The Pros & Cons Of Carpet

Should I use carpet? Most of the homeowners struggle with this decision. What type of flooring will be best for you depends on several aspects of your personal choice, lifestyle, health issues, climate, etc.? However, carpeting the floor is not a new trend. There is no doubt that carpet can make your home more comfortable and beautiful. But it will be a wise decision to consider both sides before carpeting the floor. Here are some pros and cons of carpet. You can check it out before taking your valuable choice.


Pros of carpet:

Attractive Appearance and Style

Mats can enhance the beauty of your house by adding color, pattern, and design. If you are tired of your old and monotonous floor tiling, carpet can instantly give your home a new and beautiful appearance. From luxurious to casual, mats can provide you with everything.



Carpets are more comfortable compared to hardwood and titles. For instance, after walking or standing an extended period on a hard floor your body and feet can get achy and sore, but carpet can give you the softer feeling, especially if you are on barefoot. Mat provides soft, comfortable and flexible feeling on feet.


Sound Insulation

If you want a calm and quiet environment in your home, then the carpet will be a better choice for you. The pores of the rug can absorb the sound that will make sure that no music will be created while walking and running on the floor. Moreover, it cuts extra noises that will provide you quiet indoor.


Cost Saving

Carpets are affordable. It is cheaper than any other flooring like wood and ceramic. One of the advantages of using mat is that you don’t have to spend a significant amount of money. It will be within your budget.


Provides Warm Indoor in Winter

Carpet can make your home more comfortable and cozy by giving heat insulation in the winter season. Other flooring gets cold faster and produces unbearable condition. On the other hand, carpet has the ability of heat insulation that can give a warmer environment for you and your children.



Another flooring is slippery, and falls do happen which can be dangerous for children. In this case, using carpet will be helpful for you. It is comfortable and soft for landing.


Cons of carpet:

Stains and Odour Problem

Carpet stains easily. Accidental spills of food and other liquid material can make the rug disgusting and repulsive. It is more difficult to clean out this stain. Sometimes, vacuum cleaner and professional cleaning ca n’t fix it. This is one of the disadvantages of carpets.


Health Issues

As carpets are made from the individual types of synthetic, it can hold moisture. As a result, it takes time to dry. The wet rug helps to grow mites that can spread illness among the family members. People, who have health issues, should consider this problem.


Too Warm for Hot Climate

People living in a warm climate should not prefer carpet as it helps heat insulation. Ceramic or other hard tilings will be more comfortable because they keep the house cooler.


Breeding Ground for Dust and Allergens

Carpet can be the breeding ground for the dust mites and other microscopic insects. If you have asthma and have to keep the home clean and dust free than you have to reconsider the idea of using carpet. The allergens and mites can be hiding in the pores of the rug and cause you a severe health problem. Most of the time, you cannot be able to clean the unseen bacteria hiding in the carpet by only using a vacuum cleaner.


Difficult to Maintain

Carpets will not remain the same and new for years. It can lose its color and beauty. Eventually, it will not make your house look beautiful. To prolong its life you need to clean it so that you can maintain it properly. In that case, you will need professional cleaning which can cost you a lot. So its high maintenance cost should also be remembered before making any hasty decision.


Release Toxic Chemicals

Moreover, carpet releases toxic chemicals into the environment which can be harmful. Mats are manufactured from synthetic, various types of color and dye which contain chemicals. Being used for many years, it could release the toxic chemical.


In short, what types of flooring will work best for you should be based on your personal preferences, your sense of aesthetic and your comfort zone. Carpets are being used for many years which can provide you comfortable and cozy environment. On the other hand, ceramic, wood, and other hard flooring are new inventions which provide modern design, longevity, and low maintenance cost. To conclude, before taking the decision every homeowner should think from his point of view whether carpet will work for him.

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