Roomba 860 Review-The Complete Guide

Gone are the days when everything had to be done manually and even people had a lot of time to spend on cleaning their homes. These days, everyone is busy in many other important things and it becomes difficult for a person to manage the cleaning tasks. If all the people in your home are working and no one stays at home then it is not even possible to hire anyone for cleaning because you cannot hand over your home to anyone. Therefore, considering the busy routine of the people, an amazing cleaning technology has been introduced that can work even more than your expectations. The product is named as Roomba 860. For your satisfaction, you can go through iRobot Roomba 860 reviews and you will come to know that this product is seriously awesome for cleaning the carpets and other room areas. Not only you will find this technology simple to use but in fact, you will find it very smart, intelligent and useful. Therefore, let’s learn about it and then try it!

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Reader’s lets move on Roomba 860 Review

Product Features and specifications:

Roomba 860 reviews claim that there are remarkable features of this vacuum cleaning product. If you want to explore what exactly are its features then here you go:

Lithium-ion battery- there is lithium ion battery installed in it that is very powerful. You will be happy to know that this battery works to deliver up to 2 times the battery lifetime. Don’t you think this feature is great and you can use Roomba 860 for many years without the fear of changing the battery again and again!

Easy settings- there are two types of setting in Roomba 860 vacuum cleaner. You can either schedule it for 7 times per week or you can simply press CLEAN on the robot every time. It is really a convenient and easy to use technology because of its simple settings.

Tangle-free extractors- the tangle-free extractors installed in this product are useful for preventing the clogging of debris and hair. There are some vacuum cleaners in which these things are clogged and so the further cleaning is affected badly. Anyways, you will not face this issue in Roomba 860.

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3-stage cleaning system- there is Aero Force 3-stage cleaning system in Roomba 860 vacuum cleaning device. With this system, you get 50% more performance while cleaning your carpets and other areas.

IAdapt navigation- this navigation system makes use of full suite of sensors. This navigation detects all the dirt and dust from the floor and makes it easy for you to clean them.

HEPA filter– another important feature of this vacuum cleaner is the built-in HEPA filter that is good to trap allergens together with dust. This filter is used to keep the air fresh and clean and there is no risk of any allergy that may spread because of pets or pet hair.

All the features of Roomba 860 vacuum cleaner are simply amazing. In fact, Roomba 860 reviews show that this product is very simple to use and it really worth.



Want to know why someone should prefer to choose Roomba 860 and how it can actually serve? There are the following main pros of this vacuum cleaning product:

  • HEPA filter technology built in this vacuum cleaner is amazing. It promotes the freshness in the air and it prevents the allergies that may occur because of pet hair.
  • This vacuum cleaner is simple to use and it can collect all the teeny tiny particles of dust, debris, dirt and hair.
  • There is a very special function of this product that is virtual wall barrier. Because of this function, iRobot Roomba 860 stays within the boundaries of a specific room that you want to clean. The halo mode of this function works to keep the product away from sensitive items like pet bowls or other glass items.
  • You can schedule the product for seven days in a week. In this way, it automatically cleans the scheduled area even if you are not at home.
  • It goes over the dirt many times and it is used for thorough cleaning. Advanced dirt 2 technology further assists the proper cleaning of carpets and other surfaces.
  • The product has very simple operations. You don’t have to follow complex procedure but all that you have to do is just press the clean button and there you go!



You will be very happy to know that Roomba 860 reviews don’t show any major cons and even side effects. This robotic cleaning technology has become much popular over the course of time and it is because of its outstanding and simple functioning. Anyway, still, there are some areas where the company could improve this product. Here we have a look at some of the drawbacks of this product:

  • Beyond emptying the dustbin, the maintenance of Roomba 860 is also very important.
  • You can schedule it 7 times for the whole week but you may not schedule it for twice a day.


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Anyways, these are just the minor things. If you want to clean the floor are in a simple way then you must try out this advanced and robotic vacuum cleaning technology.

We managed a video review for you 🙂

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Where to find Roomba 860?

According to Roomba 860 reviews, buying this vacuum cleaner is a very simple task because people don’t have to visit the markets. You are familiar with all the features and functions of this product. All that you have to do is to make a few clicks and there you go! You would already be familiar with Amazon online store that is so trustworthy. You can confidently place your order at Amazon clicking on the link. You will get this product within 2 or 3 working days. When you will try to place an order there, you will have to fill in some simple details like your name, address, etc. Keep it in your mind that Amazon is a highly professional store and you must provide true and authentic details while placing the order in order to avoid unnecessary delay in its delivery. You can even know about the warranty time offered by Amazon over there.

Benefits of Using Roomba 860:

There are in fact many benefits of Roomba 860 and I think one must have this advanced and intelligent cleaning technology at home. The most important benefit of this product is virtual wall barriers that keeps it within the set boundaries and does not let this device to go outside the room. It has made my mind very relaxed regarding cleaning of the carpets and floor area. I just schedule my iRobot Roomba 860 for seven days a week and then I forget about cleaning because this product performs the entire job itself. It is a smart and low profile design that is compatible to clean the areas under furniture like bed, sofa and kickboards. In fact, all the features and the functions of this product are pretty awesome; its simple design, the simplicity of its operations, automatic charging of its battery, everything is just awesome! Because of these unique features, Roomba 860 has earned the reputation in a very short time and everyone is reading Roomba 860 reviews to know about its effectiveness.


Now you have come to explore all the features, pros and cons of Roomba 860 and you would also have realized that it is the best vacuum cleaner to choose to make the cleaning job much easier. Roomba 860 reviews show that it is better as compared to many other expensive cleaners that perform the same job. the most advanced systems have been built-in in this vacuum cleaner like HEPA filter, tangle-free aero force extractor, dirt detect series 2 technology, etc. Therefore, you will find this product really perfect and your cleaning task will become super simple. Therefore, in this age when everyone has a lot of things to manage and no one has enough time for spending a lot of time in cleaning, Roomba 860 has become a must-have tool that works like your companion while performing the cleaning task.


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