Shark Cordless Vacuum Reviews

Floors are probably one of the key factors that tell about the abilities of a woman related to maintenance of the house. If floors are dirty, guests will get a negative impact about the women of house. Therefore, every woman wants to keep her house clean, in order to impress her guests that how much she takes care of her house. However, keeping the house neat and clean requires too much hard working. They may ask the husbands who may have cleaned the home in the absences of their wives. To overcome these difficulties, there is a need of an efficient and reliable vacuum, cleaner in the house. This will make easy the cleaning of the floor, furniture as well as cars, etc.

There is a variety of vacuum cleaners in the market with specific quality and varying features. Every brand says that its vacuum cleaners are the best and have a higher quality and better specifications than its competitors. Among the several top and established brands, I will prefer Shark Vacuums among all other known brands. Definitely, Shark is one of the top brands, but it is difficult to choose the specific one for you. I will provide several Shark cordless vacuum reviews to help out anyone who wants to purchase the best one among several vacuums made by Shark Ninja.

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To save lots of your valuable time, we’ve added here a quick comparison chart. Let’s talk a little about our listed 5 shark cordless vacuum to give you a quick idea.

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Why Shark Cordless Vacuum Cleaners?

Shark as a brand is not old many years ago unlike its competitors like Bissell and Hoover; however, Shark managed successfully to make room for it and is one of the top brands. The efficiency, reliability, and cost-effectiveness are the features of Shark Vacuums that made easier for Shark to attract customers and make them its loyal ones. Shark also sells the kitchen appliances which are very popular, so it is good for the husbands not to bring their wives with them while purchasing the cordless vacuums because their wives will insist to purchase other reliable household items of Shark.

They can clean very quickly, deeply and are more productive among all the recognized types of vacuum cleaners that you usually have at homes today. By purchasing cordless vacuums of shark will make your wife happier, as it will enable her to clean the house in a shorter time while losing minimum energy. Cordless vacuum are efficient and become they usually came up with backup batteries, which provide the user can easy to take them outside the home for cleaning purposes, there will be no need of charging continuously as well as no need of charging plug. To choose the best one for you, I have made some suggestion by exploring the features, pros, and cons of top 5 shark vacuums; you can choose the one that suits you.

A person feels confused to get the smartphone if he is provided with hundreds of them. Similarly, you may have confused that which one of all the top vacuum cleaners will be better for you. Among several types of vacuums, cordless are the best ones and I have collected information about top 5 brands. Therefore, it will be easier for you to get the appropriate one. Here are these 5 top brands:

Top 5 Shark Cordless Vacuum Cleaners:

  1. Shark ION Flex 2x Duo Clean IF201
  2. Shark Navigator Freestyle SV1106
  3. Shark Pet Perfect II Hand Vacuum (SV 780)
  4. Shark Rocket Power-head  Vacuum Cleaner AH401
  5. Shark Cordless Pet Perfect Hand Vacuum (SV66)

We discuss these top 5 choices below in detail while exploring their features, specification, pros, and cons which will help you in selecting the most appropriate one.

Let’s discuss Shark Cordless Vacuum Reviews:

1. Shark ION Flex 2x Duo Clean IF201:

It is a reliable and most effective vacuum with features of manual mode, easy grip, advance DUO-clean technology along with several other important features and accessories. It has warnings that warn you that what can affect the vacuum, its working and how you can utilize it to get the desired output. These warnings are very effective and helpful in enhancing the useable life of the vacuum cleaner. Several Technological advancements are one of the specialties of this unit, like 2X ION power pack system and multiflex technology, which enhances its utilization life and smooth working.

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Charging ability while operating: We have tired of charging our smart ones. We bear irritation when we purchase by mistake a smartphone whose battery drains out at a fast rate. Same is the case with vacuum cleaners, but it is enough now. Thanks to The ION-Flex 2x Duo-Clean IF201 ION Power Pack, which enable us to work for long hours? There is a facility for changing the batteries, as one extra battery comes up with the vacuum cleaner. You can even replace an exhausted battery with the charged one, which enables you to work continuously. Therefore, this vacuum cleaner can be a source of building the trust of husbands over their wives that they can perform all the specified tasks with responsibility.


Rotating Stick for cleaning the Furniture: Powerful mmulti-flexis another feature which makes this vacuum cleaner best one among the top 5 vacuum cleaners in my list, having the ability to rotate. This enables it to turn out in any desired direction for most effective cleaning of all the surfaces where you apply it. You will love to use it.


Easy Storage: You can store it at any place, after separating its parts. This results in covering a small place for storage.


Pocket Mode: It is another appealing feature, which makes this vacuum cleaner superior of others. You can turn on the pocket mode for working outside like car and furniture which provides you the same as it provides you on the floor and carpet.


No mercy for dust: A powerful vacuum cleaner is good to remove every type of dust from all type of surface. You can rely on this vacuum cleaner for expecting that the unit will show no mercy for dust and get a cleaned shinning surface.


Separate Modes: It has the ability to switch on appropriate mode for various surfaces. For working on carpet, use the appropriate one like motion mode while cleaning the ornament and furniture may require cover mode.


Brushes for deep cleansing: For making your carpet and other surfaces to look like the new one and to deep clean every millimeter of any surface, you have the choice pick DUO Clean IF201. It comes with different brushes specifically for different surfaces to clean them and make them like the newly bought ones.

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Some General Specifications:

The specifications are stated below:

  • Color: Blue
  • Product Dimensions: 4 x 13.4 x 45.9 inches
  • Product weight: 7 pounds
  • Shipment weight: 15 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Shark Ninja
  • Item Model number: IF201



  • Innovative Multi-FLEX technology means easy access under the furniture and takes into account that the vacuum remains alone when not in use without being supported by the wall.


  • Manual mode offers cleaning at almost all surfaces, including furniture, car or floors, etc.


  • Presents Shark’s prestigious Duo-Clean technology, which uses both a corner brush and a fine brush that cleans the carpet deeply and also gets bigger pieces of dirt and tidy


  • Easy buttons, which makes it convenient for using easily


  • The non-allergenic multi-purpose pet tool provides deeper cleanliness to pets with pets and allergy sufferers


  • Two removable and chargeable batteries can be exchanged.



  • One of the more expensive cordless vacuum cleaners on our estimate, even though it’s most important features guarantee the strongest price of the sticker.


  • It is possible to charge only one battery at a time, which means that it is necessary to replace it physically as soon as it is charged


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2. Shark Navigator Freestyle SV1106

The second top vacuum cleaner in my list of top 5 ranked vacuum cleaners is SV 1106. It is a small sized unit which requires small storage area but cleans more than the large ones. If you are living in an area, where every inch is costly, you can buy this vacuum to save your cost on purchasing as well as storing it.

Shark is an organization with the ultimate goal of providing things that are inventive, user-friendly and easy to use and that have an extremely aggressive award. Their Chief Executive Officer, Mark Rosenzweig, was vigorously vigorous to lead his team in creating both historical and innovative subjects with incredible impetus for their clients. As these objectives have been met, organizations have quickly found a high position in a home business, including vacuuming.

The Freestyle Navigator undoubtedly meets the goals Shark proposes and offers consumers a resource of lesser value. The truth is that the Freestyle navigator has been awarded the best hair vacuum. Shark cordless vacuum reviews say that the shark also included other consumer-oriented services. The Freestyle Navigator is equipped with top-of-the-line guidance that takes into account the phenomenal control and easy movement of the furniture.

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Small Size: It is of small size and can easily be stored everywhere. Due to its small size, it can be transported from one place to another.


Large coverage area: Like among others, it has the ability to cover almost all types of surfaces for heavy and deep cleaning.


Enhanced Working Ability: Although it is a small sized vacuum, its dust cup is large enough to keep working without worrying that the dust cup will become full after some time with dust and particles.


Lightweight: It possesses very small weight. It is a small-sized and effective unit, resulting in a lightweight vacuum cleaner. Therefore, you don’t feel difficulty to bring it along anywhere.


Warranty: One year warranty is provided in the case of this vacuum cleaner.


Chargeable battery: The battery is chargeable as it is one of the Shark top Cordless Vacuum Cleaners. The battery has a long working life. A special charger is provided with this vacuum cleaner to charge the battery and keep the life of battery long enough.


Pet Hairs Removed: The different sized brushes enable it to suck all of the hairs of your pet adequately. The brushes help all the particles and extracts appropriately.

Some General Specifications:

  • Color: White
  • Product Dimensions: 5 x 9.6 x 46 inches
  • Item weight: 5 pounds
  • Shipping weight: 8 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Shark Ninja
  • Item Model number: SV1106



  • Lower value


  • Compact and lightweight for easy replacement and capacity


  • Two-speed brush roller that allows use on the cover and exposed floor


  • Powerful engine and suction, which is extremely powerful for animal hair


  • Very clean glass that drains effortlessly


  • Equipped with blade rotation


  • A precision charger that serves as a docking station



  • Less able than visible vacuuming


  • Can prefer a more adaptable charging alternative


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3. Shark Pet Perfect II Hand Vacuum (SV 780)

Shark Pet SV780 is another Cool handheld vacuum that is very useful to remove pet hair from bare floor and carpet. There is no need of any maid for cleaning the house. This unit will work more than a sweeper and you do not need to ask again and again and pass on instructions for cleaning your home. One of several well reputed vacuums, SV 780 is the one who got enough attention and familiarity this vacuum is specifically designed to collect the hair of the pets that are usually not fully sucked by other vacuums.

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This vacuum cleaner will make you happy and your wife smiling, as it is light weighted having steering that can be rotated in any direction for deep cleaning. It can reach those areas which are usually hard to reach and cleans smoothly those particular areas by using its different brushes. It has a battery of 18 volts, which enables the unit to work for 16 hours.


Long Reach: Now you can reach easily your edges, corners, and stairs.SV 780 can reach the areas where an ordinary vacuum fails. It can clean those areas effectively.


Better Sucking capability: SV 780 is a powerful vacuum which is used for sucking each and every particle on all types of floors, walls, and carpets. As a result, guests will surely admire the housewife for her hardworking, thanks to SV 780.


Strong Battery Life: Several cordless vacuum cleaners have strong batteries, but SV 780 has the powerful one. Its battery stays alive for almost 16 hours, once charged. It reminded my keypad mobile’s battery.


Convenient Storage: It can be mounted on a wall or placed on the floor after usage.

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Some General Specifications:

The specifications of this cordless vacuum cleaner according to Shark cordless vacuum reviews are as follows:

  • Color: Gray
  • Product Dimensions: 6 x 15.7 x 6.1 inches
  • Item weight: 25 pounds
  • Shipping weight: 76 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Shark Ninja
  • Item Model number: SV 780



  • Long lasting battery


  • Long reach


  • Easy maneuverability


  • Easy to empty dust cup



  • Takes a while to charge


  • Noisy


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4. Shark Rocket Power-head Upright Vacuum Cleaner AH401

In this research for finding the best one, AH401 is a convenient, cordless and productive one it means husbands will not be asked again and again by her wife to plug the wire of vacuum again and again. This will result in saving the time for each other, which was once spent on plugging the wire into the switch. There are two interchangeable brushes, one is for gentle cleaning and the other one is for hard and deep cleaning. Therefore, no surface can feel that it cannot be cleaned by vacuum cleaners.

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Versatility: It has a large brush that works by a built-in motor. This brush is very helpful in sacking the food parcels, pieces of a broken glass and even other residues of various products. It is specifically good for use on the carpets rough, hard floors and large area converges. The brush can reach to the surface where ordinary vacuums cannot. The other brush is for general cleaning.


Easy Handling: It works easily as it is average weight and cordless.


Speed setting Button: The unit has two-speed modes that you can adjust according to the surface area.


User-friendly and convenient: The battery can work for 90 minutes after full charge. It is a bagless vacuum and you can discharge it even without making your hands dirty. The women will definitely like this features, as it will reduce their spending on using various creams after cleaning their houses.

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Some General Specifications:

Want to get the list of its general specifications! Well, here you can get to know about these things:

  • Color: Green
  • Product Dimensions: 1 x 7.8 x 32.6 inches
  • Item weight: 7 pounds
  • Shipment weight: 6 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Shark Ninja
  • Item Model number: AH401



  • Strong Sucking


  • Capable of sweeping stubborn debris


  • Button operated speed


  • Wider base with edge-to-edge abounds


  • Handle that can to a great degree lean back to get hard-to-achieve places


  • Fast cleaning



  • Corners and edges are not clean effectively



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5: Shark Cordless Pet Perfect Hand Vacuum (SV66)

SV 66 possesses the advanced Twister Cyclonic Technology, which makes it appropriate for cleaning the hairs of the pets and you can use it on any surface. It has speed settings that can be useful on using different surfaces same surfaces need fast-moving burst while other required slow speed for powerful cleaning. It has a battery that offers a long-run time like the key-pad phones. Due to its small size, you can use it where you need it, like cars, etc.

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Convenient Charging: SV 66 is the vacuum cleaner that provides the facility for convenient and easily charging having 12-volt batteries. There is a precision indicator which tells about the remaining battery and time required to recharge fully.


Coverage of Various Surfaces: The SV 66 of Shark can clean the surfaces from floor to ceiling of your house and hairs of the pets.


Portable: Its light weight enables the user to move it anywhere needed.


Bag-less Large Dust Cup: If you often have to clean your whole house and there is a lot of dust, particles, and garbage, then you have to buy SV 66 of, as it has a large dust cup. Therefore, you will have no need to stop cleaning and dispatch the dust cup and remove the garbage again and again for forth cleaning.


Washable Filter: Filter of this particular vacuum can be washed after you have done the cleaning.


Turning ability: It has the turning ability which provides you the ease of usage and the ability to clean the surfaces without putting too much effort.

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Some General Specifications:

The specifications of this cordless vacuum cleaner are as follows:

  • Color: Black and Gray
  • Product Dimensions: 55 x 4.61 x 6.14 in
  • Item weight: 5 pounds
  • Shipping weight: 35 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Shark Ninja
  • Item Model number: SV 66



  • Fantastic battery life


  • Light Weight and portable


  • Its large dust cup removes the need for constant emptying


  • Cordless freedom



  • Struggles with deep fabric carpets but performs well on bare floors


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How to choose a vacuum cleaner?

We know like all humans have separate traits. Some are efficient and hardworking; some may be intellectual but lazy. Similarly, each vacuum has its own features, advantages and disadvantages as well as particular specifications. For whom who want a light weighted unit l, can choose the appropriate one according to his needs and wants. If you require a vacuum cleaner that can cover a huge surface area at a time, than go for the vacuum having large brushes. Battery may be the major factor for purchasing a vacuum cleaner for some people. Rotating ability and huge dust cup may be the requirements of someone. There may be some consumers who prefer reliability and cost effectiveness over other features. So, one can choose the appropriate one according to his needs and demands.

Cordless vacuum cleaners have been available for quite a while, however, finished the previous couple of years, enormous improvements have been made to the market. There are currently huge amounts of various models accessible, with each model offering different focal points and inconveniences. Thus, on the off chance that you are the market for a cordless vacuum cleaner this implies you have a troublesome choice to make, because of the immense measure of choices that you need to look over.

My personal verdict:

After going through 5 Shark cordless vacuum reviews, I will recommend the IF 201. I am using it and a fully satisfied consumer of it. It saves my precious time and covers almost all types of surfaces by utilizing its different sized brushes; they can reach from floor to ceilings. In addition, it has the ability to collect and suck all the particles, hairs of pets and dust deeply that other vacuum cleaners may not do so. It is cost-effective, as in this range of price you cannot expect such features in a vacuum cleaner. This vacuum cleaner is convenient in usage. Its long battery life and an extra battery make it superior to other vacuum cleaners.

My wife is very happy, so you can expect that how much this vacuum cleaner is efficient and reliable that a woman is happy with it. This is a cordless stick vacuum, with a very sturdy design. Due to the fact that it is cordless, its battery must be charged however this vacuum has an amazingly long lasting battery life. The vacuum can last you many years if properly maintained – maintenance is extremely easy with this vacuum.


There’s such a wide variation of cordless vacuums and everybody has their own preferences, therefore it’s extremely difficult to tell you what the “Best Cordless Vacuum Cleaner” is. Yeah, I think cordless vacuum cleaners are the best. The first thing is they are portable, which makes them easier to carry. Specially, they are best for car vacuuming. If you have to vacuum a large space then you should go for something powerful and I must say go for cordless!

Cordless vacuums make cleaning more accessible and reduce the “inertia” of vacuuming your floors. If vacuuming is as simple as pushing a button and there isn’t any unwinding a cord, finding an outlet, then rewinding the cord, then you’re going to find yourself vacuuming more often. Some cordless vacuums even mount to a wall, which means you can place them near high traffic areas or where messes are common and simply grab and go.

Many of these products come with a lithium-particle battery, which will offer negligible power and a brisk charge time. Presently, as you understand, these vacuums are not appropriate for cleaning up to a great degree vast space, but rather they are ideal for spot cleaning or for little pads and lofts. I have been facing a lot of problem in finding an appropriate vacuum cleaner for my house. It was so annoying using a cable vacuum cleaner, I always have to find a connection point near my floor to clean. Then I came across Shark ION Flex 2x Duo Clean IF201, it is a real life saver. It is so awesome that I can’t even think my daily household work without it. It is cordless, has different modes, no human intervention and cleans your house perfectly and all Shark cordless vacuum reviews stating this model are positive.


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