tan their skin and be outside again anyway. That’s totally fine, so long as you’re applying sunscreen.


Unfortunately, sunscreen won’t stop the extreme temperatures from making you sweat. There’s no way to avoid heat unless you stay in air-conditioned indoor environments — which let’s be honest, we’re probably all tired of at this point.


Charger Accessories


Those that travel typically like to spend their time out and about — far from their hotel room and car. The one downside of that is access to an electrical outlet is harder to come by. That could spell doom for your tech products, which have a battery that’s probably being drained while snapping pictures and using the GPS amidst your travel.


One solution is to bring a portable charger of some kind. That could be an external brick battery (with USB plug-ins), a special protection case with a second battery built in, or just extra batteries. You’ll want these with you at all times in case your tech dies at an inopportune time.


While we’re on the subject of electrical outlets, though, don’t forget many countries differ in this department. Many use different voltage marks, which means the plugs (and how many holes are in them) can vary. However, you can buy adapters that will easily switch between different socket types.


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Tide To-Go Pens


You knew this one was coming, didn’t you? It wouldn’t be us if we’re not giving you the best tips to stay clean at all times. Well, when you’re on the road, that’s a Tide pen.


These pens fit snug in your pocket or purse. If you have an unfortunate spill on your clothes while out and about, bust out the pen and the stain becomes much less visible within seconds. It’s not perfect, but it at least saves you the trouble of spending your vacay cleaning clothes the more time-consuming way.


Copies Of Identification


One of the few things that haven’t quite yet been digitized are forms of identification. That includes passports, drivers licenses, regular ID cards, etc. You’ll need these just to get on a flight, little less do everyday activities (e.g. drink a beer or exchange money overseas).


Imagine the hassle you’d be in for if you lost one of these cards, or worst, lost each of them? Unfortunately, that happens, mostly due to lost or stolen baggage. We don’t say that to scare you from traveling, but hey, these things happen from time to time.


A possible workaround to this costly issue is to have digital photos of these ID forms in your phone. Now, it won’t work at every single establishment (we’re looking at your airlines), but some will accept it. “It’s better than nothing” is the mindset to adopt with having photo copies.


Alright, that’s our list. You should be all caught up now on travel and the under-the-radar items you’ll need to bring along. Now go ahead and plan your much-needed escape!

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