Shark NV360 Review- The Buying Guide

Remember that you will have to bear the vac for many years that you will get because it is not an item to replace frequently. Therefore, why not pay a little attention beforehand! Believe me, it will be better than regretting later on.

That’s why I’m going to inform you about the trendiest vacuum cleaner today in my article called Shark NV360 review.

So many Upright Vacuum cleaner but want to have the best one?

Why not to consider Shark NV360!!!

In a dirty environment and in a messy home, how your partner can be romantic with you? How he can find a reason to appreciate you? In fact, he will just pick up his pillow from the bed and will go to drawing room because no matter ladies clean their bedrooms and other rooms or not but at least they keep that place clean for the guests. Does cleaning take a lot of time that you cannot manage to keep your home clean? Well, Shark NV360 would be the right solution for you and believe me that you will always hear a loud “WOW” from everyone always. It is a model that has become trendiest and it means that there is something special that’s why people prefer to own it.

Shark NV360 Review- The Trendiest Upright vacuum cleaner:

When it comes to Upright Vacuum cleaners, you don’t have to look here and there but you simply can rely on Shark models and one of such best vacuum cleaners is Shark NV 360. It is a 2-in-1 upright vacuum that is really light in weight and so it is simple to carry. It has detachable canister with it for the purpose of portable cleaning power. All that you need to do is to push a button and the lift-away technology built in it will assist you in lifting up canister and then you can go anywhere where you want to clean. HEPA filter technology is also there in this model that supports dust free and allergen free environment thus supporting the health of you and your family members.

Why only Shark NV360?

Want to know the reasons why only Shark NV360? Well, here are some solid points proving that only this one is the best one!

  1. Lift-away- You don’t have to put much effort but you just need to press a button and then its canister will be in your hands. You can clean any type of surface then like tiles, carpets, hard floor, wooden areas, etc.
  • Large capacity dust cup- The dust cup of this upright vacuum is really large and in fact, it is easy to empty. Like many other upright vacuums having small dust cups, you don’t need to face the hassle of emptying the dust cup of this model frequently.
  • HEPA filter- People expect HEPA filter technology in all the latest models of upright vacuum cleaners and the manufacturer of Shark NV360 has also confidently claimed about building this technology in this vac. Because of this technology, almost all the allergens and dust particles get trapped and so you can live in a clean and healthy environment.
  • Extendable Under-appliance wand- There would be some hard to reach places in your home like under furniture, in the corners and in the edges. In fact, you will be able to reach those tough areas with this cleaner by using its extendable under appliance wand.
  • Accessories- You get all the accessories that you may expect for proper cleaning. In the list of its accessories, 5.5 inch crevice tool, dusting brush, Air-driven pet brush and under appliance wand are included. What else do you expect with this device!

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Some General Specifications:

Want to get the list of its general specifications! Well, here you can get to know about these things:

  • Color: Blue
  • Product Dimensions: 15 x 11.4 x 45.5 inches
  • Item weight: 13 pounds
  • Shipping weight: 19.35 lbs.
  • Manufacturer: Shark Ninja
  • Item Model number: NV360


The Pros of Shark NV360:

Here are the important pros of Shark NV360:

  • The attachments that you get along with this device are really useful and you can clean hard to reach areas as well through those attachments.
  • This upright cleaner is very light in weight. Even if you are weak enough, you can carry it easily and you can clean your carpets and other areas of floor.
  • As compared to many other upright vacuums, this model doesn’t have much louder voice.
  • The canister is removable and you will really love this feature. You can even move on and clean the stairs easily through this device.
  • The device has built in HEPA filter technology that is useful for trapping dust and allergens and this leaving the environment clean.


The cons:

I have been using Shark NV360 and in fact, there are many others like me but so far, I didn’t find any drawback. In fact, I have gone through many Shark NV360 reviews but I couldn’t find any drawback. I am very critical by nature especially in terms of electronics. I have still been waiting to find something negative about this model so that I can complaint to the company but let’s see when I will find such a point and when I will get a chance to blame the company. J In simple words, this model has just been made perfect.

My personal verdict- Recommended or not?

You must have a common sense that I have been using Shark NV360 myself and that’s why I have written this detailed Shark NV360 review. I am fully satisfied with it because it saves a lot of time that I used to spend in cleaning. In fact, I spend that time with my hubby and who feels that my love for him has increased. J Actually, the credit goes to the manufacturer of this upright vacuum who has manufactured such an effective vac that lets me to completely clean my house within just a couple of minutes. I insist you to get this amazing vacuum and seriously, you will feel like a magic has been put into your hands because you will not take much time in thoroughly cleaning your home.


Still is there any need of a conclusion? Still you are looking that somebody will conclude whether you should buy Shark NV360 or not? Off course yes! It is a cleaner that is fit for you because it is the trendiest, simplest, cheapest, the most effective and really unique model. Just forget about all other brands and models and get Shark NV360 because Shark NV360 reviews have even claimed that it really works. It will even be better than your expectations so wait no more and simply, INVEST, yes, INVEST your money in this vac.

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