Review Of ZeroG: The Weightless Vacuum

Whether you’re getting your spring cleaning plans together or just feel the sudden urge to clean up your living space, a vacuum is a must-have appliance. There’s no shortage of vacuums on the market; the trick is finding one that meets all of your needs. A combination of maneuverability, suction power, durability, and easy maintenance makes for an efficient cleaning machine.

ZeroG: The Weightless Vacuum has all of these qualities and more. Take a close look at how each of its features contributes to a reliable and innovative cleaner.


Dust bunnies tend to cluster in the hardest to reach spots – under beds, on the stairs, and in tight corners. So, no matter how powerful your vacuum cleaner is, without maneuverability, it won’t completely get the job done. The ZeroG addresses this issue in several ways.

It’s called the weightless vacuum for good reason. The canister floats on a cushion of air, even as it collects pounds of dirt. It glides across the floor as smoothly as a hockey puck. This makes it easy to guide it from room to room. It also has an automatic height adjustment function. This means the base will rise and fall depending on the thickness of the carpet beneath it. You’ll never have to worry about wheels snagging on the edge of carpeting or corners.

The lack of wheels also means your hardwood floors are safe from any scratches. With other vacuum models, you often have to manually adjust settings to prevent damage to wood flooring.

The head of the vacuum, known as the power brush, has a low-profile design that can squeeze into tight corners and slide under furniture with ease. Side suction allows it to clean as close to baseboards as possible.

When you need to vacuum a more elevated area, such as carpeted stairs or sofa cushions, use the StairPro attachment and complete the task quickly and efficiently. Just guide the attachment along with your hand for deep cleaning.

The ZeroG’s cord is 30 feet long, so if you intend to clean multiple rooms, you won’t find yourself constantly switching outlets to maintain power. Despite its long length, you’ll find it easy to wind the cord up when you’re finished and fasten it neatly to the canister.

Suction power

Carpets and rugs – particularly those with a high pile – give dirt plenty of space to hide. A vacuum with poor suction will simply leave this dirt in place, allowing it to accumulate over time.

The ZeroG offers a twin motor system with enough power to ensure all the dirt is extracted from your carpet fibers. Why two motors? One produces airflow and suction, and the other delivers power to the P5 power brush.

Just because it has multiple motors doesn’t mean it’s a noisy machine. It operates at 70 decibels when the power brush is turned off, and 76 decibels when the power brush is in use. This vacuum is a relatively quiet cleaning tool that you can use without worrying too much about noise pollution.

Easy Maintenance

If a vacuum has little storage capacity, emptying it becomes a chore in itself. You’ll be making constant trips to the garbage can to empty the canister’s contents. ZeroG offers over a 1/2-gallon dirt capacity with a bag that is simple to change (no engineering degree required!).  And even as the canister fills up, it’ll continue to glide effortlessly along behind you.

When it comes time to change the vacuum’s filter, you have a few options. You can order the standard 3-ply paper filter, or opt for the 5-ply Allergen version. Additionally, the ZeroG offers an industry-exclusive (patent-pending) anti-microbial bag which is infused with silver ions. This is the technology used in surgeons’ masks and provides an extra layer of cleaning performance. There’s also a high-filtration cloth bag that serves as backup, as well as a charcoal-impregnated motor prefilter. Together, these features result in a multi-stage filtration system that helps keep your rooms looking spotless, whether you’re dealing with carpet or bare floor.

The canister is easy to carry- weighing less than nine pounds- and compact enough to fit comfortably in a closet when the job is done.


Durability is one last factor you’ll want in an ideal vacuum. If a product has a short lifespan, all of its other features are just short-term conveniences.

The ZeroG has “Smart Module” technology that protects it from overloading. If the power brush encounters a large object that it can’t handle, it’ll instantly turn off. It’s a feature that’s intended to prevent the belt from burning out, so simply remove the object that’s jamming the intake and get back to your cleaning routine.

The twin motor system has a long lifespan, and the other components are also built to last. For example, the adjustable telescopic wand is made of stainless steel, as is the articulated elbow. The power brush itself has durable horsehair bristle attachments that stand up to everything from the usual clumps of dust to Christmas tree needles.

If the quality of the components aren’t enough to ease your mind, the ZeroG has a 30-day money-back guarantee and a two-year product warranty, “bumper to bumper”.

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