SHARK ION Robot R75 Vacuum Review

Robot vacuum cleaners have replaced the manual vacuum cleaners because it offers excellent cleaning performance. It is also efficient so that you can program it to continue with cleaning even when you’re away. Therefore, let us have a look at shark ion r75 in detail.  Shark has made vacuuming easier by combining shark technology to come up with a better vacuum cleaner which you can use voice commands through wi-fi connectivity to get the job done. In this review, I shall highlight every critical aspect that you need to know about shark ion r75. Continue reading and explore more.  SHARK ION Robot R75 is a battery powered vacuum cleaner which offers several cleaning schedules, wi-fi control boundary fencing, and it allows voice control through Alexa. It has been a longtime competitor to other models like a Roomba series as the best robot vacuum for carpets. Recently it has been categorized as one of the competitive robot vacuum cleaners present in the market which has earned itself a reputation.


Rollers and brushes

It consists of three brushes that work together to lift that and sweep dust from both carpets and floors. The brushes spin to pull that on one side towards the center with the main brush this brushes. I love this vacuum cleaner because clean the corners and edges which are unreachable by other robot vacuum cleaners.

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The dustbins are fitted with useful brushes at the edges to prevent hair tangling on it. This works perfectly well though sometimes you might require to remove this hair manually. Additionally, it has a special tool located on a groove just below the lower roller to help in removing trapped pet hair. Besides, you’ll also be required to do some regular cleaning on the brushes since fibers tend to get entangled on them which can lower its performance on cleaning. It is recommended that replacements on attachments should be done every 6 to 12 months when the bristles get worn out, or the rubber sweepers seem to have deteriorated.

Smart navigation

This vacuum cleaner is built with sensors to help avoid falling off the stairs and coming in contact with obstacles. Additionally, it can create a floor layout as it continues cleaning. However, for the first time you will notice the robot will be making a random movement when cleaning the room, but with time when it has mastered the plan of the room, you will notice it has organized cleaning patterns. If it is possible, you can add another docking station because this vacuum cleaner tends to clean far from the docking station which might disable it when the battery runs out, and it cannot make it back to recharge itself. One thing I like about this vacuum cleaner is that it can rise to 3/4 inches high which allows it to climb and drop down from edges of carpets and rugs.

Boundary strips

Boundary strips work more or less like the virtual walls. This is because you can use them to designate no-go zone in areas that you don’t want the vacuum cleaner to access. Such areas can include places where your furry friends rest or eat to avoid unnecessary disturbance.

Spot cleaning mode

Usually, most vacuum cleaners clean in a straight line but the shark is unique in the sense that it can clean by making spiral turns. It is because it comes with the spot cleaning mode which can be very useful when there is a drop of food or a lump of dirt on the carpet, and you want it to be cleaned well.

Filters and dustbins

The dustbins have a larger capacity which accumulates debris and dirt for a couple of days. Additionally, the dustbins are fitted with HEPA filtration systems which allows it to trap up to 99% of the allergens that could have possibly resulted in some of the respiratory conditions such as asthma.

Cleaning performance

This vacuum cleaner is good at picking pet hair, dust, and debris. It is also able to extract dust and dirt from both the floors and the carpet even though it doesn’t have a powerful motor like the other vacuum cleaners. It is because it has a lower suction power since the debris and dirt doesn’t have to travel to dust canister.

Battery life

It uses lithium-ion batteries which takes up to three hours to be fully charged. After that, once the battery is fully charged, it can last for 1 hour when it is cleaning. You can replace the battery by using Phillips head screwdriver.

Docking station

If you have a larger house, you will require to fix two docking stations which will be convenient for the vacuum cleaner when it is recharging itself. It is because it is battery powered and it can run out before it completes cleaning.

Remote controls

Remote control allows you to set up a cleaning schedule. You can set up daily cleaning sessions depending on how long it takes to clean your room.


  • It offers a good cleaning performance.
  • It is cheaper than Roomba models.
  • It is good at cleaning pet hair.
  • It has voice control which you can fix cleaning sessions.
  • It is not noisy especially when it is not on max mode setting.
  • It has a larger dustbin.
  • It works well on thin carpets and hard floors.Cons
  • It has a weak battery
  • It is hard to connect.
  • It has expensive replacements.
  • It is not suitable for a shag pile.


This vacuum cleaner of offers good cleaning performance but there is still room for improvement the company needs to make some improvement on battery life to allow it to clean efficiently for longer. Additionally when replacing it is more expensive. If there is a way this could be subsidized, then more customers will be able to enjoy its services. Generally, this is a good vacuum cleaner that you can purchase for your home and sure before you buy it identify a trusted and reliable retailer so that you can buy a good device which will last for long. Go and get yourself this shark model and enjoy its cleaning experience.

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