Shark VS Dyson The Ultimate Difference Of Two Well Known Vacuum Brands

Nowadays there are so many vacuum brands out there that it is a kick in the ass to identify each one of them. Luckily, a few of them that stand out from the others.

Today, we will be comparing different aspects to one of the better-known vacuum brands; Shark and Dyson.

You will be overwhelmed by how much they have in common, but again, each model is unique in its form.

Both companies always deliver quality, but there have to be some aspects in which one is better than the other. Right?

You will see a few of the best models for each brand, so keep reading! Who knows, you may find the ideal vacuum for you!


1. The difference by cord type

When vacuuming, the chord type and length are essential since this will decide how easy it is to get around with the vacuum.

This will also determine the weight, which is a crucial factor to take into account since you probably will be vacuuming an entire house or car.

Now, we will compare the power cords of the Shark Rotator PowerLight Professional Vacuum Cleaner and the Dyson Ball Multi Floor 2 Upright Vacuum.

The power cords on each of these models are designed to allow the user to have an increased reach and increased mobility, but how are these two different from each other?

As you will see, cords play a more significant role than what you’d expect. To begin with, I will give you a general description of both vacuums, so you can get an idea of how the cords affect each of the models.

This will help you get an idea on the overall reach of the vacuum (the cord length, plus the vacuum length) and how easy it is to use the vacuum on different scenarios.


Dyson Ball Multi Floor 2 Upright Vacuum

This vacuum is one of the least expensive ones on the Dyson repertoire, but this does not mean that it is not as good as more expensive models.

It is very light, which allows you to have a more natural movement and better handling. It may not have the best suction power when compared to other Dyson vacuums, but it will work correctly for ordinary households.

It will clean almost any surface, but when it comes to carpets, it may not be the best option. Not that it won’t clean carpet as it should, but the whole vacuum is much harder to move when on the carpet.

The ball on the lower end of the vacuum is to ensure that you have maximum maneuverability.

Apart from the regular cleaning of the storage, this model needs little to no maintenance. You may have a bit of a hard time cleaning the canister since space is a bit narrow. But you have yet to hear the unique feature.

The wand on this model extends to almost 12.5 feet, which is a lot compared to the length of other Dyson models. The most common models only extend to 10.5 feet.

Additionally, the power chord on this model has a length of 30 feet, giving the vacuum a total reach of 42.5 feet. No doubt, it is a lot for a typical household vacuum.


Shark Rotator PowerLight Professional Vacuum Cleaner

Shark VS Dyson

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When it comes to Shark vacuums, this is one of the lightest and more maneuverable models that exists. It has a high suction power.

Usually, non-expensive household vacuums may begin to lose suction power after a few years, but Shark assures it as a Never-Lose-Suction vacuum.

It will work correctly on both smooth surfaces and carpets. It includes a headlight, so you can make sure that whichever surface you are cleaning is truly clean.

This will work correctly to clean those areas that lack in light such as the underside of a couch or table.

The model has an extra-large canister which will allow you to clean for hours before you need to empty it.

An excellent feature of this canister is that it spills from the bottom, which turns cleaning the cartridge into an easy task.

The canister is narrow (as the last model canister was) which makes it a bit more difficult to remove any debris that may have gotten stuck in it.

It also includes an ergonomic handle which helps you with mobility. The cord is 31 feet long, so you can be sure that you won’t run out of range as fast as with other models. It also includes all the tools necessary to remove pet hair from most surfaces.


Shark VS Dyson: What Makes the Cords Different?  

As you can see, both models have similar cord lengths. The Dyson Ball Multi Floor Vacuum has a 30-foot cord, while the Shark Rotator Powerlight Vacuum has a 31-foot string.

With only a foot between the two models, there has to be something else that differentiates one from one another, right?

Well, we made a small review of the vacuum, so you have a general idea of their accessories and characteristics. This will help you with a better idea of how the cords between these two models complement these accessories or features.

You will be surprised at how a simple cable can make a huge difference.

Since the cords don’t vary so much in length, we will focus on other aspects of it such as durability and overall length.


Cord Durability  

Customer reviews state that the cord on the Dyson Ball Multi Floor is very durable is made from a hard plastic that is neither too heavy to carry around or too slim so that it will tangle every time you put it away.

areIn a few cases where the cord damaged under doors or tight and sharp corners, but the vacuum still performed well.

On the other hand, the Shark Rotator PowerLight cord did tangle easier, but it is also the perfect weight to carry around such a big vacuum. The cord is also covered with a thick plastic around it, so it is protected.

You will have a hard time if you try to ruin this cord intentionally. You will see a few scratches, but nothing other than that.

These kinds of cords are very durable; they are made for hours of use on many surfaces after all. So at least when it comes to durability, they are entirely the same. It may be hard to critically damage these cords unless you pull it with a lot of force over a sharp edge or under a door.

You may see a few deformities on it after a while and if you don’t care for it correctly.

The cord may be round, but you may find that after pulling it actively against something may leave it flat or with a small curvature. But even with this, it will still work correctly.


Overall Length

Another aspect that you may want to take into account is the overall length or range of the vacuum.

This will determine how much distance you can cover before you need to find another outlet, and the larger the gap, the less time you will spend changing the vacuum from one power outlet to the other one.

We know that many attachments can be used to get the maximum reach, but some of this product can be sold separately.

For the sake of the comparison, we will stick to the attachments that are already included when ordered. This is so we can have an idea of the overall range of the vacuum once you build it.

We will start with the Dyson Ball Multi Floor vacuum. As you surely remember, we mentioned that it had a 30-foot cord, but it also comes with a hose with a wand attachment.

This specific attachment extends up to 12.5 feet, giving a total reach of 42.5 feet.

The Shark Rotator Power light vacuum has a cord that is 31 feet long. Like the last model, the Shark also comes with a wand attachment, but it only expands to 10 feet.

This means that the reach of Shark Power light is about 41 feet, a foot and a half less than the Dyson vacuum.

If we did consider other attachments, we could have taken into account the expansion set, and the length would probably be a lot greater than the Dyson one. Then again, you could modify any vacuum yourself to extend its reach.

Overall, the Dyson Ball Multi Floor has a more extended reach. Even a few feet make a difference, since this will determine if you reach that small area you need to vacuum, or you need to find a closer power outlet to get the job done.

Either way, you will eventually have to relocate, but it is better if you just do it a few times.

So at least in this aspect, the Dyson Ball Multi Floor Vacuum is the winner. You should also take into account that since this model is so light, you will have easier mobility than with other models.

You need to keep in mind that it may not be the best model on carpets, but other than that it is a great household vacuum.

2. Difference by weight

If you are planning on vacuuming a whole house, you’d be better off with a lighter model. This way you could clean more ambient in less time, and with less effort. This will also determine how much effort it will take to raise the vacuum to clean cleaning or drapes.

This time, we will be comparing the Dyson V6 Animal Cord-free Vacuum and the Shark Rocket Collection Duo Clean Vacuum.

Both of these handheld vacuums have a lot of useful and exciting features, but we will be focusing on their weight and how this affects their performance.

When comparing these two handheld vacuums, versatility and mobility are the few main things that we should focus on. These models are specially designed to be compact, but they are supposed to do the job of a stick vacuum as well.

They can be a great purchase if you are looking for a vacuum for your car as well.

Because of this, it is vital that they are versatile (this means that they work correctly in all scenarios and surfaces) and mobile. These models also have a few nice attachments, which makes them even more useful.

We want you to get a clear idea of how the weight makes a difference, but for that; you need to have a better idea of what comes with the vacuum and what features it has.

Since we know that it will be better if you know how the vacuum works,  we decided to do a small review of both models. Once we do, we will explain the weight differences on both models.


Dyson V6 Animal Cord-free Vacuum

This new looking vacuum is not only versatile, but it is also compact and cordless which allows it to sweep your entire home without too much effort if it’s not too big.

It boasts a battery life of about 25 minutes, which should be more than enough for a medium sized house.

Dyson knew that the battery life would be much for some users since the power button does not even look like a button. The switch is more like a trigger, in which if you hold it down the vacuum will be turned on.

This is a great thought-out feature to have since you save energy by not having the vacuum on when you are not using it.

Another proof that this vacuum is designed for smaller households is the fact that the canister has a maximum capacity of only 0.4 liters, which is a decent amount for such a small and portable vacuum but still not enough to clean a big house.

We found that customers prefer this vacuum as a car vacuum since it is so compact and easy to use.

It only weights 2kg, which is what most laptops weight, so you will find it interestingly easy to carry around. It also has a few accessories, such a motorized cleaning head, and crevice tool.

But you should take into account that the motorized head will reduce the battery life of the vacuum. You should be careful with it if you want it to work correctly after a certain time.

A few customers have said that not only it is incredibly easy to scratch and remove the paint from the head, but they also noted that the vacuum might lose power after approximately 10 to 12 months if you don’t give it the right maintenance.


Shark Rocket Collection Duo Clean Vacuum

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Next in the line is the Shark Rocket Duo Clean. This vacuum has a high suction power, enabling it to vacuum both large debris and particles that may have stuck on large carpets or small crevices.

This is also possible thanks to a new and enhanced brush roll which works perfectly in both cases (here’s where the term Duo Clean in the name comes from).

The motor has two different modes for two different scenarios. The first mode is made explicitly for rugs or smooth floors. In this mode, the motor is not at full power, which helps you save battery.

In the second mode, you allow the engine to go to full power, for a more thorough cleaning. But this could also be a downside since it drastically increases the power use.

The bin can hold up to 0.25 gallons, which is more than enough to clean a few rooms without you needing to empty it. It is easy to clean and remove, so it won’t be too complicated to drain it.

This model comes with two regular filters, but we found out that customers don’t like these filters since they need a fair amount of maintenance.

The whole vacuum weighs 9.9 pounds when wholly built, but only as a hand vac, it weighs about 5 pounds.

It is a bit heavier than you would expect, but it is still a good weight for a vacuum; not too heavy, and not too light or fragile.

Also, it hoards a fair number of accessories, such as a dusting brush, and upholstery brush, a crevice tool, and an under-appliance-wand.

But one of the first things that catch your attention is the fact that it also comes with a wall mount for easier storage. Shark knows what it is doing since the vacuum itself will not stand on its own.


Shark Vs. Dyson: How Does the Weight Affect Performance?

These last two models have a massive difference in weight. The Dyson Animal V6 weighs only 2 pounds, while the Shark Rocket Collection Duo Clean weighs more than twice at 5 pounds when in hand vacuum mode.

But are there perks on the size difference? Well, to know that for sure, we have to see how each two weight affects performance on each of the vacuums.

The big difference in both vacuums means that we will find different features and characteristics in each one of them, but we decided to analyze two main factors that rely on weight.

First, we will see at how portable the vacuums are, and by mobility, we mean how much time can you spend carrying this around until your arms begin to get tired.

The second aspect will be durability and how versatile the vacuums are. By this, we mean how much can you do with such a light/heavy vacuums and what are your limits.



When you are looking to purchase a vacuum, you should always consider the weight, but if you are ordering off the internet, it may be hard to. If this is your case, google the model and find out an approximate weigh.

Once you do, you could grab something that is the same weight. This way you’ll be sure that the vacuum has the right weight for you.

First, we have the Dyson Animal V6 vacuum. This model weighs only 2 pounds, which makes it one of the lightest vacuums. Its size and weight are perfect to carry around without much effort.

It may have a low canister capacity, but since it is cordless and so light, you can go everywhere you want with it.

On the other side, we have the Shark Rocket Collection which weighs almost 5 pounds when in hand vac mode.

Yes, it is more than twice the weight of the Dyson Animal, but it is a bit more durable. Anyhow, it is not as comfortable to carry around, and you will get tired of carrying it.


Versatility and Durability

Although the Dyson Animal V6 vacuum is much lighter than the Shark Rocket, it is not as versatile as you would want. It is a bit shorter, and it will have a harder time cleaning rugs or thick carpet.

This model is so lightweight that you could correctly use it for everyday household use, but it is insufficient in other areas.

The Shark Rocket, on the other hand, does not only remove particles, but it can also remove larger debris if you need to.

It can run smoothly over any surface, and it may be a bit more difficult for you, but there are more uses than just normal household vacuuming.

You may feel it much more cumbersome, and you may get tired after a while, but this comes with a few advantages. To begin with, this assures you that you are using a good quality vacuum.

If it seems heavy, it is because it has a more complex motor, and even if you let it fall, it may endure better than other models.

Overall, the Shark Rocket collection vacuum is much more massive than the Dyson Animal V6, but it is more versatile and durable.

In case you are looking for a model for more than just routine vacuuming, this may be the best option. If you are looking for a portable, easy-to-use and light vacuum, the Dyson Animal V6 is the right one for you.

3. Difference by Filtration

“Why is filtration so important?”, You may ask. Well, it might as well be the factor that many users use to decide if they are going to purchase certain vacuum or not.

And the reason is more straightforward than you may guess. Have you ever wondered what happens to all those bacteria and germs that the vacuum sucks in?

Well, it will be dangerous to keep it inside a canister that you may or may not clean as regularly as you should.

Also, it wouldn’t be too lovely since you probably will go through all your house carrying this canister. To eliminate or catch all these dangerous particles, vacuums come with a filtration system.

A good vacuum with a good filtration system can help people that suffer from allergies or asthma. There are special filters that make sure that there are no harmful particles released into the air after cleaning.

This way you make sure that not only your house is clean, you also reduce the probability of getting an allergic or asthma reaction.

You can find four types of filters on vacuums this day; cartridge, cloth, foam and disk filters.

Each of them is specially designed for a specific kind of vacuum; for example, the cartridge filter can be cleaned and easily removed, which is suitable for economic vacuums.

On the other hand, cloth filters are designed for bigger and more complex vacuums.

But these are only examples; you will get a better idea of how they work when we see how the air filtration differs on the Shark Rotator NV500 Lift-Away 3-in-1 vacuum cleaner and the Dyson Ball Allergy Upright vacuum.

Both of these models have unique features for those of you who suffer from allergies. But, do they work? Let’s have a look!


Shark Rotator NV500 Lift-Away 3-in-1 Vacuum

Reviews of Shark Rotator NV500 Lift-Away 3-in-1 Vacuum

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This robust but great-looking vacuum has all you need to give your house a thorough vacuum. It is easy to carry, but the best part of it may be the price.

If you would like to get a vacuum like this one but with another brand, you may have to pay 200$ more than what this model costs. Crazy, right?

But that’s not all to this vacuum; there’s much more. To begin with, it comes with a wand accessory that can be adapted to different kinds of suction.

You can also add a flexible crevice tool to this wand to get maximum reach. It also has a motorized brush and dusting brush, which comes in handy if you have pets around your house.

Its pivoting head makes it a mobile and maneuverable vacuum as well. It is straightforward to use according to many users, and all the attachment are easy to use and install as well.

You can remove the canister for cleaning in 2 simple steps. In a matter of minutes, you can remove the cartridge and dump the dirt for fast and continuous cleaning.

It is a bit heavy, weighing 15.5 pounds, but it is still a bit lighter than other vacuums with these features. But you will feel the difference in performance. It does not matter if its thick carpet, hardwood or smooth surfaces, this vacuum will work correctly in each one of these scenarios.

But here’s what makes this model so unique, its filtration system. To begin with, this model does not have the usual cheap filters that exchangeable once they are clogged, the filters need little to no maintenance, and they are replaceable after a quick wash. Plus, these are HEPA filters that capture up to 99.99% of allergens and dust.


Dyson Ball Allergy Upright Vacuum

Dyson Ball Allergy Upright Vacuum Reviews

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This model has one of the most potent motors included, which gives it a continuous and robust suction action that will last for years.

It has been tested in a variety of scenarios and surfaces, and it has excelled in all of them. You can get dust out of thick carpets or pick up debris from a normally smooth surface easily and without any hassle.

This vacuum is capable of such suction power and thorough vacuum, thanks to its Radial Root Cyclone technology. The air comes out in a cyclonic motion which allows it to capture more dirt and reduces the number of harmful microscopic particles in the air that comes from the vacuum.

You will also be impressed by the natural movement that the cleaner head gives you. Since it is a Dyson Ball model, you will be able to pivot the cleaner head to a lot of angles for a better vacuuming.

You will notice how helpful the self-adjusting cleaner head stands since it will assure a constant and smooth vacuuming.

This model has been specially designed for those of you who suffer from allergies (but you may have deducted that from the name). It includes a carbon fiber soft dusting brush which separated fine dust (which many people are allergic to) from many surfaces.

But apart from its accessories, the filtration system is specially designed to eliminate allergens as well. The whole vacuum comes with interchangeable HEPA filtration which cleans the air that comes from the vacuum thoroughly.

It is certified as asthma and allergy friendly as well.

Shark VS Dyson; How Does the Filtration System Differ on Both Models?

As you can see, these models have both small similarities and some significant differences when it comes to their filtration systems.

Because of this, we will be concentrating on two major points when reviewing these vacuums; filter reusability, and if these filters have any unique features.

We should focus on filter reusability since it determines how much you are going to spend on filters. The better quality the filter, the less you have to change it, but you will always have to change the filter at one point.

You should also see what extra features come with the filters. For example, some filters have the MicroFresh technology, which reduces the grown of bacteria and fungi.

You can also find filters with pet-hair removal, which are great if you are allergic to pet hair. If your vacuum is compatible, you could completely change the default filter for one of these filters with unique features.


Filter Reusability

As we mentioned earlier, it does not matter if the filters are washable, since you will have to change them someday.

In the meantime, you can still wash them usually and reuse them to save some money, but since they are washable they are more expensive, and in the end, you could be paying more depending on where you get the filters.

They both have HEPA filters, which remove 99.99% of allergens, but their main difference is in the filter type. The Dyson Ball Allergy vacuum has removable and interchangeable filters, which means that after a certain amount of time you may have to buy new ones.

The Shark Rotator NV500 Lift-Away 3-in-1 vacuum has better quality filters, but they are not interchangeable. You can wash and use them again, which is way more economical, but there is a downside to this.

On one point in the future, these filters may not work as correctly as they should because of how regularly you have to wash them to make sure that they still work.

When it comes to filtering utilization, the Shark Rotator NV500 Lift-Away is the definite winner. The filters are of excellent quality, and they will work correctly even after you wash them.

You can be sure that this HEPA filter eliminates 99.99% of allergens, while it helps you save money.


Unique Features Included in the Filters

Most filters have some special feature. They may remove odors, remove pet hair, eliminate allergens, there is even a filter that is called ULPA (Ultra Low Penetration Air) which is mainly used for laboratories and hospitals.

For the type of vacuums that we are comparing, you can expect a few of these features.

The filters of Dyson Ball Allergy are (as the name says) specially designed to remove any allergens and any particles that may trigger an asthmatic reaction. The filters also remove any foul odors and smell from the air that comes out from it.

If you add the reach this model has when you add the wand to it; you get the perfect cleaning machine for those of you that suffer from allergies.

On the other hand, it seems like the Shark Rotator NV500 does not have much to offer on these topics.

Because the air filters are removable but not interchangeable since you can wash them, there are no prominent extra features; it just sticks to the old, dull and reliable HEPA filter.

In other words, there definite winner of this category is the Dyson Ball Allergy. Not only the default filters are HEPA and remove any allergens or particles that may cause asthma since they are interchangeable, but you can use any other filter with other unique features without a problem.

4. The Difference by Bag Type

When it comes to dust storage, there are two types of vacuums; bagless and bagged. Each one of these types has their advantages and disadvantages, some of them more important than others.

You should decide which one of these two types to get depending on how much you are going to clean and how much you are determined to pay.


A. Bagless Vacuums

Bagless vacuums are pretty easy to use and easy to clean. After a few hours of vacuuming, you may notice that the storage bin begins to fill up.

You will know when its time to empty the canister or container once its contents reach a particular mark or line.

Once it does, you have to detach it from the vacuum and unload it on the garbage.

This sounds like a simple and straightforward process, right?

Well, it is, but there are some things to consider if you are going to get a bagless vacuum, and this may be a deal breaker for you.

To begin with, you need to know that if you make a mistake while emptying the canister, there is a chance that you drop the dirt on the floor again and you may have to vacuum all over again.

On most models, the canister does not have a lid to make it easier to empty it, so if you drop it, nothing will keep the contents on the inside.

Another problem that you may encounter is stuck debris or dust on the bottom of the canister.

In this scenario, you can clean it by hand or by washing it, but if the cartridge is too narrow, you may have a hard time releasing whatever got stuck inside of it.

On the bright side, if you vacuum something you didn’t want to by accident, you need to detach the canister and grab it!

But to give you a better example, we will be revising the Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away Speed and the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Upright Vacuum and then we will compare the canisters in each one of them.


Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away Speed

Reviews of Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away Speed

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This model is perfect to reach those tight spaces, but when it comes to mobility, it falls a bit short since it is massive compared to other models the same size.

Although bulky, it still pretty small for a vacuum, which can be a positive aspect if you lack in storage.

When it comes to suction power, this vacuum may not be the best one, but it has enough power to pick up a significant amount of dust and most debris.

But if you need more power, you can add the powerful brush roll that comes included with the vacuum. It also consists of a particular nozzle which works perfectly with bare floors.

It also includes another accessory such as a pet multi-tool, a car detail tool, and a duster crevice tool.

And you will be able to get the most out of these tools if you use the vacuum cleaner in canister mode, which makes it more mobile if used with the caddy that is included.

The nozzle on this model is not as big as the other models have. This is, so it is easier to clean the corners on the ceiling and rinse them thoroughly.

Many users have also said that this is one of the best models to pick up animal fur, even if it does not have the best suction power.

And last but not least is the dustbin. The whole vacuum has been designed to be easy to use, and the bin is no exception.

You can remove it quickly for fast cleaning, and since the container is pretty full, you won’t have to worry much about stuck debris. You can clean 2000 sq. Feet before you need to empty it!


Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Upright Vacuum

All Dyson Ball models are known to have excellent maneuverability.  But this model is not only easy to carry around, but it is also to clean and to use.

Once you recline it, you need to push the power button, press a small button to flip the brush roll and carry away with your vacuuming. When you are done, just put it in the upright position and its ready to be stored again.

This model comes with a great variety of accessories as well, 9 of them to be exact. But if you remove them, you may find a simple but easy to use a vacuum. The design is simple, but it is still elegant. The only downside to it is that the frame is not that solid.

You may want it to stand solid, but the wheels that are used as a stand to keep it upright may not work as you wish to. Here, you may have to be careful since sometimes there is a preemptive click on it, which may fool you to let loose of it.

This happens often, so you may find yourself picking up the vacuum more than a few times.

When it comes to performance, some may think that it falls short. Ling hairs may get stuck on the vacuum head, which leads to poor cleaning, but you could solve this by using the pet hair tool that is included.

Also, users have said that there is a lot of debris stuck on the vacuum head after a few passes. But then again, you could use an external tool to keep this from happening.

And finally, the dustbin, which may be one of the best features of this model. To clean it, you need to hold the container on top of a trash can and press the red button.

Once you do this, the lid on the bottom of the bin opens, releasing all the dust that is inside of it. This is a great feature since it keeps you from having direct contact with all the dust.

Shark Vs Dyson: Which Dustbin is More Hygienic and Effective?

There are a few differences in the dustbins between these two models, and you will find that these differences are what many people use to choose a perfect vacuum for their home.

But most of these same customers seek vacuums that can absorb the most dust, and that can be quickly emptied and cleaned.

When you are emptying the dustbin, you don’t want to get direct contact with the dust, right?

Well, some vacuums keep you from touching the dust, but other models don’t have this option.

You would also like the bin to be efficient, and by this, we mean how much dust it can hold and how much time do you take emptying it.

It is essential that you can do this fast and without much problems, since you may need to empty it a few times while you are vacuuming.


Hygienic Cleaning

If you are allergic to dust or any other agent, you may want to make sure that the vacuum can be cleaned easily.

Even if you are not allergic, you most definitely don’t want to have contact with whatever that is inside of the bin. Because of that, we will now compare how hygienic is the bin emptying process on each of the vacuums.

First, we will be taking a look at the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Upright vacuum. With this model, the only way that you can drop the dust on the floor is if you don’t aim well.

It is all secured tightly on the canister, and a simple button will release it unto a trash can, without you even coming close to touching it.

Its competition, on the other hand, may have some trouble in this area. The Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away Speed does have a secured bin, while it is on the vacuum.

When it comes to cleaning, you should be careful. If you drop it or it tumbles to the side, the dust in it may fall out, making you work double time.

The apparent winner is the Dyson model; there is almost no way that you make a mess, even if the canister tumbles or falls.


Bin Size

While you are cleaning, you don’t want to stop every 20 minutes to empty the bin, right? Well, that means that the bigger the bin, the better.

But even the biggest container will fill up someday, and when it does, it should take more than a few steps to empty it.

The Dyson Cinetic Ball can hold up to 1.6 liters on its bin, which is not a lot.  This is a downside since a lot of vacuums the same size can hold more.

Maybe that’s why Dyson decided to find a way to make the bin emptying process so fast.

On the other side, the Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away Speed almost doubles the capacity of its competitor. The bin can hold up to 3.12 liters in it.

Yeah, it may be a bit more difficult to empty, but you will not have to drain it after a few hours of cleaning.

Maybe its worth the extra time that it would take to empty the canister, compared to how many times you would have to change it instead.


B. Bagged Vacuums

Bagged vacuums are an entirely different story. There is no way that you’ll be in contact with the dust, but this comes with a price.

This type of vacuums stores all the dust in bags instead of canisters. Once they are full, you have to get a new bag and replace it.

You won’t take much time changing the bag, but sometimes its hard to tell if the bag is full since it is not transparent.

More modern models have a light indicator or some way to let the user know that the bag is complete, but even these indicators may not be as reliable as they should be.

There will be an occasion in which you will change the bag, and it is not yet full. The good news is that the bags are not expensive, and you can find them in most electronic or convenience stores.

Just take into account that the bags are not a universal size, and you should get the size that fits your vacuum only.

The main reason why people buy bagged vacuums is that of how clean the removing of the dust is. The bags are sealed, so if you need to remove one, you won’t be even close to having contact with everything that inside of it.

Be careful when you vacuum, since you will have a hard time retrieving something from a bagged vacuum.

With this said, I think that we should present you the next models that we’ll be comparing; the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Multi Floor Upright vacuum cleaner and the Shark: Lift-Around canister vacuum.


Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Multi Floor Upright Vacuum

Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Multi Floor Upright Vacuum Review

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This model is the pioneer of Cinetic science, which is the only way that you can ensure that the vacuum will not lose power over time. As you may know, vacuums loose power because of a clogged filter, and this model has no filters.

This means that there are no filters to wash or change. This is because there are Cinetic tips all over the vacuum, which separate the dust that clogs the vacuum.

This model is also incredibly mobile for its size. There is a base plate on the bottom of the head cleaner, which ensures a perfect vacuum. This unique feature works equally well for both thick carpets or smooth/wooden floors.

Also, you should know that the whole machine is HEPA licensed, which can be an excellent feature for those of you who suffer from allergies. If you are still not convincing, the crevice tool and the pet hair tool may help you clear your home from allergens.

Finally, the bag. Dyson is all about hygienic procedures and clean and comfortable use, and this is not an exception. Just as with other Dyson vacuums, you need to push a button to release it, and the bag will complete detaching from the model.

There is no residue left, and you are still not in contact with any garbage or dust.

Shark Lift-Around Canister Vacuum

Review of Shark Lift-Around Canister Vacuum

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To begin with, the looks of this model may be one of the first things that call your attention when you see it. It may seem small, but there is a tremendous and powerful vacuum behind that small exterior.

It only weighs 6 lbs, and since it is attached to a caddy to move around, it is also straightforward to carry around your house while you vacuum.

The nozzle may be a bit short, but since it is so small, you can hold it with one hand while you stretch with the other one to give it some extra reach.

For such a small vacuum, you’d be surprised with how well it picks up both large debris and small dust particles. It may struggle a bit on carpets, but apart from that customers have had no problems.

This model also combined HEPA filtration, so you can be sure that no allergens and particles are coming out of it.

Since it is so light, you can remove allergens from both your home and your car without breaking a sweat.

But where does the dust go? Well, since it is a HEPA filtration vacuum, you can be sure that everything that goes into it goes directly into the bag, which is a bit smaller than usual.

Shark VS Dyson: How Do Bagged Vacuums Differ from One Another? 

Well, as we stated earlier, in some ways, it is much more economical to have a bagged vacuum than a bagless vacuum. This is because bagged models are a bit less expensive than bagless models.

This may be because of how much you may have to spend on bags, which is not very much once you give it a thought.

It is not an easy task to calculate how much bags you are going to use really, but if you know how many rooms you are going to clean each time you vacuum, you may get approximate.

Most bags will fill up after four places, which is a lot of dust, so if you are looking to clean more rooms, you may need a few extra bags each time you clean.

We will be comparing these models by a single feature, which may be the most important. After all, this will determine how much you are going to spend on bags and how regularly you are going to have to stop vacuuming to change it.


Bag Size

The bag size or capacity will be our primary focus since the removal, and the placement of this bag is the same for both models. Both models also have some indicator that signals when the bag is full, or when it is time to change it.

As you can guess, the max capacity of the Shark Lift-Around vacuum is a bit smaller than the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Multi Floor vacuum. It is pretty evident from the looks of the vacuum.

This is the downside to having such a small and portable vacuum, but if you give it a thought 0.6 lbs. Can be enough to clean a car or a single room.

Compared to the Shark Lift-Around, the Dyson Cinetic looks like a giant when it comes to bag size. It can hold up to 1.6 lbs., which is what most vacuums its size has.

The Dyson Cinetic vacuum is the winner. Regarding bag size its much superior. Maybe the whole vacuum is much bigger, but you won’t have a problem with this thanks to the ball pivot on the end of it. Overall, you will have to change the bagless times when you are cleaning.


Bottom Line

When it comes to Shark Vs. Dyson, you will see how many models each of this brands have. This refers to the wide variety to choose from, and you need to choose wisely.

Make sure that you read all the products specifications and details, so you are sure that you have the perfect vacuum for you!

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