Steps To Clean Out The Grenish Water From The Pool

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Let’s admit it, greenish water will appear in each pool at some point. Whenever this occurs, the major objective is twofold. Its first is to figure out how to cleanse the water as efficiently as possible so that it can become transparent again as soon as feasible. The second point that requires consideration is that we want to do it without blowing the budget.

If you’ve been to your nearby Las Cruces shop, you’ll find more shocks, chemical treatments, and water filtrations than you can possibly need. Not to add the plethora of “novelty” chemicals that may set you back a small fortune!

The Possible reason for growing algae

A greenish pool in Las Cruces is mainly caused by a deficiency of water monitoring and sanitizer, which is a simple yet bothersome problem. When the sterilizer and chlorine rates in your water fall below ideal standards, or the chlorine gets intertwined with other substances in your system, you invite your small green adversary to enter.

The sanitizer destroys algae by making your pool uninhabitable for it.

You’re at significant risk of having fungus in your water if you don’t test it frequently enough and don’t add sufficient bromine or chlorine (or whatever sort of cleaner you use).

Steps to clean the pool

Step 1:

Circulation of water is essential. You can add as much shock and other chemicals as you like, but if the water doesn’t move, it won’t affect the appearance of the water. Run the machinery 24 hours a day, seven days a week while you’re turning the pool around. This will allow for around three full water cycles in most conventional domestic swimming pools. This means that the water will have passed through the filter three times.

Step 2:

A granular shock is the best option since it has the quickest reaction time. I recommend HTH Super Shock, which has a minimum of 65 percent accessible chlorine. The more accessible chlorine in the pool water, the more effective (and faster) it will be. It’s critical to emphasize that a swimming pool cannot be overshocked. Depending on how green the water is, I’d suggest starting with 3-4 pounds of shock, waiting 2-3 hours, and then inspecting the water. There’s no use in testing the water with a test kit at this stage since the findings will be meaningless…regardless of how much “free chlorine” is there.

Step 3:

The importance of filtration cannot be overstated. The more efficient the filter is during this process, the quicker the water will clean up. Backwashing/cleaning your filter numerous times a day is the best approach to guarantee this is happening. You can’t backwash your filter too much. Place the multiport valve in the backwash position if you’re using a DE or sand filter, then run it for 90 seconds or until the water is clear. Depending on the period between backwashes, this may take a little longer. If you have a cartridge filter, remove the dome (usually a band clamp has to be removed), pull the cartridge filter(s) out of the filter unit, and clean it completely.

Step 4:

Begin using a good water clarifier after the water starts to clear (it may still be foggy, but it will be blue, not green). This will hasten the process of restoring pure water. I’d suggest applying it the first time as soon as you see the water is blue rather than green and then adding it again around 12 hours later. During this time, keep the machine running constantly. You should also be balancing the pH and Total Alkalinity levels throughout this period. I wouldn’t worry about testing or changing free chlorine because it would most likely be raised for a few days while the water adapts, but checking and adjusting pH and TA levels are critical.

Final thoughts

Testing is your best chance if you want to keep the green murk away for good. When the weather changes or you have a lot of people using your pool, test a lot. Test every day or every other day. Once-a-week testing may be sufficient, but the more you test, the more you will learn.


Finally, testing is useless unless you also remedy what needs to be fixed; maintain your water balanced, your sanitizer optimum, and your filter clean and in excellent working order to permanently manage algae. Or, if you don’t want to take these hassles, you can contact any Las Cruces landscape service provider to do all of these jobs.


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