Not Fond Of Cleaning? 10 Best Cleaning Gadgets At Your Service

Cleaning tasks require a lot of time, energy, and effort. Whether you are considering seasonal cleaning or day-to-day daunting cleaning jobs, it can be quite frustrating. However, there’s just not a couple of things that need to be done, based on different surfaces, rooms, gadgets, appliances, and much more. Lack of dedicated cleaning procedures and techniques can ruin your spring cleaning.

If you want to relax and borrow a helping hand for cleaning, then you can rely on some cool cleaning gadgets. Such clever cleaning gadgets have got your back and can assist you in quick cleaning. Therefore, consider using these high-tech gadgets from the very next cleaning regime to buy yourself some time and comfort.

  • Robotic Mop

Who doesn’t like floors that are squeaky clean? Everyone admires such floors, but mopping floors every day can become hectic, especially when you are busy working. Don’t worry; a robotic mop is here to help you clean the floors.

Whether it’s a simple room or bathroom, it has got all the area covered. The gadget goes zig and zags all around the floor. The smart technology infused in it helps the gadget to sense where to spray water and mop. So, you can pursue time into your hobbies and let the robot mop your floors. This is mostly suggested by cleaning services company Dubai.

  • Power Scrubber

We all are familiar with the stress of cleaning plumbing accessories such as faucets and showerheads. The water stains on the plumbing accessories are very stubborn. Rather than scrubbing them on your own, you can buy a Power Scrubber and let it work for you.

The oscillating head of the gadget moves at a frequency of 60 times each second. It implements that the gadget is capable of cleaning your sinks and faucets at a faster rate. Additionally, it will reach places that you can’t get easily. The brush attachment can be washed in the dishwasher, as well.

  • Robot Vacuum

If you’re looking for a vacuum with high-end tech in-built, then a robot vacuum is just for you. Like a robotic mop, a robot vacuum is designed for thoroughly vacuuming floors. Additionally, these vacuums come with different floor options for perfect cleaning.

On the other hand, such a robot vacuum navigates around different objects. It can run for several hours to help you with a thorough cleaning. Additionally, you can command the robot cleaner through Google Assistant, Alexa, or any compatible voice assistant. Most of them come with an application for remote control.


  • Window Blind Duster

Blinds are usually tough to clean. Want to combat such a dreaded task? All you need is a reliable window blind duster. Well, the duster might vary from brand to brand. Overall, they come with a dual-ended brush or microfiber cloth.

So, you need not use your hand anymore while cleaning the window blinds. Microfiber cloths can easily attract dust and grime. In addition to this, you can easily wash the detachable microfiber cloth whenever you want. (Source: cleaning company  )

  • Brush Spinner

Do you love doing makeup but not cleaning those brushes with foundation, concealer, or blush? Then, we have got a miracle gadget for you. You need not wash those dirty makeup brushes using dishwashing solution and water and squeeze them anymore. Just pour a drop of dishwashing liquid in water and attach your brush to the spinner.

Activate the spinner and it will clean your makeup brushes. You need not wait for hours to dry your makeup brushes, as well. It takes a minute before you can reuse your makeup brush right after cleaning and drying. Besides this, it reduces the chance of growing microorganisms in damp makeup brushes.

  • Air Purifier

Well, the idea of an air purifier might sound too much for a household, but it’s important to maintain a homely environment. Cleaning might not eliminate all the unwanted particles and dust from your home. 

But, a competent air purifier can mitigate the chances of infection and deadly diseases by removing ultrafine particles. Thus, your home remains free from bacteria, viruses, and dust. You can breathe without any hesitation and rejoice in life. Selected air purifiers come with voice assistant technologies, too.

  • Furlifter Brush

Having furry friends around you increases the chance of getting fur everywhere. Well, you can’t stop your pet from shedding. But, you can make your surroundings free from furballs with this smart gadget — The furlifter brush. You can clean furniture pieces such as sofas, beddings, chairs, and rugs.

In addition to this, a Furlifter brush is a handy tool to clean pet beds and curtains. We know the hassles of vacuuming those pet beds and curtains. After collecting the fur from your surroundings and storing it in the base container, you can empty the base. And, it will relieve you from cleaning the furs every now and then.


  • Silicone Dishwashing Gloves

If your dishwasher has gone defective and you’re freaking about washing dishes yourself, try this. Silicone dishwashing gloves have acquired dense bristles that can drive away grime and stains from your favorite plates and other dishes.

However, these are not only useful for doing dishes. You can use them in your bathroom or even in the car. Additionally, the material doesn’t even allow the growth of mildew and bacteria. Create lather easily and wash them whenever you are done. Apart from this, you can use them to clean your pets.

  • Handheld Scrubber

People always complain about dirty floor scrubbing, especially for bathrooms. We can understand your hassles in scrubbing those floors with all your effort. You can minimize your stress by using a handheld scrubber. The bonus point is that — the gadget comes cordless.

You need to charge it up and voilà! You can scrub floors, bathrooms, bathtubs, and every greasy surface you can think of. Additionally, you can extend its hand to fetch hard-to-reach places.

  • How about a UV Sanitizer?

We are aware that the risk of falling ill or catching an infection has become quite phenomenal. Thus, you need to keep your phones sanitized, as well. Invest in a UV sanitizer to cut down all the infection chances. However, don’t forget to use the sanitizer only for recommended periods. Or else, the colour of your smartphone might fade away.

Say goodbye to germs over your phone with these cool cleaning gadgets for you. Improve your cleaning style with all these cleaning gadgets.

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