Review Of Dyson V6- 2021

As quoted in many Dyson V6 reviews, “Dyson” is a new player in the vacuum cleaner industry. Yet, it has manufactured a wide range of pretty looking machines that are extremely affordable. The Dyson V6 is a new release from the brand. It has received a fresh finish, interesting accessories and a major change in price. When compared to other stick vacuum cleaners, V6 is a great deal. It ensures solid performance and is better than before.

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Before you decide to invest in this sleek red rod, you must be clear with its features, specification, benefits, and drawbacks.

In this post, we have gathered everything you need to know about the Dyson V6.

Dyson V6 Review:

Product Features and Specs

Notable features of the Dyson V6 are:

  • Dyson V6 is cordless, ultra-weightless and cyclonic. The vacuum cleaner is designed with a dustbin, a motor and several cyclones. It weighs less than 5 pounds and is incredibly portable.
  • The brand sells V6 with attachments like an extension wand. When compared to previous models, the number of attachments in V6 has dropped. However, the vacuum cleaner is still one of the finest in the market.
  • The key selling point of the Dyson v6 would be its 10-inch cleaning nozzle. The cleaning nozzle handles low furniture in style. When compared to other brands and models, V6 boasts of a wider base.
  • This model has an on-off switch that helps in reducing energy wastage and improving battery life. You can trigger the vacuum cleaner on when it is near debris. This design is much better than running it continuously. The trigger is highly responsive.

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  • The Dyson V6 features a blue indicator. The indicator flashes a signal when the battery is running low.
  • The brand is extremely confident about its cordless design. It is an impressive design that boosts the overall performance of the vacuum cleaner. When tested against other upright vacuum cleaners, v6 is high in performance.
  • The v6 features a powerful motor that spins more than 100,000 times in a minute. Dyson claims that the brand converts air in two different modes: boosted (100 air watts) and standard (28 air watts).
  • Dyson’s ball technology enhances its usability. Hoover claims that the model offers improved maneuverability. This can be attributed to its light weighted nature. Most of the weight will be on your hand. This makes moving the machine simple. With attachments, the weight gets distributed evenly.
  • All attachments of the Dyson V6 gets snapped and locked into place with just a push of a button. Even the bin empties in few seconds. It was Dyson’s creativity and intuitiveness to include a wall/charging dock in the v6.

Let’s watch a video about the unboxing & demo of Dyson V6 model:


Look how Dyson V6 perform for hair cleaning:

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  • Most customers admire the Dyson V6 for its accessories. This vacuum cleaner is loaded with many impressive accessories. These accessories help in tackling a wide range of jobs.
  • The motorized cleaning head is an important v6 accessory. The head is designed especially for carpets. When compared to normal motors, this unit is extremely powerful.
  • The v6 comes with bristles that can be used to clean delicate areas easily.
  • The Dyson v6 ensures adequate battery life. The 0.4 liters battery is more-than-enough for flats and homes.
  • The vacuum cleaner is absolutely quick! In less than 20 to 30 minutes, you can clean an entire home. This makes the v6 an ideal gear for small flats and homes.
  • Though cordless, the vacuum cleaner is effective and powerful as the corded ones. It cleans just like a high duty vacuum cleaner.
  • You can handle the entire machine with a single hand! This is because the vacuum cleaner is extremely light. Moving the vacuum cleaner is both simple and effortless.
  • Another reason to buy the Dyson V6 would be for its versatile nature.
  • It is highly energy efficient. You can use the v6 without worrying about wasting energy or high utility bills.



  • Unfortunately, there are few drawbacks you must be aware of:
  • As mentioned previously, this vacuum cleaner is meant for cleaning small homes and flats. If you wish to clean a bigger property, you need something bigger and more powerful.
  • The dust capacity of this vacuum cleaner needs to be improved. Some customers find the 0.4-liter dust capacity insufficient. If you want to clean a bigger home, you must opt for a primary cleaner and not the V6.
  • On large particles, the Dyson V6 lacks performance.
  • This vacuum cleaner loses miserably to Oreck Touch! It doesn’t handle pet hair like a professional model. You have better models to handle cheerios and pet hair.
  • There are very few accessories with this model. Though cheap and efficient, the brand could have offered more accessories and attachments.
  • If you are looking for a primary upright vacuum cleaner, V6 might not be an ideal option. But, it is better than models like the Linx. Also, it is priced around 300 USD, which is definitely worth your time and consideration.


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Product Description

Dyson V6 is a wonderful vacuum cleaner that crams raw power into a small machine. The V6 is compact but extremely powerful. Dyson V6 is definitely a resilient and a reliable option. When it comes to performance, V6 is definitely ahead of many other primary brands and models. It is a top end product with gripping power, a flawless motor, and an efficient battery. With just a press of a button, you will be able to clean anything and everything. Experts believe that the Dyson V6 is touch sensitive.

A key selling feature of the Dyson V6 would be its lightweight. In fact, your little ones can use and move the vacuum cleaner easily. You can lift it to clean both tall and lower surfaces. Indeed, this is one of the world’s lightest vacuums.

A major way V6 differs from other cordless vacuums is through its “post motor filter”. The brand claims that 99.97% of dust and dirt particles can be prevented from escaping the vacuum. This makes the V6 ideal for homeowners who are allergic to dust. The filters are easy to remove and clean too!

Benefits of the Dyson V6

Incredible benefits of the Dyson V6 are:

  • The vacuum cleaner features a direct drive cleaner head. The head is designed to dig into carpets and stubborn places with more dirt.
  • This vacuum cleaner is powerful, small and light.
  • When compared to animal vacuum cleaners, the V6 features 150% more bar power
  • When compared to cordless stick vacuum cleaners, the Dyson V6 has double suction power.
  • This vacuum cleaner features a cyclone technology that can capture fine dirt particles.
  • Experts consider the V6 as a hard floor cleaner. It can dig deep and remove stubborn dirt crevices.
  • This mini carpet cleaner proves to be useful in homes and cars. It is a perfect tool for removing dirt and dust from car seats.
  • As mentioned previously, this vacuum cleaner is capable of reaching places that are too hard to cover.
  • The handheld cleaner makes cleaning floors and ceilings extremely simple.
  • Storing the Dyson V6 is extremely simple. You can store it away in any safe docking station as it gets charged.
  • The vacuum cleaner is shipped in a variety of colors.
  • You can vacuum the following surfaces using the Dyson V6:
    • Sofa
    • Beds
    • Remove all kinds of dirt and dust particles from hard floors
    • Remove all kinds of dust and hair particles from your car seat


On the whole, Dyson V6 is a performance-oriented vacuum cleaner. It makes 110,000 revolutions in 60 seconds. As a result, the vacuum cleaner generates a power of 100 air watts. This is an incredible amount of suction for a vacuum cleaner that is as small as the V6. The entire vacuum cleaner is carefully built upon the cyclone technology. This technology is available in Dyson’s primary vacuum cleaners.

Whether you are battling a stubborn kitchen spill or a stain on your carpets, the V6 can handle it all! It picks fine dust and dirt particles with a single sweep. The vacuum cleaner will ensure that the floors look perfect and shiny in few minutes. It delivers results that are equivalent (or rather better) than conventional brush head and corded vacuums.

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